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Great Tips Makeover Your Bedroom Like in Korean Dramas – Have you ever watched a Korean Drama series and seen how their home interior design is? If we look at the Korean Drama entitled The Legend of the Blue Sea, Sim Cheong’s bedroom attic feels so comfortable. This is what sometimes makes us want a comfortable Korean Bedroom in our house.

Indeed, there is nothing wrong with making our bedrooms feel comfortable because the bedroom is a place to rest. In fact, several activities are also carried out in this room, such as working, studying, watching movies, and so on. And, by watching Korean dramas, we can get interesting ideas and inspirations to apply to our bedrooms.

So, want to have a comfortable bedroom like in Korean dramas? Here we have provided Great Tips Makeover Your Bedroom Like in Korean Dramas you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

Paint The Bedroom Wall with Neutral Colors

If we look at boybands and girl groups, some members dyed their hair in bright contrasting colors, such as blue, blonde, purple, and even pink. And for fashion, bright colors will be more dominant. Even so, their appearance still looks natural. This is what makes the Korean style look charismatic.

Not only in fashion. For the interior of the room, they will also make it appear natural by using neutral colors.

bright korean bedroom
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In makeover your bedroom like in Korean drama, you can take advantage of the wall. The walls are the main focus of the room. Try painting the bedroom walls in neutral colors.

Here are two colors that are most often used to make a bedroom feel warm and cozy:

  • White

White is an alternative color that can be chosen for bedroom walls. Painting the entire bedroom wall white can make it look naturally bright. Besides that, making white the base color for a small bedroom will make it feel wider so that you will have a small Korean bedroom that is so comfortable.

  • Beige

korean bedroom colors
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For a bedroom that is softer but still bright, beige is a color other than white that you can make as an option. Painting the bedroom walls in beige can give a warm and calm impression so that the bedroom will feel so comfortable to live in.

Choose Pastel Colors For Bedding

As the main item in the bedroom, the bed becomes the focal point in this room. So, the appearance of the bed also affects the atmosphere and appearance of your bedroom.

If you want to have a comfortable bedroom like in Korean dramas, use pastel colors to decorate your bed.

Korean people really like simple but sweet things, so that choosing the pastel colors for bedding is the next tip you can follow.

pastel bedding korean bedroom decor
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For having a perfect beautiful Korean bedroom, do not use bedding with a motif. You do not need to worry that the room will look boring or unattractive because you can take advantage of the pillows on the bed. For pillowcases, you can choose simple patterns, such as stripes or plaid.

Add Duvet Cover on Your Bed

The air in Korea is quite cold, so Korean people will make their bedrooms as warm as possible. And using a duvet cover is the easiest way to apply to the bedroom.

For those of you who want to have a Korean bedroom like in the drama, you can use a duvet cover for your bedroom.

duvet cover
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Duvet covers are not only used to warm the bed but also as a bedroom decoration to make it look more attractive. Duvet covers in neutral or pastel colors accompanied by simple motifs will look so beautiful on the mattress.

The thickness of the duvet cover can also make the mattress softer so that it will make your sleep better. Although the duvet cover is quite thick, you do not have to worry about wearing it in the summer. Duvet cover will not make you hot, quite the opposite.

Presenting Natural Lighting into The Bedroom

Who here still uses the lights as the main bedroom lighting? To have a bedroom like in Korean drama, from now on, change the main lighting of your bedroom. From lighting to natural lighting.

Make the best of natural lighting. Use this light to illuminate the bedroom from morning to evening. And for the night, you can replace it with a lamp.

bright korean bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

There are many benefits that you will get from presenting natural lighting into the bedroom:

  1. Make the bedroom look bright naturally,
  2. The bedroom will feel cozy,
  3. Can bringing warm atmosphere into the bedroom,
  4. Make the bedroom feel alive,
  5. The small room feels more spacious, and so on.

There are several ways to bring natural lighting into the bedroom perfectly:

  • Use Large Window

In order to make the bedroom can feel comfortable like in Korean drama, make sure you use a large window. The bigger the window used, the more sunlight will enter the room.

  • Skylight Window

If you watch the drama Start-Up, you can see how comfortable Soe Dalmi’s room is with the skylight window. The placement of the bed right under the skylight makes the morning sunshine directly on you. And at night, you can sleep while looking at the beautiful stars in the clouds.

  • Glass Door

For those of you who have a balcony in the bedroom, replace the wooden door with a glass door. This is the best way to make the bedroom get the right natural light.

net curtain korean bedroom decor
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Unfortunately, using the large window and glass door will interfere with your privacy. Therefore, you can use a net curtain that can be used at night. The net curtain will not block the natural light from entering the room. And for the evening, close the windows with thicker curtains.

Low-Profile Bed

Korean bedrooms avoid large sizes of furniture because they are considered to make the room cramped and uncomfortable. Therefore, we often find Korean bedrooms with beds on the floor style.

If you want to keep using the bedframe, try to choose a low-profile bed. It will be much better for bedrooms, especially small bedrooms.

korean bedroom with low-profile bed
Cc: Pinterest

Besides making your bedroom feel comfortable, a low-profile bed will also make you sleep soundly. You don’t need to worry about getting injured by falling out of bed while sleeping.

Place The Bed Next to The Window

Instead of just focusing on the appearance of the bedroom, Korean people also prioritize room comfort. This is because the bedroom is an important room for them.

So that the bedroom is not boring and feels comfortable, the bed is placed right beside the window. This will really help get rid of their saturation. Enjoying the view from the window is indeed a powerful remedy to get rid of feeling bored and sad.

korean bedroom
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Not only that, by placing the bed next to the window, the sunlight in the morning can directly hit you. It’s great to boost your mood so that you will be happy doing your activity.

Using The Furniture That is Only Needed

Korean people prefer a simple appearance that looks aesthetically pleasing and also feels comfortable. So, don’t be surprised if the bedrooms in Korean dramas only have a few pieces of furniture. The furniture used is certainly the furniture that is really needed.

comfortable korean bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The following are the furniture that is often used to fill Korean bedrooms:

  • Bed

In the bedroom, the bed is certainly a piece of furniture that is definitely in the room. Either with a low-profile bed frame or a mattress on the floor.

  • Small Cabinet or Cupboard

Some homes in Korea rarely have a walk-in closet. They will put their clothes in the closet in the bedroom. Therefore, cabinets are needed furniture.

And for the Korean bedroom, the wardrobe used is small. The goal is of course to make the bedroom feel less cramped.

  • Table Lamp

To create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom, Korean people prefer to use table lamps instead of string lights. So, table lamps are included in the furniture needed in the bedroom makeover.

Wooden Furniture

We often see a warm and calm atmosphere in the bedroom in Korean dramas. One key that makes a room feel calm is the wooden elements in the room.

Korean people tend to choose wooden furniture because the look and texture of the wood will look cute when used in the bedroom. Not only that, but the minimalist look in the bedroom also makes this room look attractive.

beautiful korean bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

And as we all know that the air in Korea is very cold. So, to make their bedroom feel warm and comfortable, they prefer to use wooden furniture.


Korea is not only famous for its music, boyband or girl group, fashion, and culture, but also for its interior design. Korean bedroom is currently popular, especially among teenagers. The warm, comfortable, and minimalist bedroom atmosphere in Korean dramas makes us want a bedroom like that. And in this article, we have provided Great Tips to Makeover Your Bedroom Like in Korean Dramas you can follow.

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