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Not Outdated Bedroom: 19 Pretty Bedroom Pictures & Ideas for 2021 – The turn of the year is the right time to open a new page of life. Let 2020 be a year full of learning. Let’s focus on 2021 for brighter and happier days.

It is important to create a new atmosphere at the turn of the year. The main room that needs attention is of course the private room. The bedroom is not only used as a room for sleeping and resting but also as a place to do several activities, such as watching Netflix, reading books, working, playing social media, and so on. Therefore, the atmosphere of the bedroom needs to be considered well.

To create a new atmosphere in the bedroom, replace or makeover the bedroom is the right way. With this, you can also adjust the concept of the bedroom to follow the times (not outdated bedroom). And here, we have provided 19 Pretty Bedroom Pictures & Ideas for 2021. So, let’s check it out!

Beautiful Bedroom with Warm Nuances

In 2020 one world is affected by the COVID-19 virus, which requires us to stay at home. Staying at home is really boring but it’s a must so that we all stay safe.

In a pandemic like this, the bedroom is the room most often used. Therefore, it is very necessary to pay attention to the comfort and appearance of this room.

Making the bedroom in warm taste might be an interesting idea so you can be comfortable in your pretty bedroom.

  • Natural lighting as the main lighting for a bright and lovely bedroom

comfortable warm bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Maximizing sunlight in the bedroom is a great way to make this room appear bright and look pretty. Sunlight can bring a warm and comfortable atmosphere into the bedroom. So, using a large window is one of the ways to maximizing natural lighting.

As we know, sunlight is very good for skin health. So, you can still get sunbathing without having to leave the house.

To make it feel fun, probably you could place the bedroom in the space exposed to the sun. In this way, you could sunbathe while lying on the bed.

  • Combination of white and brown for a pretty bedroom look

warm bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The colors that are applied to the bedroom not only affect the appearance of the bedroom but also the atmosphere of the bedroom. Like a combination of brown and white that brings a warm atmosphere into this room.

  • Beautiful bedroom with rattan decorations

warm bedroom nuances
Cc: Pinterest

Items made of wood or rattan are very suitable to be used in bringing a warm atmosphere into the room. As seen in the picture above, the existence of several items used to decorate the bedroom is one of the factors that support the comfort of this room.

The Sketchup rattan light beautifies the upper part of the bedroom. Rattan pots enhance the look of the bedroom by giving them a cactus that beautifies the room. So that you will have a cozy and also pretty bedroom.

Feel Fresh with Blue Pleasing Bedroom Concept

The blue color is one of the colors that can give peace to us. This is also one of the reasons why every time we see the sky and the blue sea a sense of calm envelops us.

Bringing calmness by applying the blue concept bedroom is one of the ideas that you might be able to apply to the bedroom. Bringing serenity to the bedroom is a must in 2021.

  • Scattered blue color

blue bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Applying a blue concept bedroom does not mean the bedroom is made completely blue. You can still use other colors, like white. The combination of blue and white will look perfect and can make the bedroom feel more alive.

The scattered blue color that is applied makes the bedroom a blue concept less eccentric. Choose items that are essential, such as beds, benches, curtains, and some wall decorations.

  • Cozy end of the room

beautiful blue bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

A day in the bedroom does not mean 24 hours on the bed. Make some cozy spots in the bedroom.

As in the picture above, the corner of the room is transformed into a cozy spot. A comfortable blue stool can be used as a place for great reading.

  • Feel like living above the clouds?

blue bedroom concept
Cc: Pinterest

In 2021, it is necessary to present an anti-mainstream concept to make ourselves bolder individuals. The concept of a bedroom above the clouds is an interesting idea to follow.

The blue cloud accent on the bedroom wall really represents the atmosphere above the clouds. Plus the hanging bed with artificial vines decorations make us feel like we are sleeping in a palace above the clouds.

Modern Pretty Bedroom for Mature and Classy Look

If we look back for a moment, in 2020 there will be lots of modern design interiors. And it is estimated that in 2021, modern design will continue to be a trend. Its simple, mature, and classy appearance makes this design preferred by many people.

  • Splendid modern pretty bedroom with earth tones colors

contemporary bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Modern designs tend to pay more attention to comfort. Therefore, the furniture used is only the furniture that is needed. In addition, the room decorations are also reduced to create a calm atmosphere.

Not only that, the colors applied to modern design tend to be earth tones colors, such as beige, gray, and brown.

  • A modern, classy, pretty bedroom look with a Pacha lounge chair

classic contemporary bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Presenting a seat in the bedroom is very important because we may not always be in bed.

For a modern concept bedroom, using a Pacha lounge chair is an interesting idea. This chair has indeed been a hit lately. Besides that, from the shape alone, it can be seen that this chair will make us feel comfortable even if we sit for a long time.

  • Built-in window seat be the best spot to viewing the beautiful scenery

attractive contemporary bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Having a nice view outside the house is a bonus. Beautiful scenery can be used to make the bedroom a room that is not boring. Besides, enjoying the scenery is very good for mental health.

In order to make the best of the outdoor scene, try this one idea: a built-in window. It will be the best spot to view the beautiful scenery. You can add the soft chair cushion there and some pillows.

  • Pretty bedroom looks prefect with wooden wall

beautiful contemporary bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

In modern designs, the room decoration will be reduced or even removed so that the room sometimes looks stiff. If not decorated properly and appropriately, the room will feel strange and uncomfortable.

It’s okay not to use any wall decorations in the bedroom as long as the walls are given accents. And wood is the right material to use.

Timber arranged on a half or a quarter wall is enough to make a modern concept bedroom look pretty and mature.

contemporary bedroom design
Cc: Pinterest

Wood color is the right color to make a modern room look pretty but not too quirky. Applying wood to one side of the bedroom wall is enough to make this room look pretty and mature. The addition of glass material to the walls also gives a classy and luxury effect to the bedroom.

An Attractive Bedroom With a Forest Atmosphere, Why Not?

For those of you who like camping, this idea might interest you. Forest atmosphere in the bedroom, why not? Currently, it is difficult for us to travel outside, especially camping. So, just go ahead and create a forest atmosphere in the bedroom.

  • A bed with a tent roof

nature bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

One of the fun things about a camper is sleeping in a tent while enjoying the serene atmosphere of the forest.

Making a wooden foundation resembling a tent which is then given a white cloth is an interesting idea to make you feel how to sleep in a tent in the bedroom.

  • Warm lighting for soothing nuances and a beautiful bedroom look

jungle bedroom theme
Cc: Pinterest

Adding warm lighting as additional lighting is the right idea to present the perfect soothing nuance.

String lights inserted into clear vases are great for making a bedroom look so aesthetic. Not only that, but aromatherapy candles are also items that can provide warm lighting and also a relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom.

  • Green plants make this room look so fresh

nature bedroom theme
Cc: Pinterest

It feels incomplete if there are no plants in a jungle-themed bedroom. So, the plants here are very important to make the bedroom look fresh. Presenting a natural green appearance can also make the bedroom a soothing room.

Because plants will continue to grow, artificial large plants are an interesting idea to present in a jungle-themed bedroom. Large plants will not experience growth that can cause the plants to reach the bedroom ceiling. So, you don’t have to worry.

nature bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

No need to fill a room with a large number of plants. As in the picture above, there is only one big plant to fill the corner of the room. Medium plant to enhance the fresh impression in the bedroom. Also, some small plants for a nice touch of bedroom decor.

Pretty Bedroom That Looks Masculine

For men, of course, really avoid bedrooms that look girly or cute. Therefore, the masculine bedroom is an idea that you can choose to apply to the bedroom of your home.

masculine bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

In this idea, you only need to choose black as the main color of the bedroom. There may be a little worry about using black, such as worrying that the bedroom will feel cramped and stuffy, the bedroom will look dark, and the bedroom will be uncomfortable. However, with the right decoration, a black concept bedroom will actually give you a masculine, modern, and pretty appearance.

masculine bedroom design
Cc: Pinterest

Wood accents are needed in masculine bedrooms to balance the bold impression of black. Wood elements are great for making a bold look from black feel serene. In this way, the bedroom will be cozy.

masculine bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The most important of this idea is the light used to illuminate the bedroom. Make sure the bedroom has good lighting.

Additional lighting in the form of LED light with warm lighting can liven up the bedroom atmosphere. So that the masculine bedroom which has a black concept will not look and feel boring.

Modern, Pink for Pretty Bedroom Look

Apart from black, pink is also one of the colors that is often avoided in the room. It is feared that pink is the base color for the bedroom to make the room look too quirky and looks like a barbie house.

In fact, by applying the right decoration and accent selection, the pink bedroom will look modern.

modern, pink bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The gold accents on the walls, lampposts, and the legs of the vanity stool blend perfectly with the pink color which makes the pink look classy.

LED lighting with warm lighting gives a sweet impression and appearance of pink. So that the pink color will not look as striking as imagined.

And the gray color applied to the fabric provides a cool and mature look to the bedroom.

So, still afraid to apply pink to your bedroom?

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