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Minimalist and Cozy Living Room, Here are 15 Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas

Olidhomes.comAs a room that is placed at the front, making the living room the first room seen when entering the house. The living room functions as a room to welcome guests. Therefore, often the living room is used as a benchmark for the beauty of the interior of your home.

Not only that, but the living room is also often used as a family room. Therefore, making a living room look attractive is not enough. The living room should also be made as comfortable as possible.

To make the living room look attractive and also feel comfortable, applying Scandinavian Design to this room is the right idea. Scandinavian Design is perfect for those of you who prefer a minimalist and bright look.

So, for those of you who want to have a Minimalist and Cozy Living Room, Here are 15 Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas that can be your references. Let’s check it out!

Beautiful Artwall for Aesthetic Scandinavian Living Room Look

The main focal point of a room is the wall. And the appearance of the walls greatly affects the appearance of the room. Therefore, decorating the walls to make them look attractive is very important. Providing wall decorations is tantamount to reducing the stiffness of the room.

There are many wall decorations that can be used, one of which is art wall ideas. For those of you who like photos, paintings, quotes, you can apply this idea to make a Scandinavian living room look aesthetic.

artwall for scandinavian living room
Cc: Pinterest

Scandinavian living room walls are usually painted white. This is because the characteristic of this design is a naturally bright appearance. However, this is an advantage because decorating white walls will be easier.

Frames with contrasting colors like black will look bold and attractive when displayed on white walls. To give a more attractive appearance, frames with Scandinavian colors such as brown, white, and gray can also be used as options for decorating walls.

Minimalist Scandinavian Living Room with Low-Profile Sofa

The appearance of Scandinavian design tends to be minimalist. Therefore, as the main item in this room, the sofa chosen to fill the living room must have a minimalist design too.

The low-profile sofa is the right idea to use for the Scandinavian living room. The low-profile sofa looks more minimalist. Besides, low-profile sofas are often legless or have short legs. This is great for making a room feel comfortable, especially a small room. It makes the small room look more spacious.

minimalist look scandinavian living room
Cc: Pinterest

The Scandinavian design is increasingly visible with the gray color applied to the sofa. Gray color gives a mature, cool, and calm effect to the living room.

Several pillows in soft and bright colors add a beautiful value to this room.

Rattan Items Presents Calm Elements of Nature

When entering a room with a Scandinavian design, you will feel a calm atmosphere very clearly. This calm atmosphere will make the living room a comfortable room to gather.

The calm atmosphere in the Scandinavian design room comes from the colors used. Not only that, but Scandinavian Design also presents several natural elements such as wood and rattan into the room.

rattan item scandinavian living room decors
Cc: Pinterest

If we look at the picture above, rattan items are the key to the presence of a calm atmosphere in the living room.

Usually, living rooms do not just have a sofa. Some homeowners will present a chair to give the room a more attractive appearance. And the rattan chair is one of the most fitting pieces of furniture for a living room.

Not only the middle of the living room that can be decorated. The top of the living room can also be beautified. The Sketchup rattan lamp in the living room provides an attractive appearance at the top of the room.

Relaxed and Cozy Scandinavian Living Room with Beanbag

The sofa is not the only item that can be used to fill the living room. There are several items that can be used to replace the sofa in the living room, one of which is a bean bag.

For those of you who prefer a cozy, simple, and relaxed atmosphere, replacing a sofa with a beanbag can be an idea that you can follow.

beanbag cozy scandinavian living room
Cc: Pinterest

Beanbags come in several forms as well as several materials, such as beanbags made of parachutes and fabric. Beanbags with parachute material are usually waterproof and are often used to decorate plants or backyards. Meanwhile, the fabric is more suitable for indoor use.

So, to fill the living room, beanbags with fabric can be used as items to replace the sofa. And for color, be sure to choose a beanbag in gray to create the perfect Scandinavian look.

Scandinavian Living Room with Maximum Natural Lighting

Do you know why a room with a Scandinavian design feels calmer and more comfortable? This is because Scandinavian design prefers natural lighting as the main lighting of a room.

skylight window
Cc: Pinterest

So, don’t be surprised if a Scandinavian-designed house will have large windows, wooden doors replaced with glass doors, and also net curtains as window decorations. Not only that, to maximize natural lighting that enters the room, skylights are the most appropriate window type to use.

By maximizing natural light into the living room, the atmosphere of the living room will feel more alive.

The natural lighting that enters the room and hits the white walls gives a broad effect to the room. So this is very suitable to be applied to small rooms.

Green Plant for Fresh Nuances

Decorating a Scandinavian living room with green plants is an interesting idea to add a natural impression to the living room. Not only that, but plants can also be the right decoration to give a more attractive appearance.

Green plants are the right plants to be presented in a Scandinavian living room. The fresh atmosphere can make the room comfortable.

green plant
Cc: Pinterest

There are three sizes of plants that can be used as decoration for a Scandinavian living room:

  • Large-Size Plant

For a simple but fresh look, a large plant can be used as an option. Because of its large size, large-size plants can be used as decorations to fill the corner of the room to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

  • Medium-Size Plant

Second, there is a medium-sized plant that is used to give a room a refreshing effect by serving as a focal point. The medium-size plant will be more suitable to be placed beside the sofa, TV table, buffet, and cabinet table.

  • Small-Size Plant

In addition to refreshing the room, the small-size plant can be used as a touch that can make the living room look perfect (finishing touch). Small plants can be placed on a table or on a floating wall shelf.

The Exposed Brickwall Provides An Interesting Texture to The Scandinavian Living Room

If you feel that the Scandinavian living room looks so simple or even tends to be stiff, making the living room look attractive by playing on the wall texture can be an option. The exposed brick wall is an interesting idea to be applied to a Scandinavian living room.

exposed brick wall
Cc: Pinterest

The exposed brick wall in Scandinavian Design is different from the exposed brick wall in Industrial Design. If in Industrial Design the color of the bricks is left visible, but at Scandinavian Design a touch is given by painting them with white paint. Because the appearance of a Scandinavian design room must be naturally bright.

Attractive Storage with A Floating Wall Shelf

Small items in the living room if left alone will certainly make this room messy and seem dirty. In fact, the Scandinavian Design concept is minimalist and bright, where the room will look clean, tidy and roomy.

To create a minimalist and cozy Scandinavian living room, make sure there are no small items scattered about. Make sure these items are stored in the right place.

floating wall shelf
Cc: Pinterest

Instead of being stored in a drawer and becoming unused items, how about making them into items that can give an aesthetic impression to a Scandinavian living room? So, using a floating wall shelf as smart storage is the right idea.

The floating wall shelf will need a wall as a medium. So, it can also be said that the floating wall shelf is a wall decoration to make a room look more attractive.

Small, interesting items placed on a floating wall shelf will do better and make the room look pretty.

Double Coffee Table Perfectly Minimalist

There is a sofa, of course, there is a table. These have become two inseparable items. Presenting a table in the living room is as important as using a sofa in this room.

The coffee table is the right type of table for use in Scandinavian living room design. The small shape is perfect for creating a minimalist look.

double coffee table
Cc: Pinterest

Sometimes, there are too many guests, one small coffee table is not enough to put glasses. So, use a maximum of two tables in the living room. And double coffee table can be used as an option.

Double coffee tables can be combined and can also be separated. You can use one table as a place to put food and drinks while the other table is a place to put a laptop. This is perfect for those of you who like to work in living rooms.

Rug As The Finishing Touch

If at the end the room decoration is still lacking and doesn’t look perfect, maybe there is one part that still looks empty, namely the floor. And for decorating the floor of the rug the only usable item.

rug for living room
Cc: Pinterest

in a Scandinavian living room, the rug is chosen in white to create a natural bright appearance. Also, there is no motive on the rug, aka the rug, which looks plain so that the minimalist appearance of Scandinavian looks perfect in the living room.

The soft rug used in the living room can also provide a warm atmosphere which greatly affects the comfort of this room.


The living room is a room that is used as a room to welcome guests. On the other hand, the living room is also often used as a room for gathering with family (family room). Therefore, just paying attention to the beauty of the living room is not enough. the comfort of the living room is also one thing that must be considered. And, if you want a comfortable and attractive room, try to make the living room look minimalist and cozy. And in this article, we have provided 15 Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas.

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