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Wanna Be A Beauty Vlogger? Here are 15 Home Makeup Studio Ideas will Inspire You¬†– For women, the term beauty vlogger is certainly not foreign. Where makeup is a hobby that is turned into a profession. And if you are one of those who are interested in becoming a beauty vlogger, the first thing you need to prepare besides makeup equipment is a home makeup studio. Having this room will really help you to create interesting video content. Starting from organized lighting, comfortable vanity, to a supportive background. And all of this we have summarized in the article entitled “15 Home Makeup Studio Ideas will Inspire You”. So, let’s check it out!

1. Minimalist Home Makeup Studio

home makeup studio ideas
Cc: Pinterest

In your mind, maybe the picture of a home makeup studio is a room full of makeup equipment and cameras. In fact, the home makeup studio is not always like that.

From the picture above, we can see how the home makeup studio looks so attractive with a minimalist concept. A small desk with a few drawers is able to purge the clutter that makes it look neat.

Because the minimalist concept cannot be separated from firm angles that make it look stiff. And to get rid of the stiff impression of a minimalist home makeup studio, we can choose an oval mirror. This will balance and even eliminate the strong impression of the minimalist concept.

2. Simple Home Makeup Studio

simple home makeup studio ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Something simple is not always bad. If we look at the picture above, the makeup space looks so attractive with simple decorations.

The use of a floating table provides more space in the room. You can also equip it with a small bench made of wood.

What makes a simple home makeup studio look attractive is the leaf-drawn desk drawer. A little touch of green makes this simple studio feel more fresh and comfortable. And the last is the oval mirror which gives a smooth curve to eliminate the impression of stiffness.

3. Large Mirror Makes It Feel Spacious

large mirror
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 15 Home Makeup Studio Ideas will Inspire You is a large mirror that makes it feel spacious.

The mirror becomes a piece of furniture that is important for a makeup studio. Large mirrors are perfect for use in small rooms. The shadow of the room will be displayed clearly in the mirror. Which is what makes the room feel and look more spacious.

The light hitting the glass will bounce back into the room. With this, the room will look brighter and comfortable for makeup.

4. Ring Light in The Corner

ring light
Cc: Pinterest

To get a video with good lighting, you can make a ring light as an option. Lighting from the ring light will immediately focus on the area where you sit. So, the video results will be better.

You can also use a ring light to decorate the corner of your home makeup studio. So that there is no more empty space that interferes with the appearance and comfort of the room.

5. Bulb Lamps Besides The Mirror

best home makeup studio ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Focused lighting is very important in making a makeup video. You can use an LED mirror or a mirror with bulbs.

However, if you feel sorry to replace the mirror in your home makeup studio, you can use the bulb as a supporting item. Install bulb lamps on the right and left sides of the mirror so that the lighting provided is balanced and perfect.

6. Small Wheeled Shelf

small wheeled shelf
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We could not put too many makeup tools and store them on the vanity. Because it will only make the vanity look messy. Therefore, you need to add other storage in the home makeup studio.

You can make a small wheeled shelf as an option. This is a practical and easy way for you to move shelves. So, when you want to use your makeup kit, you can easily push the wheeled shelf closer to the vanity.

7. Elegant Home Makeup Studio

elegant home makeup studio ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Make your home makeup studio look attractive with an elegant concept. As a neutral color, you can make white the main color of the studio. Present the feminine side by presenting shades of pink. And to make it look elegant, give the studio a touch of gold. And the last is decorating the studio with warm lighting. This will greatly affect the shades of pink and gold which make the room look more elegant and pretty.

8. More Space without Vanity

spacious room tips
Cc: Pinterest

Vanity may be important. However, if you feel that using vanity can make your home makeup studio cramped and uncomfortable, you can leave it.

You can replace the vanity function with a wheeled shelf which you can place anywhere. And when you want to use it, you can drag it closer to the mirror.

You can take advantage of the loss of vanity in the studio by using a larger mirror. This can also make the studio feel more spacious.

9. Simple but Still Elegant

simple and elegant room
Cc: Pinterest

Simple does not mean bad. In fact, a simple concept can provide more space to the home makeup studio. So, the studio will feel more spacious and comfortable.

Because the room feels wider, you can change the appearance of the studio to look more elegant. With white as the main color and gold as decoration.

If it feels too simple, you can apply marble to the studio walls. Marble exposed to natural lighting can make it look more alive. In addition, the room also looks brighter.

10. LED Lights Behind The Mirror

home makeup studio
Cc: Pinterest

The next of 15 Home Makeup Studio Ideas is LED lights behind the mirror. The existence of these additional lights can make the mirror look more stand out in the studio. This is also an interesting idea to get rid of the stiff impression of a minimalist home studio.

LED lighting behind the mirror becomes an additional light that will be very helpful for you to do makeup. You can also add spotlights as additional lights to make the mirror look bright.

11. Black and White Home Makeup Studio

black and white home makeup studio
Cc: Pinterest

Want to have a bright yet bold home makeup studio? You can choose this one idea as an option. Where white as the main color gives a natural bright feel. And black as a decoration that shows the firm side of the studio. You can also add a touch of gold to make it look elegant and attractive.

The help of natural lighting will be very helpful to make the colors in the studio look more alive. So, the room will look more attractive during the day.

12. Feel Girly in Pink Nuances

pink home makeup studio
Cc: Pinterest

There is nothing wrong with applying pink in a home makeup studio. Because this room is only for women.

Because women tend to like cute, sweet, and girly things, creating a home studio makeup in pink nuances is an interesting idea. The combination of pink with white will create a soft and calm ambiance.

You can choose a pink rose wall mural to decorate the empty space on the wall. With this, you no longer need to add a wall display to make it look attractive. You can also use this wall as an interesting background for making makeup videos.

13. Calm Ambiance in Luxurious Concept

calm and luxurious room
Cc: Pinterest

For those of you who like a luxurious look, this idea will interest you. Where the white color combined with gray creates a calm ambiance. These two colors make the home makeup studio look so soft. So, you can make this elegant studio look girly with a touch of pink.

There are several pink decorations that can add to the beauty of the studio, such as pink flowers in the beautiful vase, pink makeup kits, pink wall displays, and so on.

14. Pink Home Makeup Studio

pink home makeup studio
Cc: Pinterest

Next is pink home makeup studio ideas. This idea is perfect for those of you who want to have a studio with a cute and girly concept.

In this idea, the pink color used is not a quirky pink color, but a soft pink. So when combined with white, the studio will look soft and calm.

The ratio between white and pink is 1:1. So, there will be no dominant color here. And the pink color can stand out in the studio.

15. Bulb Mirror 

Cc: Pinterest

Vanity is not the main furniture for a home studio makeup. Which is the main item is the mirror. So, instead of focusing on vanity, it would be better to focus on the mirror in the studio.

Lighting is the main thing that really affects the makeup and also the results of the video. It would be better to use a ring light. However, if there is no more space to put the ring light, you can choose a bulb mirror as an option.

The bulb on the mirror will really help you to create the perfect makeup. The light bulb will also reflect on the mirror which can make the studio look bright even without the help of natural lighting.

Final Words

There is nothing wrong with women who choose beauty vloggers as their profession. And if you are one of those who are interested in becoming a beauty vlogger, having a supportive room is very important. A home makeup studio is an important additional room to be present in your home. As a space to work and express your hobbies, the comfort and beauty of the studio are very important. And the points above are 15 Home Makeup Studio Ideas that will Inspire You.

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