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5 Signs Your Home Needs Professional Termite Control

Did you know that termites are not only dangerous for the structure of your home but also pose a risk to your family’s health?

That’s why all homeowners need to know the signs of a termite infestation. By recognizing these signs, you’ll have ample time to call for termite control before the infestation gets worse.

Keep reading to learn the clear signs of termites to help you stay safe!

1.Hollowed Wood

One of the worst signs of home termites is when the wood of your house sounds hollow when you tap on it. It’s also possible that you’ll start to notice small holes in the wood, causing the fibers to flake and lose their structure.

As soon as you see this type of issue, it’s time to call for termite control right away. This is the point where your home starts to lose its structural integrity. Stop those termites in their tracks before they create even more holes in your beautiful home!

2. Mud Tubes

As termites make their way through your home to find a food source, they leave behind a small tunnel. It often looks like a thin muddy webbing on the foundation of your home.

The good news is that this sign is easy to spot without any expertise, so keep an eye out whenever you start to suspect you have termites.

3. Strange Sounds

Have you noticed any unexpected sounds in your home? Termites make noise when they’re moving around or eating. The larger termites also bang against their surroundings to warn the other termites of any danger.

If you suspect an infestation, put your ear to the walls of your home and listen. The sounds of chewing or soft banging behind the wall are strong indicators that termites are hiding in there.

4. Unexplained Debris

Termites are messy and they’ll leave behind tell-tale trails that’ll make it easier for you to spot them. Discarded wings, droppings that look like sawdust, and dead termites all point to the fact that you have a termite problem.

Make sure to call a residential pest control company to get rid of them once and for all!

5. Flying Termites

Sometimes the best way to recognize a termite problem is to look for the larger flying termites. These types are called swarmers and they travel in large groups outside of the nest.

Termites like this leave the nest to find a mate before they shed their wings and return. It’s a good thing for homeowners since these large swarms are one of the easiest ways to notice a termite problem before they get too close to your home.

Seek Termite Control Before Things Get Worse

If any of these signs sound familiar, it’s time to call a professional termite control company. With an expert’s help, you’ll soon have your home back to normal in no time at all.

Never delay in getting things under control or else those termites will have plenty of time to do lots of damage!

Don’t forget to browse the rest of our blog for all the information you’ll ever need to keep your home safe and beautiful!

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