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Tips for Rug Placement in Every Room of The House

If you are struggling with deciding on the placement of your rugs, don’t despair.

With the number of rug sizes available and the different types for every room in the house, you’d almost think you need a degree in interior decorating to understand the perfect rug placement.

But you don’t need a degree, just a few tips. We will discuss a few tips on how to place your rug in every room of the house, but first, there are some general rules to follow on rug placement no matter what room you are in.

3 Rules on Rug Placement

  1. Your Rug Must Touch Something

Don’t place your rug in the middle of the room with no furniture touching the sides. Most rooms will have at least one piece of furniture that you can place the rug under.

If you are having a hard time making your rug touch a piece of furniture and look like it’s in the right place, see rule #2.

  1. When In Doubt, Bigger is Better

A bigger rug will help to make sticking to rule #1 easier and it will help to make the room look more cohesive. As a rule, the rug should be at least half the size of the room or area that you are decorating.

Check out this rug size guide for more help.

  1. Place Your Rugs According to Furniture

Most rooms will have a feature piece of furniture. This is usually the biggest in the room, e.i. the sofa in the living room. Your rug should be placed under this piece of furniture.

Now for the tips on how to place rugs in each room:

Rugs in the Living Room

We’ve already touched on how to place a rug in the living room. There’s one big deciding factor; the sofa or seating placement.

A rug in the living room is meant to place the parameters of the central “hang out spot” in the room.

With so many different layouts and room sizes, you’ll need to read a whole other article to get your living room rug and sofa placement right.

Rugs in the Dining Room

A rug’s purpose in the dining room is to improve the dining experience. You will want to place the rug under your dining room table with enough space for every chair to have all four legs on the rug.

If you don’t want a rug due to personal preference, you could always try hanging decorative rugs on the wall instead.

Rugs in the Kitchen

In the kitchen, you can place several smaller rugs in front of the main work areas such as in front of the sink and stove.

If your kitchen is long and narrow, you can place a runner along the entire length of the kitchen. Just be sure this runner is wide enough to reach a foot from either countertop.

Rugs in the Bathroom

Bathroom rugs are best placed in front of areas where you stand or sit. This means you’ll need several rugs in this room.

You’ll want to choose matching rugs in front of the toilet and in front of the sink. If you have a double vanity, you may need to have a longer rug here or two separate rugs for each sink.

Rugs in the Bedroom

For your bedroom, you have two choices.

You can choose to have a large area rug under the bottom of your bed with a few feet of the rug to walk on.

You can also choose to have a smaller rug on each side of the bed to welcome your feet in the morning.


Rugs do so much to make a room feel cozy but if they aren’t placed right, they can make the room feel awkward. If you follow these tips, however, you won’t have to worry about that possibility.

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