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Bring the Warmth of the Mediterranean in with These Interior Design Tips

How often have you longed for an extended vacation in the Mediterranean but somehow the timing was never right? Greece seems to be the country that is calling loudest, but that’s just something to top the bucket list of things you’ve yet to do. In the meantime, if you can’t go to Greece, why not bring the Mediterranean to you? Have you thought of a Greek interior design theme since that is the next project on your ‘to do’ list? There is no reason why you can’t enjoy the warmth of the Mediterranean in your own home with these design tips that will defy the laws of nature. Yes, you really can be in two places at the same time and here is how you will do that.

It All Begins with Color

There is something utterly romantic about interior design of the Mediterranean and it begins with the warm earth tones characteristic of the region. With an eclectic balance of warm tones with light highlights, the entire mood is created around a relaxed and inviting aura. Even the wrapped wine bottles and linens on tables are shades of brown, rust, and beige. Window treatments are also warm and rarely will you find a home with curtains or blinds in the stark contrast of white. There is a balance of warmth and light, but rarely ever white.

Ceilings, Walls and Floors

Perhaps ceilings will be the most distinctive feature in your home as you will often find true Mediterranean ceilings done in wide planks. Here you will often find hanging wine bottles and an array of fresh herbs hung out to dry in the kitchen. The walls are often textured, and you will find few things hung around the room. With most of the region being Orthodox or Roman Catholic, the few hangings are likely to be icons of saints or of Jesus risen from the dead. These form the traditional blessing of the home and all who dwell within. You will also find few synthetic materials used on any surface within the home where rock, wood and cotton are preferred above all other materials.

Natural Light Completes the Charm

One of the reasons you will often see Greek window treatments done in ultra-lightweight fabric is to allow the warmth of natural sunlight to filter in. Some homes have blinds to block the strongest of afternoon rays, but they are typically pulled up and out of the way for the greatest part of the daylight hours. At night they are brought down and closed again for privacy, but those lovely light curtains add just the right amount of texture needed to balance the soft earth tones employed throughout.

Maybe you won’t be taking that Mediterranean vacation this year or the next, but you can bring the Mediterranean to you with just a few simple design tips true to the region. There is no reason why you can’t enjoy Greece from the comfort of your home and these few design tips are making all that possible.

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