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30 Right Decoration Tips for Your Modern Room Design

¬†¬†– Modern room design may be quite interesting. Usually, modern design show a minimalist side that can make a room feel wider and more spacious. In this way, you can feel more comfortable in the room. However, the minimalist impression that is given often makes the appearance look stiff or even boring. Therefore, it is important to provide the right decoration for the modern room design. In this article, we have 30 Right Decoration Tips for Your Modern Room Design you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. Enchanting Warm Touch

modern room design
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The combination of beige and gray makes the bedroom look soft. With beige as the base color, the impression given to the bedroom is warmer. In this room, warmth is made consistent. It can be seen from the dominant use of fabric materials, starting from rugs, layered bedding, and long curtains.

You can give a little touch that will emphasize the comfort and also aesthetic value of the bedroom. LED light is the best decoration for this room. You can install it behind the mirror and on the wall panel. For the right side of the bed, hang the simple pendant light. For both LED light and pendant light, choose yellow lighting that can make your bedroom full of warmth and comfort.

2. Simple and Aesthetic 3 Pendant Lamps

modern room design decors
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The game of texture on the wall is enough to decorate the bedroom. It looks simple but pretty at once. To make the modern bedroom design look perfect, you can use a pendant light with a minimalist but beautiful shape. Choose three pendant lights of different sizes to provide an interesting accent to the upper area of the bedroom. The curved lines of the pendant light are very effective for eliminating the stiff side and making this modern bedroom feel softer.

3. Look Masculine with Jet Black

jet black modern room design
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This natural modern room looks attractive with the presence of black. Jet-black is the color shade chosen to give a bold and sharp impression to the room. Even so, the black color that is exposed to sunlight that enters through the window can provide calm so that this modern living room feels comfortable.

No need to apply black to excess. You can apply this color casually. Choose items with large sizes such as partitions and coffee tables.

4. Glamor Stone Coffee Table

glamor modern room design
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The glamor stone coffee table is the next of 30 Right Decoration Tips for Your Modern Room Design. We can see how the coffee table beautifies this minimalist room. The lower area of the coffee table is deliberately made textured and abstract to display the aesthetic side. So even though the room looks very simple, the room is still attractive to the eye. You might be able to add a little decoration to make this coffee table look stand out by putting two books or other items on it.

5. Timber for Ceiling

timber ceiling
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The selection of neutral colors, maximum natural lighting, and large windows to show the fresh outside, make the natural feel well present in this modern living room. So, if you want to decorate it, you must choose natural materials. And, wood is the most appropriate material. The brown color of the wood will bring warmth and serenity which can make the room feel comfortable.

You can choose wooden flooring for the room. And, also apply wood on the top area, that is the ceiling. Install timber horizontally or vertically. It can show the lines that enliven the modern living room.

6. A Fresh Touch for Corner Room

fresh modern room design
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To maintain a minimalist look in the modern room, try to be careful in choosing decorations. It would be better to use decorations that can beautify as well as give a sense of comfort to the room. And, the most appropriate decoration is a plant.

A plant with a large size will look to stand out in the room make it give freshness that can make this room feel comfortable. Make this plant as an aesthetic spot in the room by choosing a white minimalist-designed pot.

7. Modern Gray Living Room

modern living room design
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If white can make a room look very bright and empty, then you can replace it with light gray. This color will be greater in decorating the room. So, you do not need to add any decorations to enliven and make the room alive.

A white sofa with a minimalist design is perfect for this modern living room. Use a wooden round coffee table to give a little warmth. Curved lines are also very helpful in minimizing the impression of stiffness in the room. What makes this room look awesome is the built-in fireplace behind the sofa.

8. Black Accent

black modern room design
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This room has two areas, which are a living area and a dining area. So, make sure the interior of the living and dining is the same. That way, the display will remain harmonious.

White and beige colors do give a soft and calm effect to the room. But, it also gives a stiff impression that makes the room uncomfortable and unattractive. Therefore, it takes a dark color like black. Apply this color to the dining and living area. You can choose a black coffee table, black dining chairs, and also black large paintings.

9. Natural Stone Wall

natural stone wall
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Playing on texture is also another way of decorating the modern room design. Not using items at all as displays will maintain a minimalist concept in the room.

Choose a natural stone to give an accent to the wall. You can choose the part of the wall to apply natural stone. Also, install the LED light on its side. The light that is focused on the walls will make the colors and textures appear more real in the room. Make this spot look stand out too by placing large plants there.

10. No Legs Sofa

no legs sofa
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The dominant white color and maximum natural lighting are the best to make the small room feel more spacious. However, this alone is not enough. You also have to be careful in choosing furniture for the modern living room. And, a sofa with no legs is the most appropriate. It will give the effect of a higher wall so that the room will feel wider. Besides that, the design shown is also very minimalist so it is very suitable for this small modern living room.

11. Simple Black Floor Lamp Design

floor lamp
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If you feel the modern living room feels very simple, you can give a special touch to the sofa area. And, a floor lamp is a decoration that you can choose. You can put this item right beside the sofa. Choose a black floor lamp so that it looks stand out in the room. By directing the floor lamp to the sofa, you can also use the sofa as a comfortable reading area. Therefore, also use some of your favorite books to beautify the appearance of the coffee table in this room.

12. Captivating Exposed Brick Wall

exposed brick wall
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Playing with natural materials to provide additional color and texture is the most appropriate way for modern room design. You and decorate part of the wall in the dining room like the picture above. Apply exposed brick wall from bottom to top. It can give the illusion of height to the walls. And, also provide a barrier between the exposed brick wall and the whitewashed wall. Here, you can choose black as a barrier. By hanging a large mirror with a black frame, this exposed brick wall has become the main spot in this room.

13. LED Light on The Drawer Shelf

best modern room design
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There are many aspects that you can use to make a modern room look beautiful without eliminating the minimalist impression in it. And, utilizing lighting in the room is the easiest trick to follow. You only need to install the LED light on the drawer shelf. It will give a beautiful accent to the wall and also the shelf itself. Because this is an additional lamp that is just the decoration in the room, choose lighting that is not too bright and flashy. You can choose yellow lighting that can bring warmth and a soothing feel to the room.

14. Large Black Pendant Lights

modern room design tips
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The lights in the room are not only a source of light for the night. Currently, there are many lamp designs available that function lights as decorations to add to the beauty and aesthetic value of the room.

You can choose a large pendant light for the modern dining room. For a high ceiling, of course, you have to choose a long pendant light. Choose a large size so that it can illuminate this large room well. Hang three black pendant lights at different heights to give the room an aesthetic look. With black color, the lamp will look stand out even though it is in the top position.

15. Rug for Dining Area

rug decor
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In the open-plan concept, there is no wall that separates the room. Therefore, open-plan rooms usually feel more spacious. However, even though there is no physical separation in the room, you still have to provide a barrier between areas. You can visually use rug to give a barrier. Besides that, the rug is also a decoration that makes the room look more pleasing to the eye.

For the modern dining-kitchen, use a gray rug for the dining area. For the size of the rug, you can adjust it to the area of the dining area. Rugs without motifs are best. This can beautify the appearance of the room without disturbing the minimalist concept in the room.

16. Ceiling Shelf Above The Kitchen Island

best modern room design decors
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The kitchen cabinet is the most appropriate item to be used as storage. It can make your modern kitchen free from clutter. However, if you want to give an attractive look to the kitchen, decorating it with a ceiling shelf is the right choice. Hang the ceiling shelf right above the kitchen island. And then here, you can show your aesthetic items. Arrange the items neatly to create a neat and clean kitchen appearance.

17. Honed Marble for Calming Bathroom

honed marble
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Avoid using marble with a glossy surface if you want to make your modern bathroom feel calm. Honed marble is the most appropriate for decorating this bathroom. Choose gray marble. This is a great color to darken the bathroom so that it can be calm. You can also utilize the honed marble to provide a visual barrier between the wet and dry area. Combining it with light wood is a great way. Wood can emphasize calmness and also give warmth so that the bathroom will feel comfortable.

18. Skylight Window for Bathroom

skylight window
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Installing a large window on the bathroom wall is considered to disturb our privacy and comfort. Therefore, installing a skylight window in this room is the most appropriate way. In addition to its fit with modern design, the lighting from above is also much better at illuminating the room. The light that enters through the skylight window can spread to the corners of the room. That way, there is no longer a dark side that makes the room feel cramped.

19. White Backsplash Marble

elegant modern room design
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Decorating a modern room design with motifs is a great way to turn a pretty look. For the kitchen, choose the area that is the main focus, that is the backsplash. So, here, you do not need to apply marble excessively. The backsplash is a small area so it will really save your budget. Besides that, it also does not make the kitchen look too much.

Make the marble backsplash stand out more by installing LED lights. Choose yellow lighting that can also make the look of the kitchen calm.

20. Low-Slung Platform Bed

platform bed
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It takes a special touch for the bed if you want to make the modern bedroom enchanting. Do not just buy a mattress and just put it in there. You need to use additional items as support such as long-slung platform beds. With perfect finishing, it not only makes the bedroom perfect but also gives you comfort. Fabric with good quality has a very soft texture. So when your skin hits the platform bed, you can feel the comfort from there.

21. Long Black Dining Table

dining table
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This modern classic dining room looks charming with carvings on the ceiling and walls. These carvings give the impression of luxury to the room. However, choosing colors that are too soft is a drawback in this room. Therefore, it takes a touch of dark color. You can choose the main item to bring a dark color to the room.

The black long dining table is perfect for this modern room design. The minimalist design with three jugs on it makes it look so perfect.

22. Fresh and Warmth at Once

warmth modern room design
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The choice of beige as the color makes the atmosphere in the room feel calmer and warmer. Especially, if you can bring a fireplace there. A modern fireplace is the most appropriate to fill this modern living room.

Give freshness that can add to the comfort of the room. You can use two large plants. Choose a black pot with a minimalist design. Both of these plants are perfect for decorating the corner of the room.

23. Large Round Mirror

round mirror
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No need for complicated and troublesome decorations just to make the bedroom look attractive. As we know that a mirror is a mandatory item in this room. Apart from helping you see your look, it can also be used as a decoration. A large round mirror is an item that you can use to make the modern bedroom look pretty. Instead of hanging it on the wall, it would be better to just lean it against the wall. Let the mirror remain in contact with the floor. This one method can give a more aesthetic impression and appearance to the bedroom.

24. Timber for Shower Niche

shower niche
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The large shower niche becomes the main focus of the bathroom. You can utilize this spot to enliven the modern bathroom so it will not look stiff and ordinary. Utilizing natural materials such as timber is the most appropriate way. Install the timber in the area in the shower niche as shown above. The natural brown color will bring a natural feel which gives warmth and serenity to the bathroom. And also, the texture produced from several timbers becomes a decoration that makes the bathroom look beautiful in a simple way.

25. LED Light for Shower Niche

LED lights
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It is so unfortunate if you could not see the marble in the shower niche. Marble has a very beautiful abstract motif. Therefore, you have to make it look stand out so that it can make the bathroom look pretty. And, installing LED lights in the shower niche area is a very appropriate decoration to do. The presence of light in the shower niche will make the reflex eye look directly at it.

Choose an LED light with soft lighting. You can choose yellow lighting for the shower niche. Besides making the appearance softer, it also brings warmth and calmness to the bathroom.

26. White Marble Make It Clean

white modern room design
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Marble is also a great material to decorate the bathroom. For the small bathroom, white marble is the most appropriate choice. A bathroom with white shades will feel wider and more comfortable. Especially if you can illuminate the bathroom with maximum natural lighting.

Make the modern bathroom still look minimalist by choosing white marble with a simple motif. Choose marble with a light gray colored pattern. It can help to maintain the softness of the bathroom look.

27. Long Mirror for Double Vanity

double vanity
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The mirror is a friend of the vanity. Therefore, adjust the size of the mirror with the vanity in the bathroom. For the double vanity, you can choose a long mirror. Use a mirror with the same width as the vanity in the bathroom. That way, the display will be more harmonious.

For the modern bathroom design, you can rely on rectangular mirrors. It will maintain the minimalist concept of the modern room design. Make the mirror look stand out and pretty by installing LED light right above the mirror.

28. Monochrome Laundry Room Design

laundry room
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Modern room design does not require the use of a lot of colors. In making a room look beautiful, you can only rely on two colors. Or, we usually call it a monochrome theme. And, black and white is the most harmonious color combination.

This modern laundry room looks bright with white as the main color. Meanwhile, the black color is the accent that decorates this room. Additional sunlight from the glass door is also very helpful to make this laundry room bright.

29. An Open Shelf Kitchen

modern kitchen design
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The use of kitchen cabinets is great. It can be a storage that will hide your stuff. That way, the kitchen will be a clean and tidy room. However, closed kitchen cabinets can only be used as storage. You could not do decorations that can make the kitchen look charming. Therefore, leave a little area for you to install an open-shelf kitchen. There, you can put some of your kitchen items in aesthetic shapes, such as mugs, plates, bottles, jars, and so on. Or, you can also put small plants that will bring freshness to the modern kitchen.

30. Long Desk with Marble Touch

modern home office
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Your home office is a very important area. Convenience is the main point here. As a work area, you have to make your home office as cozy as possible. And, relying on natural materials is the best.

For the modern home office, you can make wood material predominate there. Use wood for the floor and also the desk. For a more attractive appearance, you can choose marble as the legs for the desk. Black and white marble can look stand out in this room. It not only beautifies the home office but also gives an elegant impression to this room.

Final Words

Modern room design usually has a simple and minimalist appearance. Because modern design prioritizes function and comfort. With a minimalist concept, the room will feel more spacious and comfortable. Therefore, it is important to provide special decorations to make your modern room look enchanting. And, the points above are 30 Right Decoration Tips for Your Modern Room Design you can follow. So, happy trying all!

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