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Minimalist Home Decors: 10 Items You Can Use in Your Small Living Room – Minimalist home is currently a trend. In addition to a more affordable price, the atmosphere provided by a minimalist concept house also feels warmer. Unfortunately, the rooms in this house tend to be cramped and small. One of them is the living room.

The living room is indeed a place where we welcome guests. However, some people also make this room a place to gather with family and friends. Therefore, comfort and beauty are things that must be considered.

In decorating a small room, we really can’t use too many items. Sometimes, items that we think are interesting actually make the family feel uncomfortable. Therefore, this article will help you in choosing the right items for your small living room. So, what items can be used? Let’s check it out!

1. Minimalist Sofa Design

minimalist sofa design
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Never expect to use a large sofa in your small living room. The use of a large sofa can make the room feel and look narrower. Besides making the room uncomfortable, it can also affect the beauty of the room.

The most appropriate item to fill your small living room is a minimalist sofa. You can make a two-seat sofa or an L-shaped sofa as an option. Also, choose a sofa with short legs or without legs. This will give a higher effect on the walls of the room. So, your small guest room will not feel cramped or stuffy.

For color issues, bright colors are much better for small rooms. This will give a brighter effect and make the room feel more alive.

2. Small Coffee Table

small living room decors
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The next item that must be in the living room is the coffee table. For this item, it’s the same as choosing a sofa. You have to choose a coffee table with a minimalist design and small size. This will give a simpler and less crowded effect for the living room. So, a calmer atmosphere in this room will make you and your family feel more comfortable.

Small coffee tables are also more practical to move around. You can move as you like in making the living room a place to gather.

3. Carpet for Decorating Your Floor

small living room items
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Carpet may be an optional item. Where you can use it or not doesn’t matter. However, there are important things you should know. The use of carpet can give a wider effect for your small living room. This will really help to make the room feel comfortable yet beautiful.

For size issues, make sure you choose the right carpet. Do not be too big to cover the entire floor of the room. For color selection, it is much better to choose neutral colors or bright colors.

4. Small Plants for Greenery The Room

small plants decors
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The next decoration or item that you can choose for your small living room is small plants. There are many indoor plants that you can choose to give a fresh feel to the room. In addition, some plants can absorb harmful substances in the room. So, this one item is very appropriate to use for those of you who want to keep the air clean in the house.

If you want to use plants to give more beauty to your living room, you can choose plant pots with beautiful shapes and colors. So, the plants will look beautiful when placed on a table or a floating wall shelf.

5. Shelf As Partition

shelf partition
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In a minimalist house, the walls are sometimes omitted. The goal is to make the house feel more spacious. So, one room with another room will look together, or what is often referred to as an open-plan concept.

For those of you who want to emphasize the function of the room in a minimalist house, the use of partitions is the best. Use a floating wall shelf as a room divider. In addition to separating rooms from one another, you can also use it as a storage place for more in a minimalist house.

6. Floating Wall Shelf

floating wall shelf
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The wall is the spot that most affects the beauty of the room. So, if you want to make your small living room look adorable, make sure you decorate the walls of this room properly.

Some people may hang some displays on the wall. This is not a problem. However, if you want to give more storage space, you can use a floating wall shelf. You can put some paintings or others on the floating wall shelf. You can even put some small plants here.

7. Fan Ceiling

fresh small living room
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Hot air is a problem. Especially when it’s summer. As a place to gather and welcome guests, of course, you have to make the room feel comfortable in the summer.

The use of an Air Conditioner may not be environmentally friendly. In addition, the electrical power required is also greater. So, the most appropriate solution is to use a fan. The ceiling fan is able to make the air around the living room feel cooler. In fact, there is a ceiling fan feature by lights. Multifunction items are indeed the best for small rooms.

8. TV Table

TV table
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The TV table is the next item that you can use in the small living room. Make sure you choose a simple design to give this small room a simpler effect. It is better to choose the TV table in white. It can make the small living room look bright naturally. Also, choose a TV table with drawers as smart storage to store some small stuff. With this, the small living room will be clean from clutter.


fun small living room
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The living room is not only a room to welcome guests. In a minimalist house, this room is also often used as a room to gather with friends and family. Therefore, equipping this room with entertaining things is very appropriate.

Television is the next item that you can use in your small living room. For placement, you can put it on the TV table or hang it on the wall. You can choose which one you like.

10. Floor Lamp

small living room
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Some people will choose to read or work in the living room. And if you are one of them, then bringing additional lights to this room is the right choice.

For the living room, you can use a floor lamp. This lamp will provide more perfect lighting for you to read or work. In addition, a floor lamp with a minimalist and attractive shape will make the living room look more beautiful. In addition to providing additional lighting, floor lamps are also appropriate for decorating small living rooms.

Final Words

Minimalist homes are more popular these days. Affordable prices and also a warmer home atmosphere are the reasons why people turn to minimalist concept homes. Unfortunately, the rooms in minimalist homes tend to be small and cramped. And you are required to make these rooms look beautiful but still feel comfortable. One of them is the living room. As a room to welcome guests and also gather with family and friends, the beauty and comfort of this room must be considered. By using the items listed above, you can more easily have a beautiful and comfortable small room. So, happy trying and good luck!

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