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Nine Brilliant Kitchen Decoration Ideas

Everyone likes a picture-perfect kitchen with fancy decorations but not all actually have it. If your cooking place looks old, dull, or boring, it’s time to give it a nice makeover. Without further ado, let’s share some unique renovation ideas that can upgrade a kitchen’s look completely.

1. A new coat of painting

First, you need to select a color scheme, which will blend well with the kitchen utensils and other items. It’s important because different shades have different vibes, which affect our mood. Some colors like crisp white, light gray, sage, navy blue are suitable for small spaces. These hues make the room feel way larger.

2. Beautiful wallpapers

If your landlord doesn’t allow painting, wallpapers will be your lifesaver. Their decorative patterns can make your old kitchen lively. Although most wallpapers last longer than paint layers, you can easily find removable ones as well. It’s also an excellent hack for lazy people who don’t want to go through a tiring painting process.

3. Kitchen furniture, appliances, and fittings

Wall-mounted cabinets, high-quality Verana water faucet, countertop, drawers, and other functional items can boost the kitchen’s visual appeal. Make sure that they are in good condition and look flawless. They may lose charm over time, and in that case, you have to polish them whenever needed.

4. Space management

This is crucial to consider when you want to remodel any room. Large objects such as refrigerators and shelves should be close to the wall. Never place them in the middle of the kitchen because they will block your walking space. You should also be able to access them quickly. Try various layouts and choose the best-looking one.

5. Plants

One of the best ways to fill up space is by adding houseplants. They’re inexpensive, help the environment, purify the air and increase kitchen beauty. Don’t forget to pick a perfect vase too. If your kitchen is small, you can place miniature plants on any furniture. On the other hand, large kitchen owners have the advantage of experimenting with medium to large plants.

6. Kitchen floor

Damaged floors easily gather dirt, water, grease, etc. Apart from their disgusting look, they help grow mold mildew, which is a big no for your cooking zone. So, Fix broken locations as soon as possible and regularly take care of every corner of the floor. Both plain and patterned ceramic, mosaic, porcelain tiles look incredible in the kitchen.

7. Bright rugs

Small carpets are a fantastic choice while renovating rooms. They enhance the floor glamor while protecting the tiles from dirt, debris, oil, powders, stains, spills, etc. All the imperfections will vanish too. You can place them under a table, kitchen pathway, or other open space.

8. An open self

Open shelves and cabinets have been very popular for modern kitchens nowadays. They can accommodate a wide range of accessories, utensils, kitchen aprons, recipe books, and small plants. Opt for wall-hung shelves if you have a tight space. They will give the area a more relaxed and contemporary feel.

9. Light fixtures

Light fixtures are stylish, beautiful, and trendy. They can make a huge visible difference in a home. They are available in numerous designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. Kitchen lighting can be placed under cabinets, countertops, or right over the table. Once you install them, your kitchen will look bright, expensive, modern, and flattering.

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