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Tips and Tricks Turn A Dark Room into A Bright Room – The bright room can indeed feel more comfortable. Do not believe?

Now let’s look at the darkroom. The impression you get from the darkroom and lack of light is gloomy. Not only that, in some rooms, especially small rooms, a dark room will feel more cramped and stuffy. Of course, this affects the comfort of the room, right?

For those of you who still have a darkroom in your house, as soon as possible to turn it into a bright room.

There are plenty of ways in having a bright room. And in this article, we have summarized it in Tips and Tricks Turn A Dark Room into A Bright Room. So, let’s check it out!

Paint The Room Walls with White

The main focal point of the room is the wall. So, it can be concluded that the appearance of the walls greatly affects the appearance of the room.

Repainting the walls of the room will make a dramatic change. Try to choose white wall paint.

Has the property of reflecting light makes white the most appropriate color to use. Painting the walls of the room with white will make the room look dazzling perfectly.

white bright room
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Painting the walls white is also a great thing to apply to small rooms. Not only does it make the room look vivid, but the small room will also feel more spacious.

As a neutral color, painting the walls white will make it easier for you to decorate the room. You can decorate a room with a variety of colors without worrying that it will clash.

Maximizing Natural Lighting into The Room

After determining which wall paint color to use, it is time to move on to room lighting.

In turning a darkroom into a bright room, make sure you take advantage of sunlight as the main lighting source for the room. Maximize natural lighting into the room so that the room can look perfectly bright.

Here are the items you can use in maximizing the natural lighting:

  • Large Window

One way to maximize natural lighting in the room is to use large windows. The larger the window used, the more natural lighting will enter the room.

bright room with large window
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  • Skylight Window

Skylight windows are also the right window type to use. The lighting will enter directly from above and illuminate the room to its full potential. Apart from that, a nice cloud will give the room a beautiful look. You can also feel a sense of calm when you are under the skylight window.

bright natural room
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  • Glass Facade

Do you know why modern homes today look bright? This is because modern houses apply a glass facade.

Compared to large windows, the glass facade is much better. The glass facade will illuminate the room to its full potential, even to the corners of the room that are difficult to reach by light. In this way, you no longer need to worry about the room looking dark.

glass facade
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  • Glass Door

Do you still use wooden doors in your house? If you do, from now on you have to replace the wooden door with a glass door. This trick is perfect for maximizing natural lighting in the room. Even, the glass door will make your room look modern.

glass door for bright room
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In order for the room to get maximum natural light, make sure there are no decorations on the windows, glass facade, or glass door. The use of decorations only blocks the light from entering the room.

Open The Curtain in The Morning

The use of large windows can indeed make the room naturally bright. However, this can interfere with your privacy in the house. The people out there can see you. This will make the house very uncomfortable.

Therefore, curtains are needed. Close the windows with curtains at night. This is because the light can show everything we do in the house.

So that natural lighting can enter the room to its full potential, make sure you open the window in the morning. Sunlight in the morning is also very good for your health.

bright room decor tips
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And for those of you who still want to use the window during the day, the net curtain is the right item to use. ith using a white net curtain, sunlight can still enter the room and of course it will greatly maintain your privacy in the house.

Beautiful Bright Room with Mirror As A Decoration

So that the room does not look stiff, the decoration is needed. There are various kinds of decorations that can be used in the room.

Instead of using decorations to make the room look attractive, how about using decorations that can also make the room look bright?

mirror room decor
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The mirror is the right item to use as a room decoration. By using a mirror, sunlight entering the room and hitting the mirror surface will reflect back. This is what makes the room look brighter.

Currently, there are many forms of mirrors that are presented. Choose a large mirror with the shape you want. For a minimalist room, a round shape mirror is a right choice.

wall mirror
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For those of you who want to turn the darkroom into a bright room, a wall mirror is a great trick too. No need to apply wall mirrors to all walls in the room, just select the side of the wall that is exposed to more natural lighting.

Besides making the room look bright, the wall mirror can also make the small room look bigger.

Bright Furniture Colors

In turning a darkroom into a bright room, the furniture that will be used in the room also needs attention.

As in creating a minimalist room, the furniture used is furniture with a minimalist design. Likewise, by making the room look bright, the furniture used is furniture with bright colors.

bright furniture colors
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Avoid using too much black and dark brown in furniture. There are many other colors that can be used to make a room look attractive and bright, such as pink, yellow, blue, green, red, and so on. However, also pay attention to the colors that will be used. Too many colors in the room will also make the room seem full. So, choose colors that are harmonious and also fit.

Applying The Light Wood Flooring

There are many flooring that can be applied to a room: concrete flooring, cement flooring, carpet flooring, and wooden flooring.

light wooden floor
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To make a darkroom into a bright room, it is highly recommended to choose wooden flooring. Make sure you choose a light wooden floor.

For its own appearance, the wooden floor is shiny and dove. Both can be selected, according to their respective sulfur. However, a wooden floor with a shiny look will be more attractive to use in a bright room.

bright room with wooden floor
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Applying a wooden floor can not only make the room look bright but can also make it feel cozy. The wood element is one of the natural elements that can bring a warm atmosphere into the house. Not only that, wooden floors are different from cement flooring or tile flooring, which when exposed to the skin will feel cold. The wooden floor will stay warm even in winter. And this is what makes the room feel comfortable.


A dark room tends to feel gloomy and uncomfortable. Therefore a room makeover is needed. However, you also need to know ways to turn a dark room into a bright room. This is because the decoration mistakes will make the room look strange and even uncomfortable. And, in having a bright room, here are plenty of ways you can follow. And in this article, we have provided Tips and Tricks Turn A Dark Room into A Bright Room. So, let’s makeover your room now. Happy trying all!

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