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22 Fresh Outdoor Living Area Ideas: Attractive Way to Entertain Your Guests – The living room is a room to welcome guests who come to the house. So, it could also be said that the living room is the first room that guests see when entering the entrance. However, what if we give a more interesting and different impression to the guests who come? For example, implementing outdoor living area ideas with plants as decoration.

Outdoor living already has its own beauty. Relying on nature is key. Blue clouds, green plants and trees, and ever less flowers with beautiful colors are a source of beauty in outdoor living. So, you just need a little more touch to make it more attractive or cozy. And, in this article, we have provided 22 Fresh Outdoor Living Area Ideas that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

1. Vines on The Pergola

outdoor living room ideas
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The first of 22 Fresh Outdoor Living Area Ideas is vines on the pergola. This idea saves the living area from the hot sun. So, you and your guests can relax during the day in the outdoor living area comfortably. It also gives the feel of relaxing in the middle of a quiet forest.

Besides that, the greenery from the vines also adds freshness to the outdoor living area. Greening is not only done horizontally but also vertically. It is a great way to green your outdoor or home exterior.

2. Turkey Carpet Gives a More Interesting Look

turkey rug
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White coral stone is the right material for the garden. It brings white really well. The use of white coral stone in some areas creates a visual barrier. The texture decorates outdoor living very well. And, what’s interesting about this idea is that right above the coral stones there is a Turkey carpet. Simpler motifs adapt to the outdoor living concept.

The colors of the Turkey carpet also match the colors found in outdoor living, starting from orange, brown, black, white, and green. The harmonious appearance adds beauty and a hint of sweetness to this area.

3. Keep It Simple with Round Table

round table
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This idea tries to create outdoor living in a limited space. The sides of the backyard are filled with various kinds of plants. And the remaining middle side becomes a comfortable small living space. The round table and chairs have a simple design. The green seat cushion not only makes the chairs cozier but also decorates the dining area better. And, with black, the small outdoor living becomes stand out. It looks neutral but sharp. Plus, its position in the middle of the garden is immediately visible to the eye.

4. Fell Cozy with Swing Chairs

cozy outdoor living area ideas
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Outdoor living is made more attractive by eliminating the use of sofas. The soda function is replaced with two swing chairs. It’s great to rely on this area as an intimate place. You can spend your time chatting with your loved one.

What makes this outdoor living look beautiful is the neat touch of boho style. The boho style creates a different vibe. Boho motifs fill the swing chair area and also the floor. The bright colors bring a bit of a cloudless atmosphere to this place. However, this does not disturb the tranquility of outdoor living at all.

5. Pink Outdoor Living

pink outdoor living area ideas
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Never hesitate to apply pink to your home exterior. Like this idea which turns the patio into a girly place with a consistent touch of pink. This is the next of 22 Fresh Outdoor Living Area Ideas that you can try. Starting from the sofa, throw pillows, and the rug are pink. Don’t stop here, present a refreshing pink color by decorating the sides of the patio with pink flowers.

The flowers are enough to enliven the outdoor living well. So, no longer need decoration. However, you can still present a pattern on the sofa and carpet area to make it more attractive.

6. Fire Pit Table

fire pit table
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The table has two fire pits which are more optimal in warming the air in the outdoor living. The table is made of wood with a rough texture, giving the impression of being worn out. It’s compatible with the outdoor living concept.

The same material is also used on the bench which creates a harmonious appearance of the outdoor living. The same color and texture can be better received by the eye.

The texture of the wood itself beautifies the outdoor living. But, the throw pillows with the simple pattern enliven this place so well and make it more perfect.

7. Look Dramatic with Warm Lighting

warm lighting
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Outdoor living with a simple concept is not a problem. A simple concept such as using only necessary furniture actually creates a calmer and more comfortable atmosphere. It’s just that sometimes this gives a boring impression.

However, all this is not a big problem. Playing with lighting is the solution. Hanging outdoor lighting on a pergola and also lanterns filled with candles is the right idea. Yellow lighting not only increases tranquility in outdoor living but also creates warmth.

8. Hang The Plants to Save More Space

hanging plants
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Using the pattern tiles creates a more cheerful and attractive appearance. However, this also makes small areas look narrower. Therefore, the outdoor living is only filled with some furniture that is really needed. The white sofa, round coffee table, and the swing chair. Others like simple decorations such as pots for the plants.

Even so, freshness remains a priority in this place. The plant remains a mainstay decoration. Hanging the plants in different spots brings even freshness to the outdoor living.

9. Utilize The Pool Area

soothing outdoor living area ideas
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This idea takes advantage of the tranquility of the swimming pool area in the backyard. On the side, there is an empty space that can be used as a place to relax. The simple Boho style gives a different and attractive impression of the backyard. The combination of orange and brown creates calm and a slightly cloudless feel. But, it looks natural with the white couch.

Throw pillows and the carpet with the same color tone provide a harmonious effect. Attractive boho motifs decorate this area.

What adds to the comfort of this idea is a large tree that blocks sunlight from entering the relaxing area. So, it will be a great place to relax during the day with family or friends.

10. Covered Living Area

covered living area
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The living room has a semi-outdoor concept and looks calm with beige and brown colors. Natural materials in the form of wood are the key. It also brings warmth to this place.

There is a roof that protects the living space from the hot sun and rain. Installing curtains makes the roof seem higher. This method makes the living space feel more spacious.

There is a fish pond on the side of the living space. The sound of splashing water adds to the calm and comfort of the living area.

11. Living Area on The Rooftop

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The living area on the rooftop is the next of 22 Fresh Outdoor Living Area Ideas. The decoration is done as neatly as possible. Apart from that, it creates more space which makes this small area feel wider, it also makes the appearance clean, neat, and calm.

This idea plays on patterns and bright colors which make the living area on the rooftop become more interesting. Various kinds of plants on the sides of the rooftop create a freshness.

The firepit keeps the air around the living area warm. Another warmth is also found in the feel of the living area with the use of string lights. The yellow light looks so beautiful, especially at night.

12. Consistent with Natural

natural outdoor living area ideas
Cc: Pinterest

It’s actually easy to create living space in the outdoor. You only need to present a sofa, several chairs, and a coffee table. No need for troublesome special decorations. The outdoor living space already looks attractive with the various kinds of green plants there. Sunlight also plays a very important role in beauty. It makes the atmosphere more lively.

This idea really lets the natural look dominate. The sofa and chairs are white so they look neutral in the garden. That way, the green color of the plants there will stand out. Also, the material used for the outdoor furniture is made of wood. It matches with the wooden decking.

13. Patio Living Area

patio living area ideas
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Even though it is small, the small patio manages to become a comfortable living area. The combination of soft white and beige creates a soft and calm impression. Textures are made more consistent starting from the layered rug, throw pillows, blanket, coffee table, and round chair. The play on textures brings warmth to the patio. There is a white curtain that can block annoying sunlight.

What’s interesting about this idea is the vines that decorate the beams. The green color from the vines gives a fresh feel to the patio living area. Even so, the color of the vines does not disturb the concept of the patio itself.

14. Simple Boho Outdoor Living Design

boho outdoor living area ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The simple boho style brings the outdoor living area to a different atmosphere and appearance. Orange is the color chosen to bring calm and a slightly cloudless atmosphere. Natural materials such as rattan and wood are the key to a strong natural impression.

Trees and other green plants are planted on the sides of the garden so that they cover the wall area, which is one way to make the small garden feel more spacious. It looks like the garden has no boundaries so it gives the impression that the small living area is in the middle of the forest.

The appearance becomes more dramatic with the use of outdoor lighting and the candles in the lanterns. Scattered placement makes the orange lighting illuminate the outdoor living area well.

15. Add The Fireplace

fire place
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Get rid of cold air in the outdoor living area by installing a fireplace there. This is the next of 22 Fresh Outdoor Living Area Ideas. The color of the fireplace adapts to the sofa so that the appearance of the outdoor living area remains harmonious. Other colors only come from plants, lighting, and materials such as wood or rattan for the coffee table, chairs, and sofa.

16. Small Outdoor Living

small outdoor living area ideas
Cc: Pinterest

This idea uses a small space in the backyard as a living area. The round firepit saves more space there. For a more attractive impression, two chairs with different designs are used. The throw pillows and blankets are additional decorations to eliminate the stiff impression there. The blanket not only decorates the outdoor living area but also keeps your body warm.

Lighting only relies on outdoor string lights. Yellow lighting creates a dimly lit effect at night. It is very suitable to make it a place to relax.

17. Simple Present Tranquility

simple living space ideas
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A simple or minimalist concept does not always look bad. In fact, it can create a perfectly calm atmosphere, making the outdoor living area feel comfortable as a place to relax or gather.

Natural materials such as rattan are relied on to enhance a thicker natural impression. The seat cushion and throw pillow are soft white to maintain a natural look there. Also, it creates a simpler look that is comfortable for the eyes. Playing with textures removes the stiff or boring impression there.

18. Decorate with Lampions

Cc: Pinterest

If you feel that your outdoor living area is good enough, start by combining colors, decorations, and patterns, then make it perfect by using the right lights. If outdoor string lights are too mainstream, then choose different lights. And, using lampions is the right idea. This gives a bit of a traditional impression. The lights inside create good lighting. With lampions, the outdoor living area looks more attractive.

19. Colorful Outdoor Tiles

colorful tiles
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This idea does not use a lot of decorations. There is only a coffee table, a small sofa, and a chair. The pink throw pillows are a reliable decoration. Besides that, the coffee table is also decorated with beautiful flowers.

Even though it seems simple, the simple outdoor living area looks attractive. There is no stiff or boring impression here. The colorful patio tiles successfully enliven the outdoor living area. Bright colors such as orange, pink, blue, and green create a fun atmosphere.

20. Bring The Summer Vibes

summer vibes
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The change of season is the right time for you to change the interior and exterior decoration. Make the outdoor living area look attractive in the summer. Bring a fresh and cloudless atmosphere at once by choosing the right color and pattern.

Plant patterns such as leaves and flowers bring summer vibes very well. Green is the right color to bring freshness into the outdoor living area. The rest, only need to rely on natural materials such as wood.

The pattern is only available on the throw pillows and the chair to avoid an excessive impression. That way, the beauty of the outdoor living area is well maintained.

21. Use The Swing Sofa

swing sofa
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If using the sofa is very mainstream, and you want to create a a different look to the outdoor living area, then using the swing sofa is a great idea you can choose from. This is the next of 22 outdoor living area ideas. But, before applying this idea to your house, make sure first that the roof of your patio is strong enough to hang the swing sofa.

Gray sofa or other sofa with natural color is the most appropriate to fill the outdoor living area. Then, if you want to make it look interesting, rely on the throw pillows. Use the throw pillows with bright, refreshing colors such as blue, orange, pink, and so on. For the pattern, choose a pattern that matches the concept of your home exterior.

22. Colorful Outdoor Living

colorful outdoor living area ideas
Cc: Pinterest

The last of 22 outdoor living area ideas is the colorful outdoor living. Various bright colors are available, such as yellow, blue and red. The color green comes in natural forms such as plants on the side of the chair, on the coffee table, and the vines on the wall. And, with white as the main color, these bright colors stand out and alive. It is perfect to enliven the patio.

Due to the small space, the patio is only filled with a coffee table, a chair, and a bench. There are no other decorations. Beauty only comes from colorful throw pillows and the plants.

Final Words

These are 22 outdoor living area ideas that you can use as a reference. In its application, adjust it to your space. Pay attention to the color and the pattern because this is very important in creating the atmosphere of the outdoor living area. For comfort, choose a cozy chair or sofa that you like. And done. The outdoor living area is ready for you to use to entertain your guests.

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