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18 Luxurious Dining Room Ideas: Get the Sensation of Enjoy Your Meals in a Classy Restaurant – The dining room is not only a room to enjoy the meals. This is a room that can be used to gather with loved ones while enjoying delicious dishes. The luxurious impression takes you into the atmosphere of a star restaurant, getting a calm and comfortable atmosphere. The twinkling appearance of marble or chandeliers creates a different feel. This is why luxurious dining room ideas are sought after by many people.

Many brands produce various kinds of items with an elegant and luxurious appearance. The play on style is his trademark. It is not uncommon to mix luxury with art which gives an interesting effect that other concepts do not have. And, to achieve luxury in the dining room, we have provided 18 luxurious dining room ideas ranging from warm to cool looks or twinkling string lights or marble.

1. Warm Christmas Atmosphere

luxurious dining room
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Don’t let the cold air during winter ruin the comfort of the room where you gather with your family on Christmas Day. Christmas is a day to look forward to. There will be pies, cookies, and other delicious food on the dining table. Enjoy this fun day in the dining room with a warm and calm atmosphere.

Wood is an important material for bringing warmth into a room. But, wooden flooring and wooden furniture are not enough to ward off the cold feel in winter. Enhance the warm feel by choosing warm colors such as brown and beige. Also, add a touch of black to emphasize and give an elegant effect to the room.

Make the warmth even more perfect with warm lighting. String lights as the main lighting and the gold Christmas ball on the Christmas tree are the right options.

2. A Slight touch of Gold

luxurious dining room ideas
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A slight touch of gold is the next of 18 luxurious dining room ideas. Gold is indeed a mainstay color in creating an elegant and luxurious impression for the interior. But, it must be implemented carefully. Too much gold is also not good, it makes the appearance look strange and uncomfortable to the eye.

Apply gold color minimally. For large spots, focus on just one spot. But, if you want to apply it to small items in the room, do it scattered.

In this idea, gold is focused on the upper area of the dining room. The gold pendant lamp with its minimalist design looks so pretty. It also gives a sweet impression to the room.

3. Artistic Round Mirror

round mirror
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The many mirror designs make this item have other functions, besides being a tool for mirroring. Currently, mirrors have become an accessory for the room. An attractive design or shape will help increase the beauty of the room. Like this idea where the round mirror is made more different. The round mirror looks artistic with clear abstract lines there.

The silver color of the mirror blends with the concept and interior of the dining room. It looks like it radiates when exposed to light, whether sunlight or light from a lamp. And, hanging it right above the table cabinet makes the round mirror stand out in the dining room.

4. Let The Marble do Its Work

cozy luxurious dining room
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There were no displays or decorations adorning the walls. Also, the accessories on the dining table tend to be very simple. A minimalist concept with neutral colors brings calm very well to the dining room. For beauty and an elegant impression, the room only relies on marble material for the dining table, floor and backsplash. The white color with a gray motif has a soft, glossy look when exposed to light. Light really helps marble in boosting a luxurious impression.

Black is an additional or accent color to eliminate the stiff impression of the room. This color also helps in enhancing the calm feel. Even though it’s small, the scattered application of black makes this color clearly visible in the dining room.

5. Luxurious Dining Room with Cool Tone

cool tone
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Gray and white is a color combination that creates a cool impression in the room. A slight touch of gold on the legs of the dining chairs makes the dining room look elegant and expensive. The room looks clean and tidy with a minimalist concept. Beauty only relies on texture and firm lines. You can see from the choice of pendant lamps, the clear pendant lamps do not provide lines or colors to maintain a minimalist concept in the dining room so that the eye is only focused on the play of colors, textures and lines.

A slight warm feel also comes from the wood material. However, the warm nuance is minimized. It can be seen clearly from natural light filtered by sheer curtains. But, natural light is still the main lighting to make textures and colors look alive in the dining room.

6. Beautiful Wall Accent

wall accent
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The next of 18 luxurious dining room ideas is a beautiful wall accent. The wall panels with the addition of smooth lines beautify the room very well. In the middle of the wall there is a painting with the same color play as the interior. By consistently sticking to the same color, the room looks minimalist. The effect is that the dining room not only looks stylish but also looks clean and tidy.

There are sconces on the wall panels. The light brings the texture to life and makes it look deeper. With a touch of black there, the eye will immediately go to the wall and find smooth, pampering lines.

7. Luxurious Small Dining Room

small dining room
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An expensive appearance doesn’t always have to be in a large room. A small room can also show its expensive side. However, decoration must be done well and correctly.

An empty corner of the room can become a dining room with an expensive appearance. Playing with the color gold will create a luxurious impression but remains simple. Apply gold color to the pendant lamp and also the opposite side, which is the painting frame. But, you can also apply it vertically, starting from pendant lamps, painting frames, and the dining chairs.

Keep the dining area minimalist to create more space. Install the sheer curtain at the top of the wall and let the bottom area cover the floor. This is one way to give a height effect to the wall. That way, the small dining room will feel more spacious.

8. Green Pastel Brings Freshness and Softness

green pastel
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Neutral hues are indeed the safest color group for the interior. The result will certainly be more natural, calm and tend to be warm. However, if you want to make your luxurious dining room look different, pastel green is the most appropriate color to choose from.

Making pastel green as an additional color in the dining room will not affect the concept and brightness of the room. In fact, this color will bring freshness and softness to the dining room.

Do it scatteredly to make this color stand out. But, it would be better to apply it to the main spot in the room such as the wall and dining chairs. The green pastel wall mural decorates this luxurious minimalist dining room very well. And, the same color for the dining chairs makes the look simple and harmonious. With maximum natural lighting, the pastel green appears more lively.

9. Soft Lines

soft lines
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Create a dining room that is expensive, warm, and calm. Apart from choosing warm colors such as white and beige, the decoration is also very well considered here. There are no excessive decorations on the walls so that the lines on the wall panels are not covered. A soft impression also comes from the choice of furniture. The dining table and the chairs do not have sharp angles. Curved lines can cover the rigid and perpendicular lines in the room.

The curved lines are reinforced by the dining table decoration. There is a round vase and bowl on the round dining table. And, another circle is in the pendant lamps that hang right above the dining table.

10. Sheer Curtain Complete The Look

sheer curtain
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The furniture, decoration, and even the lights show an elegant and expensive side to the dining room. There is a spotlight with lighting that is focused on the dining area as if to show that this is the center of the dining room. However, the expensive feel does not only focus on the middle of the room but also on the sides of the room.

Natural light is the main lighting to emphasize the colors and textures in the dining room. However, excess natural light is considered to reduce the comfort of the room. Therefore, sheer curtains are an option and the right solution.

Sheer curtains not only filter the natural lighting that enters the room but also serve as an additional decoration that enhances the expensive and elegant impression of the dining room. Sheer curtains are installed at the top of the wall so they touch the floor so the room looks wider.

11. Combination of White and Blue

fresh luxurious dining room ideas
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The luxurious dining room comes with a different and more attractive appearance. This idea doesn’t just focus on neutral colors like gray and white. Blue is an additional color that becomes an accent in the dining room. Application to important spots in the room makes the blue color stand out. This is the next of 18 luxurious dining room ideas.

The blue color comes very neatly. The blue abstract painting becomes a wall decoration. It looks simple but pretty at once. And, the same color in the painting is extended to the dining chair. The velvet material makes the blue color come alive and beautiful when exposed to sunlight coming in through the windows and glass doors.

12. Beautiful Rose Gold Dining Chairs

rose gold dining chairs
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Beautiful rose gold dining chairs are the next of 18 luxurious dining room ideas. The presence of pink as an accent in the room changes the appearance to be softer, calmer, and more feminine. Dining chairs made from velvet are the best at showing an elegant and luxurious side. Moreover, the legs of the dining chairs are gold in color.

The dining room has a neutral appearance that tends to be warm. White is the main color. And other colors come in the form of natural materials such as wood. This is what makes the rose gold color stand out and attract the eye’s attention. Moreover, sunlight coming from the sides of the walls illuminates the room well.

13. White Roses as Dining Table Decor

comfy luxurious dining room ideas
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The elegant impression is truly focused in the dining room. It is not just the choice of color and material. The elegant and expensive value of the room is also considered right down to the dining table decoration.

Right in the middle of the table, there is a glass vase containing white roses. The green leaves of the flowers are also included there so they are quite good at bringing a fresh feel to the luxurious dining room.

The rose white blends with the interior. This decoration seems to maintain a bright appearance in the dining room.

14. Modern Classic Style

black luxurious dining room ideas
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If you want to create an elegant appearance for the interior, applying a classic design is the perfect solution. Among other interior designs, classic design is the winner of the design with a luxurious and elegant impression.

Even though this luxurious looks simple and minimalist, the elegant impression can be seen very clearly. The wall panels and beautiful carvings on the ceiling make the room look expensive. Plus a gold pendant lamp with a charming design.

To make the carvings on the ceiling and the wall panels take over the attention of the room, the room is only filled with two colors, those are white and black. There is a black and white painting on the wall as a sweetener.

15. Large Abstract Painting

abstract painting
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Playing with colors, textures, and furniture or items with an expensive feel is quite perfect in creating an expensive appearance in the dining room. However, the wall is a spot that should not be left alone. There must be a little special touch to eliminate the stiff impression of the room. And, for the luxurious dining room, abstract painting is the right choice.

Hang an abstract painting on a wall that is the center of attention. For example, dining where there is a table cabinet there.

16. A Combination of Rustic and Industrial

rustic design
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The luxurious can also be dressed in a worn look. Like this idea which combines rustic and industrial styles. A different appearance takes the dining room in a more interesting direction. Natural accents in the room create a sense of calm and freshness. Also, with natural lighting as the main lighting, colors and textures become more vivid.

The exposed brick wall presents an attractive natural red color. The colors and lines on the wall decorate the wall area well. So, hanging a wall mirror is enough to fill the wall.

The dining table and the dining chairs are made of wood. The wood texture was deliberately not refined to give a thick worn impression. And, right above it hangs a chandelier to focus on the luxurious and elegant appearance of the dining room.

17. Chesterfield Bench and Chair

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The Chesterfield bench and dining chairs can be a mainstay in creating an expensive dining room. It will be good if the dining bench and chairs use velvet. The glossy effect when exposed to light gives an attractive and more elegant impression. To add an expensive look, make the bench legs gold. Only on the bench. For the dining chair, there are no gold accents there so the Chesterfield motif can be more focused on attracting the eye’s attention.

The soft pink color on the dining chairs and benches changes the appearance to a softer, calmer, and more feminine look. The combination of soft pink and gold gives a good elegant impression to the dining room. Also, this bright color can deepen the highlights on the chestfield.

18. Mirror Wall Panel

luxurious dining room ideas and decors
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Mirror wall panels are the last of 18 luxurious dining room ideas that you can choose and apply. This is an alternative step for those of you who are confused about how to decorate a dining area. The mirror wall panel can work without you messing around. But, it will be good if you can add more lighting there. Install the LED light or other lamp with lighting that shines directly at the mirror. It will also help in making the dining room look brighter.

Take advantage of how mirrors work, which is to reflect light, by choosing the right main lighting. It would be great to make the natural lighting as the main lighting. But, at night, depends on the chandelier. The yellow light will turn the dining room warm and calm without reducing the expensive impression itself.

Final Words

The luxurious dining room exudes a different kind of comfort. You will feel like you are in a star restaurant that offers beautiful interior views. Materials, colors, accents, and accessories are all carefully considered to create a perfect room, from appearance to atmosphere. So, the right idea to create a luxurious dining room of your own. With these 18 luxurious dining room ideas, you can have your dream dining room one step easier. You can use these ideas as a reference when decorating or remodeling your dining room.

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