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20 Elegant Small Bathroom Ideas: Feel Heaven in Your Small Space – No need to be sad if you have a small bathroom. Indeed, small bathrooms tend to be difficult and risky when it comes to decorating. However, if you can decorate it properly, the bathroom will look attractive and also provide a sense of comfort. One way to get beauty and comfort in the small bathroom is to make it look elegant. The elegant small bathroom will give your home a more expensive impression.

Actually, it’s not that difficult in having an elegant small bathroom. You only need to get some references about this bathroom. And, in this article, we have provided 20 Elegant Small Bathroom Ideas. So, let’s check it out!

1. Playing with Marble Material

elegant small bathroom
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Using marble is an alternative way to make the small bathroom look elegant. Here, you do not need special decorations to enliven the bathroom. Let the glossy effect and the marble motif work. Therefore, for bathrooms with dominant marble material, we recommend you for using maximum lighting. Light the bathroom well. You can also install some additional lighting such as pendant lights on the bathroom vanities and LED lights under the vanities, behind the mirrors, and in the shower niche.

In order to make the view not too dazzling to the eyes, the bathroom above is installed with two types of marble. White marble has a glossy surface. While the black color has a dove surface.

2. LED Light Behind The Mirror

elegant small bathroom ideas
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In the small bathroom, it is not recommended to overly decorate it. Too many items will make the room feel cramped and messy. Of course, this is not good for the beauty and comfort of the room. Therefore, instead of decorating the bathroom by adding interesting items, it would be better to make one item there look stand out.

Installing an LED light behind the mirror is the right idea for you to try. The semicircular mirror is an aesthetic spot in this room. And, installing LED light behind it can make the line look more clear. It also gives an accent that makes the wall look more attractive.

3. Elegant Small Bathroom with Black Nuances

black elegant bathroom
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Applying black to a small room is very risky. Black is believed to make a room seem cramped. But, if you can decorate it well, a small room will have a very relaxing atmosphere. As in this one idea where a small bathroom is made in black shades. Jet black dominates in this room. Even so, there is still a touch of white that can make the room look bright. The room is also well lit so it does not feel cramped and stuffy.

The dominant black color can give a cold effect to the feel of the room. But, you can manage it by installing LED lights with yellow lighting. You can place the LED light on the vanities area and behind the mirror. That way, you can still feel the warmth in a small room.

4. Feel Nature in The Bathroom

nature elegant small bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

One way to make an elegant bathroom feel comfortable is to bring natural nuances into it. Natural nuances can make this small room feel calm. Especially, if you choose colors that tend to be dark for the bathroom interior.

The concrete texture wall in the shower area displays a very attractive natural gray color. Right above it is installed white LED lights which make the gray color and the texture of the concrete itself clearly visible. And, to make the nuances of nature bold here, wood material is presented. Lightwood is installed on some walls and vanities.

5. Playing with Texture

small bathroom
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To make the bathroom look elegant, you do not need shiny items like gold or crystal. You also do not need to give a painting to make a small room seem expensive. There is a simple way that won’t bother you. This method is to play with textures.

If we look at the picture above, the bathroom looks so simple. There is only a small plant to give a fresh effect to the room. But, the look of this small room is no less interesting. You can see that there is a textured wall in the shower area. The use of a glass door for the shower area makes this texture visible when you enter the bathroom.

6. Minimalist and Elegant Small Bathroom

simple elegant small bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

It is indeed very fitting to apply a minimalist concept to the elegant bathroom. The more minimalist the bathroom, the more elegant it looks. As in this one idea where a small bathroom is only decorated with a few items. Even so, the dominant marble motif in the room is enough to make the room look charming.

Ivory white marble was chosen to make the appearance look softer. The combination of ivory white and natural brown from the wood brings a serenity that makes the room feel more comfortable.

On one side of the wall, there is a small painting with a black frame that makes it look stands out on the wall. A touch of black gives a slightly firm impression to remove the stiff effect of a minimalist bathroom.

7. Modern with The Touch of Nature

simple bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

This modern small bathroom looks elegant with a simple concept. A mirror with a large size has a very interesting shape. Curved lines disguise the stark lines of a room. The black frame makes the mirror perfect for hanging on a whitewashed wall. There is a barrier between the mirror and the wall.

Natural materials decorate the bathroom and make the feel of nature present well in the room. The wood material is used for the vanities. And, above it is a rattan pendant light that looks so beautiful decorating the bathroom. You can also feel the freshness of the green plants that are put in a bottle filled with water.

8. Monochrome Elegant Small Bathroom Design

monochrome design
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In making the elegant bathroom look pretty, you can choose simple ways. One way is to apply two colors to the room’s interior. Here you can choose light gray and black for the bathroom. Light gray will make the room look bright but slightly darker. So that the atmosphere created in the room is more calm. And, black accents give the bathroom a bold yet calm effect.

The color combination of light gray and black creates a cool feel in the small bathroom. Therefore, you can choose a light that is more yellow. It will help emphasize the calmness and coziness in the small bathroom.

9. Plain Glass as Barriers

bathroom barrier
Cc: Pinterest

The existence of a barrier between the dry area and the wet area in the bathroom can help to maintain cleanliness. And, plain glass is a great barrier for the elegant small bathroom. The use of this barrier will not make the small bathroom look cramped because you can still see the shower area when entering the bathroom.

The use of frameless glass barriers creates a visual effect like there are no barriers in the bathroom. So, it will be great to make the bathroom look minimalist. It is just that, you really need to clean it regularly so as not to leave dry water spots on the glass which can disturb the beauty of the small bathroom.

10. Small Green Plants Decoration

plant decors
Cc: Pinterest

In order to make the appearance of the small bathroom elegant, you do not only have to decorate it with items that look fancy. There are many decorations that are cheap and can increase the aesthetic value and comfort of the room. As in this one idea that chooses plants as decorations. Two plants of different sizes adorn the area below the vanities. And, another small plant is placed on the shelf.

The natural green color of plants is the best to bring freshness into the bathroom. Even some plants have the ability to absorb harmful substances in the room so that the cleanliness of the air in the bathroom is well maintained.

11. Skylight Window for Bright Naturally Look

skylight window
Cc: Pinterest

The more vibrant colors will emphasize the elegant look of the bathroom. But, to make these colors look alive, you need to light up the room well.

Instead of illuminating the room with lights, it would be better to provide natural light in the bathroom. However, installing large windows on the wall is considered risky because it can interfere with privacy. Therefore, installing a skylight window is the most appropriate idea. Also, the lighting coming from above will be much better and spread into the room. Almost all corners of the room will get lighting.

12. Attractive Wooden Accent Wall

wooden accent
Cc: Pinterest

The wood material is the best for the room. The natural brown color of wood combines with a wide variety of neutrals and creates a calmer, warmer, and more inviting look. You could not only use wood material for bathroom furniture. However, you can also use it to give an accent to the wall of the bathroom.

If we look at the picture above, the tiles which are made of wood have a texture of slanted lines. So, when applied to the wall, the room looks so aesthetic. Especially, if you provide special lighting that leads to this wall. That way the wood color and texture will be seen more clearly decorating the bathroom.

13. White Bathroom with Black Accent

white bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

White and black colors are the perfect combination. You can apply these two colors to the small bathroom interior. Of course, you have to make the white color dominant to make the look of the room bright. White color can also eliminate dark corners and make a room feel more spacious. And, for the black, you can make this color as an accent.

Try not to apply a lot of black because here we have to maintain a bright look in the room. Therefore, you can apply it scattered instead of just in one spot. That way, the black color will look stand out. You can apply black to the glass shower frame, bathroom sink, and other small items.

14. Terrazzo Make The Elegant Small Bathroom More Alive

Cc: Pinterest

The elegant small bathroom is usually made minimalist to create more space which can make it feel wider. That way, this small room can feel comfortable. However, the minimalist concept can give a boring impression to the room. Therefore, if you do not want your bathroom to feel boring and seem ordinary, you have to give it a special touch there.

Applying terrazzo is the most appropriate idea. Beautiful colors will decorate the bathroom and make the appearance more lively and beautiful. You can apply terrazzo to the wall of the bathroom because the wall is the most visible spot to the eye. But, you have to be careful in choosing terrazzo. Choose a base color that matches your bathroom interior so that the appearance will remain harmonious.

15. Black and Rough Wood

rough wood decors
Cc: Pinterest

It is okay to bring a touch of industrial design to the small bathroom. By making the look contemporary, the look of the bathroom will be more attractive. Here, of course, black is the main color. However, if you do not want to make the look too dark, you can combine it with light wood. You can make a 1:1 ratio.

Let the wood reveal its original texture and color. This will give an old impression but doesn’t cover up the contemporary look of the bathroom. You can apply the wood from the wall to the floor. You can also make vanities from the same wood. But, still choose black for the countertop and foot vanities.

16. Look Soft yet Feminine with Pink Pastel

pink elegant small bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

In making the bathroom look elegant, do not just stick to neutral colors. You can play with other colors to make the bathroom look more attractive and charming. As in this one idea, choosing a pastel pink color as an accent for the small bathroom. It brings a soft and feminine to the room.

In the vanities area, there are textured walls. And, it is at this spot that the pink color is applied. This gives a prettier appearance. Not only that, even though white is the main color in this small bathroom, the pastel pink look stands out here.

17. Dark and Masculine Elegant Small Bathroom

masculine elegant small bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

Want to have an elegant small bathroom with masculine nuances? Then, you can apply the dark concept to your small bathroom. You can choose black with a brighter shade so that the room does not seem too dark and cramped. For an elegant look, choosing black marble with a dove surface is the right idea. The abstract motif of smooth marble not only gives an elegant appearance but also makes this small room attractive even though it lacks decoration.

You can combine it with light wood to bring out the warmth that can make the bathroom feel cozy. It also evokes a soothing ambiance in the room. Don’t forget to illuminate the bathroom with natural light to make it alive and bright.

18. Bring Natural Touch to The Shower Niche

shower niche
Cc: Pinterest

You can make a shower niche as attractive as possible by giving a special touch there. As in this one idea that uses timber to give a natural accent to the shower niche. The timber is arranged vertically so as to make the walls appear taller.

The natural brown color of the timber looks to blend in with the white and also the marble elements in the room. It makes the look of the small bathroom harmonious and pretty. In addition, there is a large window that allows light to enter the bathroom. Natural lighting makes all the colors look blended and beautiful.

19. Feel A Freshness in The Elegant Small Bathroom

green elegant small bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

Sage green can be an alternative color to give an interesting and fresh effect to the room. Combining this color with white and gold will change the appearance of the bathroom to be elegant and expensive. You can make sage green as the base color. However, also combine it with white so that the appearance of a small bathroom is still bright and feels wider.

Give a refreshing touch to the toilet area. You can choose tiles with green leaf motifs. Install tiles from the bottom area to the shower niche. The green color on the leaf motif will balance with the sage green color and make the interior look prettier.

20. Pretty Elegant Small Bathroom with Mural Wall

mural wall
Cc: Pinterest

Applying a wall mural is an interesting way to get rid of the boring appearance of an elegant small bathroom. It will make the bathroom look more beautiful. Not only that but a beautiful combination of colors can liven up the appearance and also the atmosphere in the room. However, pay attention to the usage you choose. Make sure you choose the same color as the interior of the bathroom. That way, the appearance of the room will remain harmonious.

In the application of wall murals, there is no need to provide one side of the wall with a large size. You just need to choose the main spot in the bathroom, such as the vanity area. The wall where the mirror is located in the most appropriate spot for you to apply a wall mural. You can also install LED light behind the mirror to make the color of the wall mural look more stand out.

Final Words

In making the look of the small bathroom elegant, you do not only have to provide expensive or shiny decorations. You can also play with minimalist and simple concepts to keep the kitchen feeling spacious. Not only that, but the small bathroom also seems cleaner and tidier. Which, of course, will really help to increase the comfort of the bathroom. And, the points above are 20 Elegant Small Bathroom Ideas you can choose from. So, good luck!

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