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5 Tips On How To Update Your Outdoor Space

When it comes to updating your outdoor space, it can be overwhelming especially if it has been left for a while. Fortunately, I have created this blog with my top 5 tips on how to update your outdoor space.

I cover everything from outdoor furniture to adding colour and texture with plants, so whatever your budget there will be something in this blog for you.

Keep it tidy

When updating your outdoor space, starting with a blank canvas can help you see the potential your space has. Start by mowing the lawn and cleaning any pavement space that you have. This will ensure you have a level area that you are working with and will instantly freshen your space.

If you already have a decking area, give this an intense clean with a pressure washer. If it looks old and tatty, I’d suggest tearing it down and starting from scratch to avoid it standing out and making your outdoor area look unkept.

It’s also important to implement a waste management solution when getting rid of garden waste so you know which areas you have already gone over and to avoid the rubbish piling up.

Invest in good outdoor furniture

Our outdoor furniture typically only gets used for a couple of months throughout the year due to the unpredictable English weather. Due to this, outdoor furniture is usually not cared for and can often end up looking tatty.

To avoid this, I’d suggest investing in good outdoor furniture that you know will last throughout the months. When looking for outdoor furniture, I’d suggest purchasing furniture that has detachable cushions so you can bring them inside in the bad weather and easily wash them when they are being used.

When purchasing outdoor furniture, I’d also suggest purchasing an outdoor umbrella to create a shaded area and act as a cover for the furniture when it rains.

Use planters and flower beds

Although this is a simple way to transform your garden, it is also effective at making your garden look fresher. They are also a great way to add texture and colour to your garden.

If you don’t particularly like gardening or you’re not sure where to begin, planters are a great place to begin. There are many options out there so you can find one that fits the theme of your garden. They are also extremely tidy and don’t require you to dig out holes in your garden for the plants.

If you want to get a bit more involved with updating your garden, then flower beds are the way to go as you can dig up one area of your garden and dedicate it to your plants. Much like planters, flower beds are very tidy and allow you to keep all the plants in one place so you just have to water that area.

Don’t overlook your front garden

When updating your outdoor space, you may automatically go to your back garden, which many of us do. However, it’s important to pay just as much attention to your front garden when updating your outdoor space.

Start by deciding what kind of front garden you would like to have, for example, do you want grass and flowers in your front garden or would you prefer stones. If you would like to do as little work as possible to your front garden, I’d suggest going with stones as they require minimal effort.

Laying stones is also a great budget front yard landscaping idea as you don’t need a lot of tools or materials to do this. The stones themselves are also very budget-friendly.

Add lighting to your outdoor space

A great way to update your outdoor space is to add mood lighting to add to the kind of atmosphere you want to create. This is particularly good if you have garden furniture as it allows you to enjoy it later in the evening when the sun goes down.

There are plenty of other ways you can add lighting to your outdoor space, such as lining your pathway towards your front door or seating area with floor lights. You can also pick these up at most garden centres and you can even get battery-powered lights so you don’t have to worry about wiring them to your house.

Time for you to update your outdoor space

Now that I have gone through my top 5 tips on how to update your outdoor space, it’s time for you to apply these to your situation. No matter the size of your budget, one of these tips will work for you and your space.

Before making any changes to your outdoor space, I’d strongly suggest tidying your garden so you know what you are working with. This will also make it easier to envision what you want your garden to look like, especially if it is currently overgrown.

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