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Enticing Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love – Industrial designs are usually applied to cafes and restaurants to make them look attractive. However, it is fine if Industrial Design is applied to the interior of the house. The interior and wall appearance of this design will give your home a different sensation.

Applying Industrial to the kitchen in your home is an interesting idea to make your kitchen look attractive and different. And in this article, we have provided Enticing Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love. So, let’s check it out!

Cement Cabinet and Wall for Shiny Industrial Kitchen Look

Do you know how Industrial Design was created? Industrial Design was made by European people who do not have a place to live. They take advantage of the unused factory as a place for them to live without giving the slightest polish. The factory appearance is left to look perfunctory, such as cement walls without paint.

However, this is what makes cement look the hallmark of Industrial Design. There is no other design that lets the cement give its natural side. Usually, the walls will be painted.

concrete industrial kitchen design
Cc: Pinterest

If we look at the picture above, the cement cabinet and wall actually give the illusion of a spacious kitchen. The kitchen looks more magnificent and spacious. Plus, the glossy finish of cement makes the industrial kitchen look very attractive. You can feel a different look in this kitchen.

Exposed Brick Walls Give a Beautiful Natural Red to The Kitchen

Besides the cement wall, the exposed brick wall is another characteristic of Industrial Design. If you feel like a cement wall is giving your kitchen a dark finish, applying an exposed brick wall to your kitchen is a great idea.

exposed brick walls
Cc: Pinterest

No need to apply exposed brick walls to all walls in the kitchen. Just select one side of the wall to be applied to the exposed brick wall.

The exposed brick walls give the kitchen a natural red color that makes this room feel warm. Not only that but also the exposed brick walls give texture to the walls which really helps to make this room look aesthetically pleasing and not boring.

Applying exposed brick walls to the kitchen is also the best way to show off the black shelf in this room.

Masculine Industrial Kitchen with Dark Concept

Who likes a more mature and masculine look? If you are one of them, applying Industrial Design to your kitchen is the right idea.

The colors used in this design tend to be dark colors like black and dark brown. The combination of these two colors gives a masculine side to the room.

dark concept industrial kitchen design
Cc: Pinterest

Black kitchen island, black kitchen cabinet, black pendant lamp, and also black windows frame shows that black is the dominant color in the kitchen. Black has a firm but calming effect. The exposed brick wall provides a warm side of the bold effect that a black kitchen creates. Coupled with the brown color in the kitchen chair, it complements the appearance of the industrial design with a dark concept.

Greenery Industrial Kitchen Feel So Fresh and Comfortable

The decoration is needed in order to make the room does not feel empty and boring. Likewise the kitchen.

Greenery the industrial kitchen with plant decoration is an interesting idea to make this room feel fresh. The green color of the plant is like a cure for the monotonous look of cement and dark colors. Not only that, but a kitchen decorated with green plants will also feel more comfortable.

fresh industrial kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

A geometric shelf is a right spot to bring a fresh impression to the top of the room. Some small plants on the geometric shelf are very helpful for giving a greenery look to the kitchen.

Plant on the kitchen island also becomes an attractive idea to make it look attractive. Putting it on the side of the kitchen island provides free space for you to cook more comfortably.

The large-size plant is very helpful for decorating a kitchen corner to look greenery.

Concrete Kitchen Island Becomes An Icon

concrete island table
Cc: Pinterest

Bright Industrial Kitchen Feel So Fresh and Soothing

For those of you who really do not like a dark look, don’t hesitate to apply Industrial Design to your Kitchen interior. Industrial kitchen design can also be made bright.

The colors used in Industrial are neutral colors, such as gray, black, brown, and white. However, black is the color that is more dominant in this design.

bright industrial kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

However, it is okay to make white the more dominant color in Industrial Design. Painting half the walls up and continuing to the ceiling gives a bright side to the top of the room. Without realizing it, white is the main focus in Industrial kitchen design.

The cement material is the main key to the Industrial style in the kitchen. If you replace the floor with a wooden floor, what you will get is a Kitchen with Scandinavian Design, not an Industrial. So, get around the bottom of the kitchen with the cement material.

Classy Appearance Make The Kitchen Look More Attractive

The strong impression of the black color which is more dominant coupled with wood material for a softer appearance makes Industria kitchen very easy to make to appear classy. Iron material painted black gives a glossy look to the kitchen.

elegant industrial kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

The game on the lights also greatly affects the appearance of this room. Recessed lighting fixtures with warm lighting are the main keys that make this industrial kitchen design look classy. The light of the recessed lighting made the black painted metal look shiny. Iron pendant lamp with iron style becomes a perfect decoration in a classy industrial kitchen design.

Uncovered Pipes As A Raw Industrial Elements

When the European people used a used factory as their residence, they did not change the pure appearance of the factory. The cement walls or brick walls are left to look pure as they are, and also the uncovered pipes on the walls and ceiling.

exposed pipes industrial kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Uncovered pipes are the raw industrial elements that make the room look attractive. Using uncovered pipes as a place to hang spotlights and pendant lamps is an interesting idea to make this look more pleasant.


For those of you who like to cook, the kitchen is the room that is most often used. So, make the kitchen look attractive is the right way in order to make this room feel comfortable. To give a different sensation to the kitchen in your home, Industrial Design can be applied to the kitchen interior. And in this article, we have summarized Enticing Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas That You Will Make You Fall in Love.

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