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23 Small Scandinavian Kitchen Decors and Ideas: Make Your Cooking Space Stylish and Cozy – Scandinavian design is one of the most popular designs. Clear lines, natural palates, minimalist concepts, and wooden materials create a clean, calm, and warm impression. So, this design is flexible to be applied to small or large rooms. And, with a minimalist concept that gives a clean and neat effect visually, it is really great to be applied to the small kitchen. Small Scandinavian kitchen has perfect comfort. Moreover, with the help of sunlight as the main source of lighting, it brings warmth and makes neutral colors and wood more lively. So, it’s not only comfort that is considered here but beauty too.

Scandinavian styles are sometimes not made natural, some are mixed with other designs or adapted to the region. However, this is what makes it even more interesting.

These are the 23 Small Scandinavian Kitchen Decors and Ideas with warm colors such as white, beige, and brown. But, some also have cool tones so they look Nordic style which can change a small kitchen to be more stylish and different.

1. Use The Corner of The Room Well

corner room
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Less-is-more aesthetics are inherent in Scandinavian design. But, it’s okay if you don’t want your small kitchen to look too minimalist. Some kitchen appliances have an attractive appearance so it will be a pity to store them in the kitchen cabinet. So, it would be great to make use of the kitchen appliances such as an air fryer as a display that can increase the aesthetic value of this small room.

Make the corner of the room a decorative area. Don’t just rely on kitchen appliances only. Put a wooden cutting board, knife, and a small beautiful plant there. However, try not to make it full because the small Scandinavian kitchen must still look clean and neat.

2. Three Kitchen Pendant Lamps on The Kitchen Bar

pendant lamps
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It is okay to keep the minimalist concept in the small Scandinavian kitchen. There are still other ways to decorate this room so that it looks charming without disturbing the minimalist concept itself. And, one of them is by playing with the design of the lights. This is also an effective way to beautify a room without taking up space which can make a small kitchen feel cramped.

Right above the kitchen bar hang three small pendant lamps with a simple design. The white color blends with the interior. And, there is a touch of gold which creates a slight elegant impression to the kitchen.

3. Feel Fresh with Plants

small scandinavian kitchen
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This white small Scandinavian kitchen has a cooler tone with black as an accent. But all this is disguised by the presence of plants as decoration. Plants are applied in a scattered manner so that freshness spreads well in the small kitchen. And, to save space, hanging plants are used to decorate the window area. The rest, the plants are placed on the windows and floating wall shelves.

Besides the green plants, there are also beautiful flowers which bring another color into the kitchen very well. Even though it has colors outside the palette, this does not interfere with the Scandinavian design itself. In fact, the pink color is pleasing to the eye and gives a feminine, simple, and pretty impression to the Scandinavian design.

4. Organizer Floating Shelves

floating shelves
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Due to its small size, the wall is used as a storage area. The kitchen cabinet was deliberately not made full so as not to create a cramped impression. Therefore, floating wall shelves are the perfect solution. Two floating wall shelves are installed as storage. Some jars, bottles, and other displays have the same color tone so that they enhance the appearance of the walls better.

The floating wall shelves are not made full so that the impression given remains neat and clean. So, for some displays there is a distance. Also, the stuff on the floating wall shelves is arranged as neatly as possible.

5. Minimalist Will be Better

minimalist small scandinavian kitchen
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The more minimalist the Scandinavian kitchen, the better it will be. You can certainly feel the effect very clearly. With a minimalist concept, the atmosphere feels more calm. Also, with not many items in the kitchen, the colors and textures there become more dominant. And here is the key. With a minimalist concept, we cannot use displays that can increase the aesthetic value. So, playing on textures is a great option.

The wood material in the kitchen is deliberately not polished so that the texture and color of the wood itself still looks natural. With a white color that neutralizes the appearance, the wood material stands out in the room. In several spots there are also plants that provide refreshment, both in the atmosphere and appearance of the kitchen.

6. Cozy Small Dining Area with a Beautiful View

cozy small scandinavian kitchen
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Even though the Scandinavian kitchen is minimalist, it looks great by taking advantage of the beautiful view outside the house. The beautiful view is a bonus that is not wasted. Large windows are installed in the kitchen. Installed a floating table with the bar stools which becomes a small dining area. Here, you can enjoy your hot coffee and bread in the morning while enjoying the beautiful view. Very comfortable and calming, right?

There are no curtains on the windows so the view can be framed very well. However, because the sunlight during the day is often dazzling, blinds are still installed on the windows. This is much more in line with the minimalist concept and the interior design itself. That way, harmony in the appearance is well maintained.

7. A Simple Accent

simple small scandinavian kitchen
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The minimalist concept can indeed be a mainstay for creating a calm atmosphere in the room. It’s just that, sometimes the minimalist concept has an effect that is too ordinary and tends to be boring. However, all this is not a big problem. Like this idea, Scandinavian design has a very minimalist appearance but still looks attractive. Not from the play of colors and textures but from the simple accents that are present on the backsplash.

The plain backsplash has the same color as the dining table, floor, and cabinet. It’s good to maintain a minimalist concept. And, what makes it look attractive is the LED light on the top backsplash. The warm yellow color helps the gray color to create the perfect calm in the small Scandinavian kitchen.

8. Don’t Make The Wall Full

comfortable small scandinavian kitchen
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The mistake that often occurs in Scandinavian design kitchens is that the cabinets are built completely into the wall. Indeed, this can make the minimalist concept look consistent. However, the display becomes stiff. Especially if the kitchen only relies on one color, that is white. Therefore, don’t make the wall full is the next of 23 small Scandinavian kitchen decors and ideas that you can use as an option.

In the corner area of the room, remove the kitchen cabinet and replace it with floating wall shelves. Make this area a storage area as well as an attractive spot in the kitchen. Put a small bowl or mug there. Small plants there can also give a fresh impression and eliminate the stiff impression in the small kitchen.

9. Sleek Scandinavian Kitchen

scandinavian kitchen
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The minimalist concept is very strong in the kitchen. There are only plants in a few spots that act as displays. In this way, a calm atmosphere dominates. Moreover, the wood material is made vertically consistent, bringing warmth and enhancing the calm feel to a small kitchen. Also maximum natural lighting which makes the look and feel of nature bold.

Even though it looks very simple, the kitchen still looks stunning. Not only from small plants but also from choosing the right countertop. The white countertop maintains the white concept in the kitchen. However, the sleek surface creates an attractive and beautiful impression, especially when exposed to light coming in through the window.

10. Pastel Colors Give A Different Look

pastel colors
Cc: Pinterest

This idea comes out of the Scandinavian comfort zone which usually only consists of neutral colors. Indeed, ptuih is still the main color. Also, there are other neutral colors such as gray. However, this idea gives a different impression by presenting a pastel green color. With pastel colors, the appearance changes to a softer one. Meanwhile, the green color collaborates with plants to bring freshness.

Pastel green is only applied to one spot, that is the kitchen cabinet. That way, everything looks more conceptual so the kitchen still looks neat. And, with white as the main color, pastel green looks well in the Scandinavian kitchen.

11. Playing with Texture

best small scandinavian kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

The stiff and boring impression of the minimalist concept disappears instantly with the play of textures. Starting from the floating kitchen cabinet with a texture of fine lines on the wood that is clearly visible. The bottom of the kitchen island also has a clear vertical line. With three pendant lamps hanging above it, the light directly highlights the kitchen island area, making the texture visible very clearly. And finally there is the dining table and the dining chairs. The texture of the wood itself creates a natural impression for the Scandinavian kitchen.

12. Natural Lighting

small scandinavian kitchen ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Natural lighting as the main lighting is a characteristic of Scandinavian Design. The more natural light that enters the room, the better. Natural light plays an important role in making textures and colors more vivid. Neutral colors such as white, black and gray will give off a natural impression in the kitchen. That way, the appearance of the kitchen looks fresher. Moreover, indoor plants are added as decoration for several spots.

To maximize natural lighting, don’t just focus on the wall area but also the ceiling area. Install a large window on the wall and leave it free of any decorations. And, on the ceiling, install a skylight window. Light coming in from above will spread throughout the room better.

13. House-Shaped Candle Holder

small scandinavian kitchen decors
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The countertop is not only filled with kitchen stuff but also with several displays that have nothing to do with the kitchen, such as house-shaped candle holders. The white color makes it blend well with the kitchen interior. It looks beautiful even without candles. However, when the candles are lit, they look much more enchanting.

House-shaped candle holders do look like they cover the light from the candles. However, yellow light can still come out from there. Yellow light really helps the wooden countertop in creating warmth so that the small kitchen feels comfortable.

14. A Simple Black Sconce

black sconces
Cc: Pinterest

This idea actually combines Scandinavian design with Japenese, or what is usually called Japandi Design. Minimalism and simplicity are the main priorities. The beauty only relies on wood material to present a natural brown color and smooth texture. That way, the atmosphere becomes very calm and warm.

Even so, displays still have to be there to sweeten and complete the appearance. There is a black sconce. The black color is very sharp but calm. Its simple but attractive shape beautifies the top wall.

15. Tiny Dining Area

dining area
Cc: Pinterest

Even though the kitchen is relatively small, on the side of the room there is a small dining area which can be used as a place to relax or work. The floating table really saves space in a small room so that its presence doesn’t make the tiny kitchen feel cramped. The wooden stools match better with the interior. The simple design helps maintain a minimalist concept in the Scandinavian kitchen.

White as the main color and the help of sunlight is actually enough to create a fresh feel in the kitchen. However, freshness is further enhanced and perfected with green plants on the floating table. Using a glass vase keeps the stems of the plant visible so the appearance becomes more attractive.

16. Soft Pattern Backsplash

soft pattern backsplash
Cc: Pinterest

The white backsplash provides a bright effect for the Scandinavian kitchen. Also, the soft pattern becomes a decoration that visually beautifies the kitchen. The soft lines on the backsplash can be seen in light, whether natural light or lamp light. This is the right way to beautify the kitchen without disturbing the minimalist concept of the kitchen itself. The backsplash color is the same as the countertop, walls and ceiling. But, the backsplash does look different with this soft motif.

To sharpen the motif on the backsplash, there are no special decorations that grab the eye’s attention. There are only a few kitchen items and a few displays on the floating wall shelves. This just perfects the small Scandinavian kitchen.

17. Cozy Small Reading Nook

small reading nook
Cc: Pinterest

Even though it is small, the kitchen can still have two functions, such as kitchen with dining area, kitchen with workspace, or kitchen with reading nook as in this idea. So, there is an empty side or area in the kitchen. So that it doesn’t go to waste, make a cozy small reading nook. Decorating it with a throw pillow and sheepskin rug adds to the comfort of the reading nook. With a red pillow and a simple pattern, the reading nook manages to stand out.

The reading nook is also a smart storage place in the kitchen. The custom bench has a storage cupboard that you can use to store several kitchen items. That way, the tidiness of this small room can be maintained properly.

18. Clear Lines

clear lines
Cc: Pinterest

A clean and neat appearance is very evident in this kitchen. Soft white is the main color which creates a clean effect in the room. The application is very consistent, starting from the walls, kitchen cabinets, floating wall shelves, to pendant lamps. Minimal decoration seems to reveal the corners and perpendicular lines of the room, showing clean lines.

Because the use of the same color between the wall and the floating wall shelf makes them look unified. However, everything is resolved with the LED light under the floating wall shelf. The light from the LED light not only provides warmth to the Scandinavian kitchen but also emphasizes the horizontal lines of the floating wall shelf.

19. Let The Pattern Works

Cc: Pinterest

Scandinavian style tends to be natural and simple. There are no special decorations in this design. Usually, you only rely on green plants, the texture and color of wood, and a play of neutral colors. However, this small Scandinavian kitchen looks a little different. Keep it minimalist and simple. It’s just that there is a slight impression of fullness that enlivens the room, that is the floor.

The tile flooring with a simple pattern looks attractive for small kitchens. There are three colors in the flooring tiles, they are white, black, and gray, which makes them blend with the Scandinavian design itself.

20. Focus on One Color

simple small scandinavian kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

A simple and minimalist impression is the key to comfort in a small room. By making it look simple, a small room will feel more spacious. And don’t just focus on decoration. Do it really, starting from decoration, furniture design, to color selection.

Focusing on one color gives a more perfect simple impression. White is a color you can rely on. Making white the main color can brighten the room right up to the corners. And this is what makes a small room feel more spacious.

If you want to bring other colors to your small kitchen, then play with wood materials. Wood will bring a calm and warm natural brown color to the kitchen.

21. Look Alive, Bright, and Cloudless at Once

cloudless kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

White as the main color turns a small kitchen into a bright room. The white color is quite consistent, starting from the kitchen cabinet, backsplash tiles, ceiling, sheer curtains, to the dining table and chairs. The white light from the string light from the sheer curtain to the countertop gives a bright and lively effect to the small kitchen. Besides that, you can also feel a cloudless ambiance from this room. There is a yellow color present on the refrigerator in the kitchen. Also bright, soft colors on the kitchen rug. These bright colors also play an important role in making the kitchen feel more alive.

22. Create A Little Open-Storage

open storage
Cc: Pinterest

Avoid creating a full dining area with floating kitchen cabinets. Indeed, by making a full kitchen cabinet there will be more storage space that you can rely on. However, this is not good for the small kicteh because it can create an annoying cramped effect. So, without changing the function of the wall which becomes a storage area, there is a self-floating wall even though it only has a small area.

Regarding the function, the floating wall shelf is still the same as the others, that is as a storage area. However, the neatness and aesthetic value of the floating wall shelf must be really neat, clean and aesthetic.

23. Cozy Window Bench

window bench
Cc: Pinterest

Scandinavians use natural lighting as the main source of lighting at night. Therefore, it is not surprising that a Scandinavian design room has large windows.

In this idea, the window becomes a comfortable spot to relax. There is a window bench with white throw pillows which makes it feel comfortable. So, you can relax by enjoying a cup of tea or reading a book on the window bench. You can also calm yourself and your mind by enjoying the view from inside the house.

Final Words

The calm, fresh and warm atmosphere makes the Scandinavian design popular. Many people apply this design not only to their private rooms but also to their kitchens. With a clean and neat concept, the Scandinavian design can help the small kitchen create a beautiful comfort.

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