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How to Pet-Proof Your Apartment

Whether you’re a dog owner, your roommate just got a cat, or you’ve got kids and pets all living under one roof, putting your space at risk is the point. That’s why the post is all about how to pet-proof your apartment.

1. Keep Your Shoes Off the Floor and Out of Sight

Make sure your shoes are in the closet, on the bed, and ensure there is a putting away of all of your knick-knacks. If you’re out of reach, however, you can always hide them under your bed.

2. Make Your Roommate Nice to Animals

If you get along with your roommate, and they’re not planning on getting rid of the dog or cat anytime soon, then talk to them. Be understanding and compassionate. Be nice to the pet.

3. Use A Gate to Keep Animals Out of Rooms

If you have a toddler or animals that go in and out of doors (like cats), use a gate to keep them out of parts of your house that don’t include them on purpose.

4. Keep Things Smelling Fresh

There are plenty of ways to make sure your apartment smells great in general, but it’s obvious that the best way to make sure a pet doesn’t track mud or wetness into your apartment is to be good at cleaning and organizing.

5. Put Away Wires and Cords

Nothing will destroy the second-rate state of affairs you’ve surrounded yourself with quite like an animal chewing through a cord left on the floor. Keep your wires in the laundry room, hide cords that you don’t want to risk the animal chewing on, and cover cords that you’re not going to use often.

6. Keep Small Animals Under Control

For small animals that climb or jump, make sure they can’t come through space (such as a bedroom wall or window) by having an animal barrier. You can also get pets like crickets to help keep small pets in their place and stop them from wandering all over the house.

7. Use Mailboxes and File Folders as A Pets “Not Allowed” Sign

If you don’t want to keep your pet in a crate, have them put their toys, food, or other fun things away in their box. The same goes for mailboxes and file cabinets – should your dog be able to get into them?

8. Get Rid of All Allergens

When keeping pets in your home, keep up with any maintenance that needs to do on the place you’re renting or buying, or you’ll find yourself in trouble.

9. Train Your Pet

Dogs, in particular, are told to be trained as there is the keeping. If you’re not able to keep a dog from biting at people or from barking all night, then you might want to consider training your dog so that he doesn’t hurt anyone. For example, you can teach them not to jump on people by having them get used to being around other people without jumping onto them.

10. Put Up Some Posters of Animals That Look Like the Pets You’re Keeping

This will not only make it more fun to look at and read, but it will also help your roommate understand why you want to keep animals in your apartment like the best west campus apartments.

If you’re having trouble keeping your pets out of the apartment and out of your life, or if you’ve never had pets before, then there’s a few things that you can do.

11. Put Prescription Drugs Away Properly, Safely, and Securely

Keep your drugs in the medicine cabinet and make sure there’s nothing that can hurt pets in the area. It can also apply to your kids – make sure they don’t get into anything they’re not supposed to.

12. Be A Good Pet Parent

If you get a pet, take care of it. You wouldn’t want somebody leaving their dog outside or letting their pet run around without being watched, so treat other people’s pets well, too!

13. Don’t Keep a Pet That’s Not Part of Your Family

If you get a pet, make sure you’re serious about taking care of it and finding somebody for it to live with. It is essential for kids of all ages – if you have small children or are considering having some, it’s important that the animal in question be around them too.

14. Make Sure Your Pet Can Get Enough Food and Water in The House

Sometimes, small animals like mice don’t get enough water because you didn’t give them one. It can also apply to pet birds – if their cage isn’t big enough, they won’t have enough space to live comfortably.

15. Keep Your Pets Ready for People They Don’t Know

If your pet is going to be living in a home with people they don’t know, be sure that you’ve gotten a pheromone system that your pet will be comfortable with. This way, your pet will smell like a person and won’t freak out.


Whether you’re a dog owner or not, keeping an animal in your home is a serious responsibility, and you must have everything in order. Ensure your pet is properly taken care of, that somebody’s taking care of the cleaning, maintenance of a home, and keep an eye on what’s going on.

However, if you start trying to keep pets out of your apartments and houses, you can find yourself in a dangerous situation. It’s all about finding the right balance between keeping your pet secure and keeping your animals safe. If you have any questions about keeping dogs out of your apartment or if you want more information about how to keep cats out of the apartment, please feel free to give our experts a call on their helpline number!

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