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Having A Spacious Feel in Small Room with These Expert 7 Tips – Currently, a minimalist house is one of the most popular residences for people. The main factor that makes a minimalist home so trendy is its affordable price. However, the rooms in this house tend to be smaller and narrower. But do not worry, from this small room there are several benefits that we can feel: it is easier to clean, easier to organize, and easier to present a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Unfortunately, there are several important points in decorating a small room. That said, there are special tricks to make a small room feel cozy. One way is to make a small room feel more spacious.

There are plenty of ways in making the small room feel more spacious and comfortable. And we have summarized it in the article: Having A Spacious Feel in a Small Room with These Expert 7 Tips. So, let’s check it out!

1. Purge The Clutter in The Room

The small room will feel cramped and stuffy easier. If not decorated properly, the small room will look unattractive and also uncomfortable.

The first tip in having a spacious feel in a small room is to purge the clutter in the room.

small living room
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Usually, there will be some small items scattered about in the room, such as in a living room where there are several cables and a remote. Small objects like this are not very good to show in a small room.

So, try to find a way to keep these small items out of sight in the room. You may want to choose smart storage to congest this stuff. And also choose painting or photos to hide the cables.

2. Apply The Open-Plan Room Concept

If usually between rooms are given a barrier in the form of a wall or buffet, but in a small room try not to give a barrier to the room. This is because this can make the rooms in the house feel smaller.

So, apply the open-plan room concept to be the second tip you can apply to have a spacious feel in a small room.

open-plan room
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Combining kitchen, dining room, and living room in the same room can be an interesting way. By not providing a wall or buffet, the room will feel more spacious.

To show the different functions of these three rooms, maybe you can use pendant lamps with different shapes. Or, apply the rug in the living room and dining room. This will give the illusion of boundaries to these two rooms.

open-plan room concept
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Choosing a different floor motif is also an interesting way to serve as a room boundary. For example, the material for the kitchen and dining room floors is wood, while the living room is granite.

3. Maximizing Natural Lighting

One of the drawbacks of having a small, cramped space is that it is easy to feel cramped and stuffy which can make a room an uncomfortable place. However, you do not need to worry because this can be overcome.

bright kitchen
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Maximizing the natural lighting is the right way to get rid of the cramped and stuffy feeling in a small room. Besides that, maximizing the natural lighting will also make the small room look wider.

  • Choosing Large Window

dining room with large window
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The window is a connecting item between interior and exterior. Besides that, the window is also an item that can allow natural light to enter the room.

In maximizing natural lighting in a small room, you can use large windows. The bigger the window used, the more light will enter the room.

  • Glass Facade

glass facade, modern look
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In a modern minimalist concept house, a glass facade is often chosen to replace the outer wall of the house. The application of a glass facade is great for beautifying the house on the outside. Not only that but applying a glass facade is also the best way to maximize natural lighting in a small room.

By applying a glass facade, natural light can enter the small room very freely. There will be no more cramped and stuffy feeling in the room.

  • Glass Door

glass door
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Wooden doors are quite mainstream. So, how about replacing it with another one? Like the glass door. We may often encounter glass doors in offices. However, it is okay to use a glass door as the main door of your house.

Instead of making the house look attractive, the use of glass doors is also the best way to bring natural lighting into the room. By using a glass door, no more obstructed light.

  • Skylight Window

kitchen with skylight window
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To provide perfect natural lighting, skylight windows are the best choice compared to the three above. As we know that the earth rotates around the sun, so there will be two sides where the sun rises and sets. If you only use the window on the side where the sun is rising, the room will not look bright when the sun goes down.

So, to maximize natural lighting in the room, applying skylights is the best way that you can follow. Natural lighting will enter from the top of the room and make the room look bright throughout.

4. Painting The Wall Room with White Paint

The wall becomes the main focal point in the room. So, it can be concluded that the appearance of the walls greatly affects the appearance and atmosphere of the room.

So with this, to have a spacious feel in a small room, you can take advantage of the existence of walls in the house. Painting the walls of the room with white paint is the next tip that you can apply to your home.

beautiful white bathroom
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A room with white walls will give the illusion of being spacious and bright. Especially if natural lighting is the main room lighting. Natural lighting that enters the room and hits the wall surface will make the white look brighter and make the room look wider.

In addition, painting the walls of the room white will also make it easier for you to decorate the room. White is a neutral color that looks great in any color.

5. Choosing Low-Profile Furniture

Next, we enter the stage of filling the room. In making the small room feel more spacious, make sure you choose the right furniture. Low-profile furniture can be used as an option.

low-profile living room sofa
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The walls in small rooms tend to be short, so if you use tall furniture it will have a narrow effect on this room. So, make sure you choose low-profile furniture to make the small room walls look short.

For some furniture that has legs, such as sofas, tables, and beds, try to avoid long furniture legs. Furniture without legs will be better for use in small rooms.

6. Hang The Curtain Closer to The Ceiling

The short walls of the room do not mean we could not get around it. There are several ways you can do to give the illusion of height on the wall, such as hanging curtains closer to the ceiling.

small bedroom tips
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Maximizing natural lighting in the room is very important to make a small room feel comfortable. Some of you might think that using curtains on the windows is the same as blocking the light that enters the room. This is true. However, maintaining privacy must also be done so that you can move freely in your home. And curtains are the right item to use.

When in the morning, you can open the curtains and let the room be lit with natural light. Or, you can also use the net curtain to maintain your privacy while keeping the room bright.

7. Add Rug to The Room

It has been explained in point number two, that is “Apply The Open-Plan Room Concept”, that the rug can be used to provide boundaries between one room and another.

However, the benefits of the rug go beyond that. The use of a rug can have a broad effect on the room so that the small room will not feel cramped anymore. Make sure you choose a rug with a light color, white being an alternative color to choose from. And try to avoid rugs with complex motives because this will only make the small room look messy.

rug for room decoration
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Decorating a room with a rug is also an effective way to bring a warm atmosphere into the room. The rug can make the room comfortable when winter arrives.

Even though it is an additional item which means not using this item is not a problem, but there are many benefits that can be obtained from using a rug in the room. So, are you still hesitant to use this one item?


There are several benefits that you will feel from a small room, such as being easy to clean, easy to organize, and also easier to present a warm atmosphere. However, behind all the advantages, the small room also had its weaknesses. A room that tends to be cramped will be easier to feel cramped and stuffy which is very uncomfortable. So, the only way to make a small room become a comfortable room is to make this room feel more spacious. After reading this article, you must already know what you are going to do in the small room in your house. So, good luck!

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