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9 Benefits You Will Get from Presenting Natural Lighting to Your Home – Making the room look bright is very important. A bright room will make us feel comfortable in doing our activities. And there are two types of lighting that can be presented in the house: natural lighting and articial lighting.

Natural lighting that feels from the sun is very important to be presented in the house. Making the house look naturally bright can increase the comfort of your home. Not only that. There are many other benefits that you will get. And here 9 Benefits You Will Get from Presenting Natural Lighting to Your Home.

1. Natural Ligthing Can Make The Room Feel More Spacious

Have you ever felt stuffy and cramped in the room? Probably this is happened because the room is less exposed to sunlight.

By bringing natural lighting into the room, the dark and shaded corners of the room will be perfectly illuminated so that the boundaries of the room look wider. In this way, the room will feel more spacious. This of course you will not get if you only rely on lighting from the lights.

bright small room
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Maximizing the sunlight in a small room is also the right way you can do. Small rooms are easier to feel cramped and stuffy. So, by presenting the natural lighting into the small room, it will make this room feel more spacious. Then, you no longer need to worry about the room feeling uncomfortable.

2. The Room Feel Alive

For a room with less lighting, the colors in the room will look dim and unattractive. So, by presenting natural lighting, the room will feel more alive.

alive room with natural lighting
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Natural lighting that enters the room and hits the surface of the furniture, walls, and floors will make the colors show their attractive side. The colors will appear more vivid. In this way, the design and concept of the room will be seen more clearly when the room is given sufficient sunlight.

3. Natural Lighting Bringing Warm Atmosphere into The Room

Who does not want a comfortable room? Of course everyone wants it. As a place to live and also to rest from the tired activity, the rooms in the house must be made as comfortable as possible.

Lighting is one of the factors that affect the appearance and comfort of the room. If you want a comfortable room with a warm atmosphere, you can maximize the natural lighting in the room.

warm and comfortable room
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You will also feel a calm and warm atmosphere from the neutral colors in the room. When these colors are perfectly illuminated, the room will feel so comfortable. In addition, wood elements that are exposed to direct sunlight also greatly affect the comfortable and warm atmosphere in the room. With this, the room will become a pleasant place to rest.

4. The Plants Not Wither Quickly

Decorating a room with plants is an alternative way to make the room look fresh. Not only that, some plants can also absorb harmful substances in the room, so that the air in the room will always be clean and healthy.

However, caring for indoor plants is very different from caring for plants in the garden. As we know, plants need sunlight so they can grow.

fresh and bright bedroom
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So, by presenting the sunlight into the room, you can place these plants in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight. That way, the plants will not wither quickly.

5. Bright Room with Natural Lighting Can Boost Your Mood

The results of the study show that people who are exposed to sunlight will have a calm mood and are not easily anxious. This study shows that there is a relationship between mood and sunlight. Sunlight can increase the hormone seretonin, which functions as a feeling of pleasure and comfort.

cozy bedroom with natural lighting
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In times of pandemic like this, we could not leave the house unless the things are important. To keep the COVID-19 virus from spreading, staying at home is the best way.

However, the house does not always have a back garden which we can use as a place for sunbathing. Therefore, you have to bring sunlight into the room, especially the bedroom. By placing the bed next to the window, you will be exposed to direct sunlight in the morning. It is good to make you happy in doing your daily activities. In this way, the bedroom also will be cozy and pleasant.

6. Preventing the Growth of Fungi in The Room

A room that is less exposed to sunlight will tend to be damp and cause mold in the room. If this happens, of course the room will be very smelly and uncomfortable. Besides, the mold that grows isn’t good for the things in your room either. Items exposed to mold can be easily damaged.

fresh and bright kitchen
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To avoid mold growing in the room, bringing natural lighting into the room is the best way you can do. You can apply a large window to maximize the sunlight entering the room.

7. Save The Home Energy

If there is little sunlight in the room, the room will look dark. And the only way to make a room appear bright is to bring lights into the room. The use of more than one lamp is the best way to make a room look attractive. The many types of lamps nowadays make the lights also function as room decorations.

bright apartment
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However, using a lot of lights will certainly consume a lot of electricity too. Especially if the lights are turned on for 24 hours. Therefore, take advantage of sunlight as the main room lighting during the day. In this way, you only need to turn on the lights at night. This will greatly save your home electricity costs.

8. Natural Lighting on Workspace Helps Refresh Eyes

Working from home is a trend nowadays. In fact, this has become a new habit due to COVID-19.

comfortable workspace with natural lighting
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Working staring at a computer screen, laptop, and cellphone is certainly not very good for the eyes. This can make the eyes tired. So, for those of you who want to have a comfortable workspace in your home, make sure that the workspace is lit with sufficient sunlight. The presence of sunlight is very useful for keeping your eyes healthy and fresh.

9. Helps you in Maintaining a Healthy Body

Do you know why in a pandemic like this we are required to bask in the sun? This is because sunlight contains vitamin D which can increase the body’s immunity. Not only that, sunlight also has several benefits that are good for body health.

bright yoga room
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By presenting natural lighting into your home will really help to maintain the health of your body. Using a large window in the room will maximize the incoming natural light. You can use this light in the morning to do various indoor sports such as pilates or yoga.


So that you can move comfortably, the room needs to be bright. There are two types of lighting that can be used to illuminate a room, namely natural light that comes directly from the sun or light from a lamp. The use of natural light to illuminate the room in the morning is the right choice. Besides that, there are many benefits that you will feel from using natural lighting. And in this article, we have provided 9 Benefits You Will Get from Presenting Natural Lighting to Your Home. To maximize natural lighting in the room, choose a window with a large size. The bigger the window used, the more sunlight will enter the room.

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