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Korean Bedroom Decors: Bringing Cute and Cosy Look to The Room – Korean bedroom decors are already familiar, especially for those of you who like to watch Korean drama series. Sometimes, when we watch dramas, we do not only focus on the storyline and the actors but also the interior decoration. The minimalist look with unique decorations makes it look cute and cozy.

Being the first room to go to when you want to rest, the bedroom must be made as comfortable as possible. Besides that, the beauty of the bedroom must also be considered so that the room is not boring. A beautiful and comfortable bedroom will greatly affect your mood throughout the day.

So, for those of you who want a cute and cozy bedroom, here we have provided Korean Bedroom Decors that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

Neutral Colors Make It Looks Minimalist and Calm

The minimalist view of the Korean bedroom makes the bedroom atmosphere calm. With this, the Korean bedroom displays neutral colors in the room. The colors most often used are brown, beige, and white. For black color, Korean bedroom rarely applies this color. Black is considered to be able to make a room look firm and bold. Meanwhile, the principle of the Korean bedroom is minimalist which tends to be soft and calm.

calm korean bedroom

Pallet Bed Frame for Soft and Cute Look

Korean bedrooms should be decorated with low-profile furniture. That way, the appearance of the Korean bedroom will look adorable.

As the main item, the bed plays an important role in the appearance of the bedroom. To create an adorable bedroom like the Korean bedroom, make sure you choose a low-profile bed to fill your bedroom. The low-profile bed not only makes the bedroom look cute but also feels comfortable.

For a soft and cute look, pallet bed frames are the right furniture to choose from. Wood textures and colors add a natural impression to the bedroom. Wood elements can also bring a warm atmosphere into the bedroom, where the room will feel comfortable in winter.

pallet bedframe korean bedroom decors

Korean Bedroom Decors with Cute Bedding

As previously explained, the bed greatly affects the appearance of this room. You can use bedding to create a bedroom with a cute look. The following bedding can be used as an option for decorating the Korean bedroom:

Bedding with Pastel Colors

The soft, cute, and calm appearance are the characteristics of the Korean bedroom. Besides applying neutral colors, Korean bedrooms also choose pastel colors as room decorations. The use of bedding sets with pastel colors gives a dramatic effect on the minimalist Korean bedroom.

pastel bedding sets

Bedding with Cute Motifs

Girls certainly prefer cute things. So, try to decorate your bedroom with bedding with cute motifs. These motives will make the Korean minimalist bedroom look more filled. You do not need to worry about using this one decoration. By using bedding with cute motifs, you can still have a bedroom with a simple look.

cute motifs bedding sets

Hand Made Wall Art Decors

Who has a hobby of keeping journaling? If you have this hobby, maybe you can use it to make your bedroom look attractive.

Korean people love journaling. This is one of the reasons for the number of stationary journal stores in Korea. Besides making aesthetic agendas and notes, they also made wall decorations with paper-based materials. With creativity, the walls will look so beautiful and attractive.

The perfect spot to hang your handmade wall art is the bedside wall. As the main focus in the room, the results of your creativity will immediately be seen. Besides that, filling the bed spot with interesting things will also make it feel more comfortable.

journey wall decorations

Wire Wall Grid

Want to provide an interesting spot on the walls of the house? Compared to using a floating wall shelf, a wire wall grid is much better to use. Here you can hang some mini decorations which can make a Korean bedroom look attractive.

Wire wall grid can be used as a place to hang some of your Polaroid photos. Creating a memorable spot in the bedroom. You can also hang some quotes that can give you encouragement in the morning. In fact, a wire wall grid can also be used as a place for reminders by hanging a list of activities there.

wire wall grid korean bedroom decors

Idol Dolls for Bed Decoration

Usually, in bed we only find pillows and blankets, which we use to sleep. However, in the Korean bedroom, the bed is also a media for putting some interesting decorations.

Several idol dolls can be chosen as attractive Korean bedroom decors. This decoration is intended for those of you who like Korean boy bands or girl groups. Like in the picture below BT21 dolls from BTS make the bed look so cute.

Having a few dolls in the bed can also improve the quality of your sleep. Sleeping surrounded by soft items will make you feel good.

BT21 dolls korean bedroom decors

Cute Small Lamp for Table

Currently, there are many types of lamps that you can find. Thus, lamps are no longer used only as a source of lighting. Some lights are deliberately made as attractive as possible so that they can be used as room decorations to appear more attractive.

Like this one decoration, cute small lamps make the Korean bedroom look so pretty. The warm lighting of the small lamp gives a warm and soft feel to the bedroom. Besides making the bedroom look cute, you can also use this small lamp as a light sleeper. The warm lighting will make the bedroom feel calm at night.

cute small table lamp

Fresh Korean Bedroom Decors with Artificial Vines

The most important decoration for the Korean bedroom is the plants. Decorating a Korean bedroom with plants will create a sweet look. The green color in plants also greatly affects the atmosphere and comfort of the bedroom. With plants in the bedroom, the room will feel fresher and calmer.

This Korean bedroom decors uses the wall as the main media for decoration. Artificial plants are the perfect decoration to use. The green color creeping up the wall will create a fresh and attractive spot. The walls also look prettier with the addition of string lights to the vines.

artificial vines bedroom decors

Placing The Bed in The Spot Exposed Sunlight

If we look at the decorations above, we might conclude that a Korean bedroom looks cute, sweet, and simple. This is because the decorations used are related to nature, such as neutral colors, plants, and wood elements. It does not stop here, the Korean bedroom also takes advantage of natural lighting.

Placing the bed in the spot exposed sunlight is a great decoration for a Korean bedroom. The sunlight will create a calm atmosphere in the bed. Not only that, the sunlight in the morning and evening makes the bed an aesthetic spot. You can use this as a place to take pictures.

cozy korean bedroom

Long Wood Table as Workspace and Table Side

There is nothing more interesting than using one piece of furniture for two functions. Like this Korean bedroom decoration. A long wooden table is placed right beside the bed. On the right side, you can make the long wood table a comfortable workspace. And on the left side, the long wood table changes its function to the table-side.

Placing the table beside the bed is also an attractive decoration when you are lazy to get out of bed. You can put the laptop on the table and enjoy the Korean drama series lying on the bed. It will be both comfortable and enjoyable.

comfortable korean bedroom

Simple Korean Bedroom Decors with Clothes Rack

The average Korean bedroom tends to be cramped. Using a wardrobe in the bedroom will only make it narrower. Therefore, Korean people prefer to use a clothes rack as a place to put some of their clothes.

The use of clothes racks does not only function as a place to store clothes. You can also use this item as a decoration to make the Korean bedroom look simple and attractive.

Hanging clothes in beautiful colors is enough to make the bedroom look pretty. For perfect results, you can hang the bag on the side and put some of your favorite shoes on the bottom of the rack.

simple clothes rack

Plain Curtain Korean Bedroom Decors

Curtains are often not paid attention to, even tend to be abandoned. In fact, all items in the room have their respective roles in providing an attractive appearance.

Do you know why Korean bedrooms look so attractive to the eye? This is because everything in the Korean bedroom is considered in detail, including the use of curtains.

For the curtain itself, the Korean bedroom uses curtains without any motive to give them a cute minimalist look. However, if you want the bedroom to appear a little more cheerful, you can choose curtains with plaid motifs. Pastel curtains will make the bedroom look soft and calm.

minimalist korean bedroom

Idol Poster Wall Korean Bedroom Decors

Who likes boybands or girl bands in Korea? If you are one of them, you can put a poster with a picture of the boyband or girl band that you like. By applying this decoration to the bedroom, the bedroom will be the most pleasant room.

Hang a poster on one side of the bedroom wall. Make one side of the wall as a place for you to idolize your idol. Or, you can also make the bed spot look attractive by hanging some posters on the wall near the bed.

cute korean bedroom

Small Floating Shelf as As Table-Side

Using walls is the most powerful way to make a room look attractive without having to make it cramped.

If you feel that the table-side takes up space in your small bedroom, you can replace it with a small floating shelf. Hang this item on the wall near the bed. That way, you can take advantage of the floating wall shelf as a table-side.

small spaces decorations

Small Rug Korean Bedroom Decors

Korean bedrooms tend to be simple and minimalist. If you feel that the bedroom looks so ordinary, you can decorate the bedroom with a small rug. Even though it is a simple item, a small rug can make a bedroom look different.

A small rug can also be used as a spot for you to relax. You can sit on it and read your favorite book there. That way, the bedroom will be so cozy.

beautiful korean bedroom


The minimalist and calm look of the Korean bedroom will feel more comfortable. Even the Korean bedroom can be the main place for you to relax and unwind. It’s not that difficult to have a Korean bedroom. By applying the right decorations, you can have a Korean bedroom that is cute and cozy. And in this article, we have provided Korean Bedroom Decor that can be your reference.

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