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7 Easy Tips Bringing Cosy Atmosphere into The Small Bedroom – Minimalist design is a trend now. Unfortunately, the rooms in the minimalist house tend to be small. Certainly it will make you feel uncomfortable there. However, by bringing cosy atmosphere into the small bedroom can eliminate discomfort in a small room.

It can be seen that in 2020 there are a lot of minimalist houses to offer. The affordable price makes people tempted to choose to live in a minimalist house.

However, there are advantages, of course, there are disadvantages. The rooms in a minimalist house tend to be narrow. So that if there is a little of wrong decoration, it can have an impact on home comfort.

There are a plenty of ways in bringing cosy atmosphere to your private room.. And in this article, we have summarized it in 7 Easy Tips Bringing Cosy Atmosphere into The Small Bedroom. So, let’s check it out!

1. Paint The Entire Bedroom Wall with White Paint

First of all is determining the main color for the bedroom, or so-called the basic color of a room. This is very important to determine what kind of room look you want.

And for a small bedroom, white is an alternative color that can be used as the basic color of this room.

white small bedroom
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As the main focal point, the wall has complete control over the appearance of the room. So, painting walls with white paint is a powerful way to bring a cosy atmosphere into the small bedroom.

Besides that, white is also a neutral color which can go with any color. So, this will really make it easier for you to decorate the bedroom.

The benefit of making white as the base color for small bedrooms is that the small bedroom will look and feel more spacious. In this way, the small bedroom will be far from feeling cramped and stuffy.

2. Maximizing Natural Lighting

Small bedrooms tend to be easier to feel cramped and stuffy. However, for those of you who have a small bedroom, you do not need to worry because this can all be done by bringing natural lighting into the room.

A small room really needs more lighting. Therefore, maximizing natural lighting is the next tip that you can follow.

Natural lighting that enters the bedroom and hits the white painted wall will make this room look brighter. Not only that, but the room will also feel wider and more comfortable.

bright small bedroom
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Each bedroom certainly has a window. All you have to do is to remove the curtains covering the bedroom window. Also, remove the decorations that you use to decorate the windows because this will only block out the sunlight entering the bedroom.

If you feel that curtains are very important to maintain your privacy, especially at night, you can use curtains that slide when the morning comes and use them again when it is late.

natural lighting
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Sunlight is great for raising your mood and making you feel happy. Therefore, take full advantage of the sunlight that enters the bedroom. You can move the bed right next to the window. In this way, the morning sunlight will hit you right away.

3. Open The Window in The Morning

Air circulation in the room must be considered because this greatly affects the atmosphere of the room itself. Usually, to make air circulation run well, home owners will make air vents that are made right above the window. However, in some houses, especially homes in areas that have winter, ventilation is very rare.

cozy small bedroom
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Therefore, to keep the air circulating properly, you can open the window in the bedroom.

The perfect time to open the window is in the morning. This is because the morning air is still clean, fresh, and healthy. Plus, the morning air can keep a small bedroom away from feeling stuffy.

So, open the window in the morning becomes the third tip you can follow to bringing cosy atmosphere into the bedroom.

4. Decorate The Room with Plants

So that the bedroom does not look stiff, the decoration is needed. Due to the narrow room, the small bedroom cannot be decorated with the things we want. Because we have to choose the right decoration that can make the bedroom look attractive and comfortable.

Don’t use too many decorations in the small bedroom because this will only make this room look full, messy, and dirty.

plant decors for small bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The right decoration to decorate a small bedroom is a plant. Plants will help give an aesthetic impression to the small bedroom. Besides that, the green color of the plants also really helps small bedrooms feel fresh.

The green color in plants is very helpful in bringing a relaxed feel so that the bedroom is perfect for being room to rest and relieve stress due to tiring activities.

fresh bedroom plant decors
Cc: Pinterest

Based on their size, plants are classified into three groups:

  • Large-size plant

To give a green impression with a minimalist appearance, a large-size plant is the right plant size to use. This plant is used to fill the corner of the room to make it look attractive.

When you have used a large plant, you no longer need another plant. Because the large-size plant is enough to give a fresh impression to the room.

  • Medium-size plant

Furthermore, there is a medium-size plant, which is often used to fill and decorate several spots to become the focal point in the room. In bedrooms, medium-size plants are often placed beside the bed, table, and cupboard.

  • Small-size plant

And when there is a small-size plant that is often used as a finishing and finishing touch to make the room look perfectly fresh. This plant can be displayed in several spots, such as on the table, floating wall shelves, windows, and so on.

5. Add Warm Lighting As Additional Lights

Making a small bedroom look is very important to help get rid of the cramped and stuffy feeling. So, choosing the main lighting in the bedroom must be considered.

However, there is no problem if you add light for the purpose of decorating the bedroom to make it appear more aesthetic. And warm lighting is the right additional lighting to be presented in a small bedroom.

warm lighting
Cc: Pinterest
  • String light

The string light is one type of light that is very popular. Often used to decorate a teenager’s bedroom to make it look aesthetically pleasing. String light or what is commonly referred to as Tumblr light with warm lighting not only helps add to the beauty of the room but also brings comfort to the small bedroom.

String light with warm lighting hanging on the wall near the bed will make the atmosphere in the bed feel so warm and calm.

  • LED lighting

No less popular, LED lighting is a type of lamp that is sought after by people, especially teenagers. The LED strip lighting is perfect for attaching to the bottom of the bed frame, the side between the wall and ceiling, cabinets, even a desk.

  • Candles

candles small bedroom decor
Cc: Pinterest

This one might sound a little traditional. However, candlelight is great for bringing a warm, cozy atmosphere into a small bedroom.

Try to choose aromatherapy candles. In this way, the light from the candle not only gives a warm and calm touch to the bedroom but also makes the bedroom become a soothing room.

When using wax, make sure it is in the right place. Keep candles away from flammable objects such as wood and cloth.

6. Layered Bedding

When the weekends, it will be very nice to stay in bed all day while watching your favorite Netflix series. And because the bed is the main item in this room, the comfort of the bed must also be considered.

To make the bed feel comfortable, layered bedding is a tip that you can follow. Layered bedding is also able to bring a comfortable atmosphere into the bedroom.

layered bedding
Cc: Pinterest

Layered bedding can also be used to make small bedrooms look attractive and more aesthetic. Such as selecting simple bedding with beautiful colors. Coupled with duvet covers that complement the look of the bed.

By applying layered bedding, the bed will feel so warm. It is suitable for winter application.

Not only that, by applying layered bedding, the bed will feel softer. In this way, you will comfortably stay in bed all day and watching your favorite Netflix series.

7. Adding Rug

This one is often overlooked because it is considered unimportant. In fact, using a rug in a small room is very important. Using a rug can give the illusion of space to a small room so that the small room will not feel cramped and stuffy.

small bedroom decors
Cc: Pinterest

So, adding a rug into the small bedroom becomes the last easy tip to bringing a cozy atmosphere.

In using a rug for a small bedroom, try to choose a rug with light or soft color. Also, avoid complicated motifs because this will only make the bedroom look full.


The points above are 7 Easy Tips Bringing Cosy Atmosphere into The Small Bedroom. Indeed, a small bedroom will be more difficult to make comfortable because we have to know the decorations that are right for a small room. Mistakes in decorating a small bedroom will have a fatal impact which causes the bedroom to be uncomfortable and also look unattractive. However, this does not mean that a small bedroom cannot be a comfortable space. So, all you need is to try. Good luck guys!

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