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Know the Various Vinyl Fencing Styles

Vinyl fences come in a wide range of styles and colors that provide both practical purposes and aesthetic settings for your home. So, besides considering the fence material, you also have to look into the fencing style that would serve its purpose and complement your style. Here, let’s look at the vinyl fencing styles available to help you buy affordable vinyl fencing based on the fencing style that best suits your needs.

Privacy fencing

With no gaps between the pickets, this popular fence style in people’s yards provides the ultimate privacy. Privacy fences are typically tall panels or solid fences designed to make the yard private by blocking all views from the outside. The sleek, modern lines of the privacy fence panels complement most contemporary residences. Place a lattice along the top of the fence with complementing gates and post caps to lighten the look of privacy fence panels. Privacy fences come in different sizes like – 6″ and 12″.

Semi privacy fencing

Semi privacy fencing provides an excellent balance between privacy and airflow. This fencing is ideal for those who think privacy fences can suffocate. Semi-privacy vinyl fences feature approximately half an inch spacing between their pickets to allow air and light to enter while offering just the right amount of privacy. So, enjoy being in seclusion but in moderation with Duramax semi-privacy fences in 3ft to 6ft high x 8ft wide.

Post and rail fencing

Post and Rail fencing, also known as Ranch fencing, is commonly found on large properties such as farms, ranches, and estates. It’s around 5 feet tall and has two, three, or four railings with posts. It is the most effective fence for keeping larger pets and animals contained while yet allowing access to the property. It is undoubtedly ideal for farms, housing developments, and major corporations. It boasts a straightforward, open design suitable for horses, animals, pets, and children. Duramax Post and Ranch Rail Fences are available with two, three, or four rails and posts.

Perimeter fencing

In the twenty-first century, a perimeter fence provides a classic all-American style for front yard decor. It’s frequently utilized as a decorative element in front yards and gardens to define borders. Vertical panels are equally spaced and fastened to horizontal rails in this manner. Duramax perimeter fences stand 3ft to 6ft high x 8ft wide.

Pool fencing

Pool fences are primarily used to construct a safe barrier around the pool. The safety of your children, pets, and even adults depends on the presence of fencing around your pool area. In addition, pool fences give your backyard hideaway much-needed solitude while also protecting it from annoying pests and flying debris. Pool fences made of Duramax can withstand any weather. Our fences are composed of DuraResin, which gives them more strength to endure the sun in the Southwest. In addition, our fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors, making them sturdy enough to withstand any weather conditions, including the hot sun.

Traditional fencing

Spade picket fences, scallop spade fences, and straight dog ear fences are examples of traditional fences. The fences are composed of high-quality vinyl sheets and come in various styles, colors, and sizes. Traditional fences from Duramax are available 3ft to 4ft high x 8ft wide.

Wall topper

Wall Toppers add height and privacy to your backyard without having to break down your wall and rebuild a new higher wall. The line of wall toppers from Duramax enhances aesthetics while providing security and durability to your space. Duramax wall toppers come in 2ft high x 8ft wide.

You can also try DuraGrain fences for Duramax

DuraGrain fences are the next generation in high-quality vinyl fencing by Duramax Fences. It looks like wood but comes without the headache a wood fencing would bring. Vinyl is durable, easy to clean, and extremely simple to assemble and install. The Duramax DuraGrain fences look like wood but have a vinyl cell structure. Duramax brings you a range of affordable vinyl fencing. Their DuraGrain fences come in 6ft high x 8ft wide.


Fencing is elementary after buying a home. Try to keep an amount separately for fencing when buying a home and invest it wisely to buy affordable vinyl fencing in the USA.

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