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4 Reasons Why Your Oven is Not Working

Many of us are not a stranger to the problem with ovens. Due to the fact that we use our kitchen appliances very often in ordinary life, often for long periods of time, eventually it will start to work very bad and will need to be repaired or maybe even completely change it. It happens that the oven as such can no longer be used as it should be. In this article I would like to introduce you to 4 reasons why your oven is not working.

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1. Damaged/loose wiring

This happens with age and if the wiring is exposed to too much heat or moisture. The electrical system of the oven needs to be checked for shorts, loose connections and other damage.

Look at the wires that connect the thermostat to the oven. Make sure they are not loose or damaged. If they are, replace them using the thermostat manufacturer’s instructions. Check them both for continuity and resistance.If you’re dealing with a gas oven, make sure that the pilot light is lit and that there isn’t any debris in the pilot light area. For an electric oven, check to make sure there aren’t any exposed wires which may have accidentally been cut during installation or while moving your oven.

Next, check your circuit breaker panel to ensure that no breakers have tripped or blown a fuse. If your circuit breaker panel doesn’t have a reset button, flip the circuit breaker back on before making any other repairs or calling for help.

Finally, if you’re still having trouble getting your oven to work after checking all of these areas, call in a professional to take a look at it for you.

2. Your oven is not working at all

f your oven is not working, you may want to check the power cord, or the circuit breaker or fuse. You may want to check for tripped circuit breakers, blown fuses or loose power cords.

Troubleshooting an oven that won’t work is easy if you know what to look for. With an electric range, you can use a multi-tester to get a reading on whether your oven is getting power. You can check the circuit breaker by unplugging the oven and testing it with the tester.

We will explore four common reasons why your oven may be not working:

Power cord issuesBurner issuesCircuit breaker/fuse issuesOven door issues

If one of these is what’s causing your problem, then you know how to troubleshoot it and fix it yourself.

3. Burns on the glass

There are several reasons why your oven might burn the food or heat unevenly. The most common one is that the glass has mineral deposits or scratches on the inside of it.

All the heat from the oven is reflected back into the oven by the glass and this can cause burning on your food, called “hot spots.” It can also cause uneven cooking. The best way to avoid this problem is to clean your oven regularly. If you use a lot of aluminum foil to keep food from falling into the cracks, it can stick to the glass and cause these problems as well.

If you have a gas stove, dirt can build up around the burners and eventually cause them to stop working properly, which can also result in uneven cooking. Make sure to clean behind and underneath your stove regularly.

4. Over heating

If your oven is over heating, the main reason might be:

The temperature dial on your stove top may seem like an easy thing to use, but there is actually an internal thermostat that regulates the temperature in your oven based on how much you turn it up or down. If your oven is having trouble heating up, chances are that your thermostat has become faulty or broken. If this is the case, you will need to have someone come out and check it for you before you can try using it again.

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