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4 Tips for Saving Money on Appliance Repair

Do you have a broken appliance? Many customers find it surprising how little they know about their household appliances. You may not even realize when they break down! Unplugging a refrigerator or stove and calling a repairman is normal for most people, but here are 4 tips that can help you save money on appliance repair.

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  1. Look for deals on new appliances and extended warranties

The average cost to repair a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher or washing machine is $150-$400, depending on the problem and the appliance model. Most people don’t even consider repairs until their appliance breaks, but you can save yourself thousands of dollars by being proactive about protecting your investment.

Purchasing an extended warranty for your new appliances–either at the time of sale or within 90 days of purchase–is one way to protect yourself from costly repairs. Extended warranties typically cover appliance parts and labor costs for three to five years after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

When considering an extended warranty, it’s important to understand exactly what’s covered in the contract as well as any deductibles or limitations that apply. For example, some warranties don’t cover certain types of damage (such as water damage) or may only cover products that are installed by a licensed contractor.

  1. Request quotes from multiple companies

You can request quotes from a couple or more companies and compare their prices. This will help you find the company with the most affordable service rate. However, keep in mind that some companies charge by the hour while others have a flat-rate pricing structure. So, it is important that you get the detailed list of services and associated costs before you make your final decision.

  1. Compare mid-range products with high end products

Do your research first – the internet is a great place to start when you want to find out more about appliance repair companies in your area. Some websites even allow customers to post reviews online. Read as many reviews as you can and try to find out what other customers have experienced with the company you’re considering using.

Compare mid-range products with high end products – sometimes it’s worth paying a little extra for better quality workmanship and materials, but other times there are cheaper options available that will do just as good job at half the cost. It’s important not to sacrifice quality when saving money on appliance repair; otherwise you run the risk of having problems down the line which may not be covered by warranty or insurance plans offered by your chosen company.

  1. Get a second opinion

You may think that an appliance repairman’s estimate is set in stone, but it’s not. If an appliance repairman tells you that you need a new dishwasher, get a second opinion. Most reputable repairmen will be happy to give you a second estimate at no charge.

Appliance repairs are notoriously expensive, whether it’s a refrigerator replacement or a Winnipeg dishwasher repair. This is because they cover a wide range of appliances, including large and small household gadgets, as well as commercial appliances. The good news here is that some minor repairs can be done, saving money and extending the life of the appliance you rely on in your home. Below we’ll outline some tips for saving money on appliance repair.

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