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Purge All Clutter in The Room: 9 Minimalist Room Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You – Who does not want a comfortable and attractive home? This is certainly everyone’s dream. It is just that some people still do not understand how to make the rooms in their home feel comfortable and also look attractive.

Often times we have decorated the house well, but the end result we get is a chaotic look. This could be because there are too many items or decorations in the room. Therefore, applying minimalist design to every room in the house is the right idea.

Minimalist design will give a simple, neat, and clean appearance. So, you no longer need to worry about the cluttered appearance of the room.

And in this article, we have summarized the best 9 Minimalist Room Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You. So, let’s check it out!

Minimalist Living Room with Couch Only

If the living room is usually filled with couches, tables, carpets, buffets, and so on, how about presenting a different look to the living room? Applying minimalist design to living rooms in your house is the main stage in making this room look different.

Minimalist design reduces the reduction of furniture and decoration for the room. So, you can use the furniture that is only needed.

modern and minimalist living room
Cc: Pinterest

As seen in the image above, there is only a couch in this room. So, filling the living room with a couch only is an interesting idea to implement.

In this idea, the sofa used is a sofa futon. A low-profile sofa without legs gives the illusion of space to the living room. Its wide shape provides a place to rest more.

The futon sofa, which is faced with a glass facade, makes it the most comfortable place in the house. Resting while enjoying the view outside the house will be pleasant and certainly calming.

Pacha Lounge Chair for Minimalist, Modern Living Room

Maybe you will think that a modern concept room is a room with a contemporary look. Even though in fact, the modern concept is more spacious, clean, minimalist, and attractive. So, combining a modern concept with a minimalist design will give a very pretty appearance.

pacha lounge sofa
Cc: Pinterest

We can see in the picture above, the decoration in the room is made to a minimum. The room only relies on natural lighting and wooden elements to make it look cute. Besides that, the soft colors are also one of the factors of the attractive appearance of this minimalist modern room.

And as the main item in the living room, the sofa is the main key that plays a role in the appearance of the room. To create a minimalist and modern look, the Pacha Lounge Chair is the right choice to use.

Minimalist Dining Room with Concrete Wall

Apart from the living room, the dining room is also often used as a place to gather. So that the appearance of this room must be considered.

A minimalist dining room with a concrete wall can be an interesting idea to apply. The concrete wall will give this room a cool and mature impression.

minimalist dining room
Cc: Pinterest

Making natural light the main lighting of the room with this idea will make a minimalist room with a concrete wall feel more alive.

The pendant lamp decoration with the shape of a jellyfish gives an attractive artistic impression to the dining room. Pendant lamps look perfect hanging right on the dining table.

Not only that, but the living room is also given a touch of army green. The dining chair in army green will look iconic. The army green color is very fitting and balances with the concrete wall color in the dining room.

Dark-Concept Minimalist Dining Room

A minimalist look doesn’t just have to be made to look bright and bright. If you prefer a slightly darker look, the dark-concept minimalist dining room might be the idea that inspires you this time.

minimalist dining room with dark concept
Cc: Pinterest

The dining room is bolted with a dark concept by making dark gray the basic color of the room. The impression given by this color is calm but also cold. So, to balance the cold side of the room, the wood elements are the right decoration to be presented in the dining room.

Wooden elements that are presented in one spot: dining table, dining chair, pendant lamps, and floor, will give a warm side to one spot only. So, the cold side and also the mature look are still evident in this room.

With the help of natural light hitting the wooden surface, the room feels more alive and looks less rigid.

The Main Wood Element for Minimalist Kitchen

One of the important rooms in the house is the kitchen. For those of you who like to cook, this room is the room that is most often used. So, the comfort of it is very important.

A minimalist kitchen with a warm and calm atmosphere can make you feel comfortable when cooking. And to create the perfect warm atmosphere, wood elements can be chosen as the main material in this room.

minimalist kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

The floors and kitchen cabinets are made of wood with the same color and texture, making the kitchen look very minimalist. However, do not worry about the stiff appearance because the gray color in the kitchen really helps give a bold look to the kitchen.

Not only that, if we look at the other side of the wall, there is the texture of the exposed brick wall. Maybe not too cute because this wall is painted white which makes the room look naturally bright.

Monochrome Kitchen

The minimalist concept not only reduces decorations and items in the room but also reduces the number of colors used in the room. However, try not to use just one color as this can make the room look stiff and unattractive. It would be better to decorate a minimalist room with two colors, or what is commonly called monochrome.

Actually, the monochrome concept does not have to be black and white. You can use other colors, such as blue navy-white, maroon-black, and so on as long as the number of colors is two.

monochrome kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

However, because black and white is a perfect color combination, rooms with a monochrome concept are mostly decorated in black and white. As in the kitchen image above.

The white color is used as the basic color of the kitchen so that the kitchen looks bright. This is the right way to occupy the small room. By applying white as the base color, the small room will look wider.

And for black, applied separately to give an evenly firm impression.

The outside of the kitchen cabinet is given black color to balance the white color which is used as the basic color of the room. Besides that, you can also see a black pendant lamp that is hung parallel above the kitchen bar. And for the lower side of the kitchen, black is applied to the chair legs.

Minimalist Kitchen with Beautiful Accents on The Wall

Even though it is a room that is not exposed, the bathroom is a part of the house where its appearance and comfort also need attention. Because the room is small, applying a minimalist design is the right idea.

minimalist bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

Giving an accent to the wall is the right decoration to make a small minimalist bathroom look pretty. Coupled with the LED lighting behind the mirror for a warmer appearance. Some decorative small plants placed on the floating wall shelf make the walls look prettier.

Bright, Warm Minimalist Bathroom

The bathroom can also be used as a room to cool off. By bringing a warm impression to the bathroom, calm nuances can be felt clearly.

For this one idea, it is one step more to make the bathroom look bright by making white the basic color of the room.

bright minimalist bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

The mirror tiles on several sides of the bathroom wall give an interesting accent to the minimalist bathroom.

You will get a bright and warm appearance from natural lighting that enters the room from the window. For the window frame itself, black color is chosen so that the minimalist bathroom doesn’t look too soft and boring. The mirror is also made to reach the ceiling to give a minimalist bathroom impression. Besides that, the mirror is an item that really helps this room appear brighter.

The wooden elements used in the bathroom are the main keys that bring a warm feel to this room. This is a factor in the comfort of the bedroom.

Soft and Simple Minimalist Bedroom

For a minimalist design, maybe the bedroom is a room that is easy to decorate. All it takes is the furniture and other items that are needed, such as a bed, a small cupboard to put some clothes, and some items for room decoration.

minimalist bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Large windows that are left alone without decorations such as curtains allow sunlight to enter the bedroom freely. With the walls painted in white, it really helps make this bedroom look naturally bright.

The soft appearance can also be seen because of the wooden elements used in the bedroom.

The Fabrick bed frame creates a distinctly warm and soft look. The gray bed frame fabric makes the bedroom look more mature.

And as a final touch to make the minimalist bedroom look perfect, the decoration of the large plant placed in the corner of the room makes the bedroom look a little fresher. Instead of using photos or paintings, mirrors are much better for wall decorations.


Those are 9 Minimalist Room Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You. So, you no longer need to worry about the appearance that is too stiff or boring, which often occurs in rooms with simple decorations.

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