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20 Natural Living Room Decors and Ideas – Nothing can beat the tranquility and warm feel of nature. This is why, some people who want to create comfort in their homes, they do not hesitate to promote the concept of nature. At least bring a little natural feel into the house. And, in this idea, we have provided 20 Natural Living Room Decors and Ideas that you can choose and apply, ranging from easy to difficult. This all depends on what kind of appearance you want for the room. Or, what level of comfort do you want to present in your room.

1. Several Indoor Plants

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Several indoor plants are the first of 20 Natural Living Room Decors and Ideas. The empty corner of the living room is filled with large plants. There is also a wooden floating shelf which is a decorative area in this room. Some small plants decorate the wall area very well. The whitewashed wall makes the texture and the colors there look more lively. The green color of the plant looks very fresh.

Other freshness extends to the coffee table area. There is a small plant which is quite eye-catching. Putting it on the wooden coffee table brings a natural feel to the living room.

2. Using Large Rattan Pendant Lamps

natural living room
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Lamps are not only a source of light in a room at night. The many designs and types of lamps nowadays make them room decorations that can add aesthetic value.

The pendant lamps are a type of lamp that you can choose for the room. Using rattan pendant lamps can bring or emphasize the natural feel and look. With its large size, the rattan pendant lamps will certainly stand out at the top of the room. Besides bringing a natural feel into the living room, it also decorates the room very well.

3. Install Glass Facade

glass facade
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The beautiful view outside the house is a bonus. So, if there is a fresh garden outside your house, then take advantage of it. Create a garden outside to bring freshness to the interior. Here, you can install a glass facade. This is the next of 20 Natural Living Room Decors and Ideas.

The glass facade can picture the view very well. You can see how pretty the garden in your house is from the living room. Trees, grass, and other green plants. Moreover, sunlight makes it look more natural and alive.

4. Relying on Natural Materials

natural elements
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If you want to make the natural nuances in the room stronger, then just rely on natural materials. There are several natural materials that you can choose and present in your room, such as rattan, wood, wicker, natural stone, and so on. However, rattan, wood and wicker are the easiest to bring into the house.

You can find a wooden table very easily. You can also get the wicker rug at the nearest shops. The rattan or wicker tatami can also be an additional decoration to emphasize the natural look and feel of the room.

5. Maximizing Natural Lighting

natural lighting
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One of the keys to bringing natural nuances into the room is to make natural light the main lighting in the room. So that sunlight can enter freely and illuminate the room well in all corners of the room, install large windows. The window without grids is the one you recommend. So, besides light entering freely, it can also picture the view well.

If you want to maximize the natural lighting, try installing a skylight window. Also, pay attention to the decoration you use on the window. Try not to provide any decorations that can block the way sunlight enters the house, such as curtains, stickers, etc.

6. Wooden Ceiling and Wall

natural room ideas
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The next of 20 Natural Living Room Decors and Ideas is a wooden ceiling and walls. The wood material is indeed the best in bringing a natural feel into the interior of the house. Besides that, it can also present a warm and calm feel that adds to the comfort of the living room.

Installing wooden materials on the ceiling and wood creates a simpler impression because it minimizes the color in the room. And, with natural textures and motifs from the wood, the room no longer needs displays for the ceiling and the walls. If you still want to decorate the room to make it look attractive, then plants are the most appropriate thing to fill the tables there.

7. The Natural Colors

natural colors
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Choosing colors for the interior is an important step. These colors will determine the appearance of the room. And, if you want to bring a natural feel into the living room, then choose natural colors.

There are several natural colors that you can apply to the living room:

  • White
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Grey

There is no need to bring all these colors into the room. You just choose two to three colors. If you want to make the room bright, then make white as the main color. But, if you want the living room shooting and warmth, make it shadier by choosing beige and brown.

8. Rattan Swing Chair

natural living room
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The swing chair in the living room is indeed anti-mainstream. It brings the living room to a different look. However, the swing chair in the living room becomes a cozy spot. You can relax there. With a seat cushion, throw pillow, and blanket, the swing chair feels very comfortable.

The rattan swing chair is a great decoration to present a natural feel in the living room. Plus, the living room is only decorated with neutral colors such as gray and brown. So, a swing chair can match the concept of the living room and keep the look harmonious.

9. Wooden Built-in Shelves

simple natural living room ideas
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Wood is indeed the most reliable material in creating a natural impression in a room. The built-in shelves are still made from the same material as for the walls. It is just that the boards there are made of wood. With a soft pink color, the wood color shines through more. It presents warmth and soothing at once.

What makes the wood material look even more natural is the decoration used for the built-in shelves. The decorations are not far from nature, starting from rattan baskets and also small plants.

10. Natural Stones for The Kitchen

natural living room ideas and tips
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The next of 20 Natural Living Room Decors and Ideas is a natural stone. Actually, the natural stone is in the kitchen area. But, the open-plan concept makes the kitchen area visible from the living area.

Some spots are only filled with wood, rattan, and wicker materials. However, in the kitchen, there is natural stone. The texture and color are of course clearly visible from the living area. It emphasizes the natural look and feel of the room. Even though it was implemented in a small area, it succeeded in standing out.

11. White as The Main Color

white natural living room
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White is the main color in this idea. The goal is of course to brighten the appearance of the room. This can also be seen from the use of windows, glass doors, and skylight windows. Also, there is nothing covering the window area like a curtain.

The white color exposed to sunlight emits maximum and natural brightness. It also neutralizes the appearance of the room so that the colors and materials there become more lively. For example, wood material in several spots, starting from the bench, coffee table, and the floating cabinet.

12. Pampas Grass

pampas grass
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White and black have become a popular color combination lately. The combination of these two colors creates a natural atmosphere that is calmer and warmer. And some are more consistent in playing these two colors. Not only for interiors but also for decorations that decorate the room.

To maintain the white and brown concept in the living room, this room is decorated with pampas grass. The white vase matches the concept. The pampas grass itself not only provides beauty but also brings a more natural impression to the room.

13. Mirror as A Wall Decoration

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Some consider mirrors as items for reflecting. But, the mirror function is not only that. The many designs on the mirror make it a decoration that can add to the beauty of the room.

Mirrors are usually used in bathrooms and bedrooms, but because the function of mirrors is for aesthetic value, it is fine to use them in other rooms, including the living room. Install the round mirror right above the fireplace. The curved lines of the round mirror soften the room visually.

14. Leaving The Wood Surface Rough

wooden coffee table
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In creating a natural impression in the living room, it is much better to use furniture made from natural materials. Like this idea which uses a two wooden coffee table.

The wooden coffee table has a slightly old appearance. This is because the surface of the wood is left rough. Actually, this is good for creating a thicker natural impression in the living room. The color and texture of real wood can be seen clearly there.

15. The Combination of Green and Wood

fresh natural living room
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Applying neutral colors such as white, black, grey, and beige is very mainstream. Maybe some of you are already bored. It is okay to replace it with another color like green. The green color will not reduce the natural impression of your living room. Quite the opposite.

The combination of green and wooden materials will bring the living room atmosphere like being in a forest. The green color gives a fresh effect to the atmosphere. Meanwhile, wood gives a calmer and warmer feel.

16. White and Brown Room

white and brown
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As previously said, white and brown are a popular color combination recently. The white shade chosen is not a bright one, but a color that is more towards beige. That way, when sunlight enters the room through the window, the effect looks a little shadier. It makes them look softer. And, with a touch of brown, the nuance created in the living room is warm and calm.

You can present the brown color in the form of natural or natural colors. But, it would be better to present brown in natural forms such as wood, rattan, wicker, and pampas grass.

17. Thick with Nature

natural living room decors
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The mudroom only relies on one color, namely white. This color makes the mudroom bright and neutral. That way, when you present natural materials there, the texture and color will appear more clearly.

Take advantage of the white mudroom to bring a strong natural feel. Use decorations made from natural materials. For the bench, a wooden bench is the most appropriate. For the corner of the room, you can fill it with a white glass filled with pampas grass. Turning to the wall area, the round mirror with a wooden frame and several rattan/wicker bags hangs neatly. The area under the bench has a storage area in the form of two basket baskets.

18. Beautiful flowers

beautiful flowers
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This idea creates natural freshness in a very simple way. On the coffee table, there are several types of flowers placed in glass vases filled with water. With a glass vase, the flower stalks can still be seen clearly. And water will help flowers to stay fresh for a longer period of time.

Sunflowers present a very beautiful natural yellow color. Even though it is small, the yellow color stands out in the room. One factor is the concept of a white room where the appearance is neutral. With the presence of yellow in the living room, the atmosphere changes slightly to cloudless. But, it does not reduce the comfort of the room itself.

19. Leaf-Printed Pictures

leaf-printed pictures
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There are many wall displays that you can choose from. But, if you want to be concerned with a strong natural feel, then choose a wall display that is related to nature. It does not have to be natural, like using plants and hanging them on the wall. You can also print some leaves and make them as pictures. Place it on a wooden frame for more perfect results.

The leaf with a white background will be much better. It will look great on the white-washed wall. However, this decoration can be hung on any painted wall.

Hang the leaf-printed picture neatly on the wall. Choose a side wall that stands out in the room. And, the wall behind the sofa is the right place to choose from.

20. Wool Blanket on The Couch

wool blanket
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The last of 20 Natural Living Room Decors and Ideas is a wool blanket on the couch. Indeed, the wool blanket can keep your body temperature warm, especially in winter. And this item certainly adds to the comfort of the sofa in the living room. However, the function of the blanket itself does not stop here. There are still other functions such as being a decoration for the living room to make it more interesting. On the other hand, the wool blanket also brings a natural impression to the room.

Choose the wool blanket in another color so that it looks like it stands out on the couch. However, try to keep the colors you choose from in the same group as neutral colors. For example, you can choose a beige wool blanket for the gray sofa.

Final Words

In creating a living room that is not only beautiful but also comfortable, bringing a natural concept to this room is the right idea. Natural nuances bring freshness, calm and warmth into the room better. And the points above are 20 Natural Living Room Decors and Ideas that you can use as a reference. In choosing the right decoration, make sure you match the decoration with the interior concept for the living room. Pay attention to color, shape, size, and texture. So, good luck!

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