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4 Electrical Hazards That Require an Emergency Electrician

Every home is at risk of electrical hazards. And as with everything about electricity, they are unpredictable and can occur at any time. They also come in different forms, each posing as a serious threat to you and your family. Depending on their severity, they can result in damages to your property, cause injuries, and worse, even death. So as a homeowner, you should keep a close eye on such dangers and know when to call an emergency electrician.

But what exactly are the electrical hazards you need to look out for and those that require immediate attention? Let’s find out here.

1. Poor or Defective Wiring

Old, poor, and defective wiring is one of the most common home electrical hazards that you need to look out for. When left unnoticed or not attended to immediately, it has the potential to result in electrical fires and power surges. So if you have an older home, call your trusted sparkie in town to have your wiring and other electrical components checked.

Now, poor and defective wiring can happen to every home, not only the older ones. Keep in mind that electrical wiring can degrade over time and may not always meet current safety standards. So if your circuit breakers are needing to be set more frequently or if you find loose connections with your switches or outlets, contact a 24-hour electrician immediately.

Additionally, if you suspect that your home has some DIY electrical work done, consider calling a licensed electrician. Do-It-Yourself wiring also poses a major health and safety risk.

2. Water

You already know it – water and electricity don’t go well together. Water conducts electricity, which can result in shocks and serious injuries. So make sure that all your electrical outlets are away from the source of water. Also, never use your hairdryer, radio, and other electronic devices in the bath and anywhere with a wet floor.

So when does water become an emergency electrical hazard? Well, in case of floods, leaking pipes, or any event that water may come in contact with your wiring and electrical components. When this happens, don’t take the risk and call an emergency electrician quickly.

3. Overloaded Outlet

Do you usually connect all your devices to a single outlet? If yes, then you are at risk of a fire. Putting too much pressure or plugging in too many devices and appliances can cause an outlet to heat and burn, which can lead to an accident. So if you notice any burnt signs in any of your outlets like brown or black marks and burnt smell, make sure to call an emergency electrician.

Similarly, if overloading your outlet is a result of your lack of sockets, then consider calling an electrician to install new ones. While extension cords can be an alternative, they are not recommended for long-term use. Plus, they also pose a tripping hazard.

4. Continuous Problem

Generally, problems with electrical components, lights, and appliances should not last longer than an hour. If it is continuous, it is highly recommended that you seek professional help. You should also call a 24-hour electrician if you notice any acrid or burnt smell as this could be an indication of damaged wires. See, electrical malfunction is a hazard that can lead to serious injuries and damages to your property.

Remember, while electrical hazards are common in every household, there are proper safety precautions that you can take to lessen and even eliminate the risks altogether. So stay aware and call an emergency electrician when needed. And if you are looking for one in Sydney, check out Electrician To The Rescue. They have been in the industry for more than 30 years and their emergency services are available 24/7 for 365 days a year, including holidays.

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