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Best Decor Ideas to Make The Minimalist Bathroom Feel Cozy – Being the smallest room in the house does not mean that the bathroom is neglected. Even though it is the smallest room, the bathroom is the room that is most often used. Creating a minimalist bathroom is the right idea in having a cozy room at home.

Tiring activities sometimes make us imagine the feel soaking in the warm water. And where else do we take a warm bath if not in the bathroom? Therefore, the appearance and also the comfort of the bathroom must really be considered.

For those of you who want to make your minimalist bathroom be the main destination as a place to unwind, here we have provided Best Decor Ideas to Make The Minimalist Bathroom Feel Cozy that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

Soaking while Enjoying The Beautiful View Outside, Why Not?

Having a great view outside the home, why not take advantage of it? Enjoying a beautiful view can make the mind more relaxed. Especially if you enjoy the beautiful scenery while soaking in warm water. This will certainly be a favorite activity.

comfortable bathroom
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  • Using the large window in the bathroom

The window is a tool for you to see the view outside the house from inside the bathroom. This one idea can only be applied if your home directly faces the sea or forest. And make sure no one else lives nearby.

For a white bathroom, you can choose a window with a black frame to make this minimalist bathroom look attractive. If you want to keep your privacy, you could add the curtain in the bathroom. And make sure the curtain is waterproof.

  • Placing the bathtub next to the window

By placing the bathtub next to the window, it will make it easier for you to see and enjoy the beautiful view from the bathroom.

Maximises Space and Style

One of the challenges of decorating a minimalist bathroom is how to make this small room look attractive without taking up a lot of space. Because the room is small, it is necessary to be careful in minimalist bathroom decoration. Don’t let decorating mistakes make this room uncomfortable.

spacious minimalist bathroom
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  • Ceramic wall tiles

Decorating a bathroom with ceramic wall tiles is an interesting idea. In this idea, there is no need for decorations that can make a small bathroom look full.

Ceramic wall tiles with simple motifs are the best choice.

  • Wooden ceiling

On a minimalist bathroom it would be better to use light colored ceramic flooring. So, if you want a wooden element to make this room feel warm, soothing, and cozy, you can apply it to the ceiling. This will give it a more attractive appearance.

The Combination of Dark Soothing Concepts and Fresh Natural Shades

Black is the color that is most avoided, especially for small rooms. Applying black to a small room is considered to make this room even narrower. So that the room becomes uncomfortable.

In fact, if the room is decorated appropriately, the small room with a dark concept will create a calm atmosphere.

dark minimalist bathroom
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As in the picture above, applying black to the walls makes the minimalist bathroom look darker. However, with the help of natural lighting from the large windows and skylights, the black color really helps to give a soothing impression.

The additional decoration of green plants around the bathtub makes it look fresh. Coupled with the wooden elements that sweeten the display. The presence of wood elements is the most effective way to balance the bold impression of the black color in this room.

black minimalist bathroom
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The use of a large mirror is very helpful in making the dark bathroom concept look less dark. So that the minimalist bathroom will be far from the uncomfortable cramped and stuffy taste.

Natural light that enters the bathroom will hit the mirror surface which will reflect back into the room. This is what makes the bathroom look brighter.

Modern Minimalist Bathroom

Modern concepts can not only be applied to large rooms. In fact, one minimalist bathroom looks attractive with a modern concept.

The monochrome theme is an interesting idea to apply. White color as the basic color for a minimalist bathroom will help this small room appear bright. Not only that, making white as the base color can also make this small room look more spacious. This will really help minimalist bathroom give a sense of comfort to the people who are there.

modern minimalist bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

Applying marble to the wall is also the right decoration to make this minimalist bathroom look pretty. Marble motifs make this room look not only modern but also classy.

Marble is the right material to make a room look bright. The light on the marble surface will make the marble look shiny.

Some of the black decorations are spread out for a bold and masculine effect.

Fresh Bathroom with Plants Decor

Looking at greenery can indeed make the mind much calmer and more relaxed. So, the minimalist bathroom decorations are the right idea to make this room feel cozy. Not only that, there are several benefits that you will get from using plants as bathroom decorations.

plant bathroom decors
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If we look at the picture above, homeowners use cactus plants to make the bathroom look fresh. The cactus plant itself has various benefits:

  1. Helps clean the air in the room,
  2. Able to neutralize electromagnetic waves and absorb radiation from electronic devices,
  3. Improve concentration,
  4. Reduces stress,
  5. Make the room seem natural,
  6. Can make sleep better quality, and so on.

Plants need sunlight so they can grow properly. So, when deciding to minimalist bathroom decoration with some fresh green plants, make sure you put it in a place exposed to sunlight.

Candle Light Bringing Warm Atmosphere into The Bathroom

It doesn’t matter how small the bathroom is at home because the most important thing is the atmosphere and the comfort of the bathroom. A bathroom with a warm atmosphere would be much better as a place to unwind and relieve stress.

candle light bathroom decors
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  • Aromatherapy candles

Some aromatherapy candles that are placed around the bathroom become a good decoration to make the minimalist bathroom feel cozy. The scent of aromatherapy candles makes the bathroom feel like a spa. Relax and soothing.

  • Bath board

If you think the bathroom is too small, maybe you can use a bath board. It can also be used as a bathroom decoration to make it more attractive. Several candles can be placed on it. You can also read books and enjoy hot tea while soaking in warm water.


Being the smallest room in the house doesn’t mean the bathroom can’t be a comfortable room. In fact, with the right decoration, minimalist bathroom can be the first destination to unwind due to busy activities. There are many ways to make the minimalist bathroom feel cozy. And we have summarized it in this article: Best Decor Ideas to Make The Minimalist Bathroom Feel Cozy. The most important thing when decorating a bathroom is to decorate it according to your wishes. So, good luck!

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