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Kitchen Appliance Trends in 2022

Changing and updating kitchen appliances is a clever way to modernize your kitchen without going through a whole renovation. Trending appliances will make your kitchen look modern, re-equipped and help you have cooking experiences that are a step ahead.

Customized Appliances

Customized appliances are capable of changing the entire look of a kitchen. Seamless, sleek kitchens are in trend. But with appliances like freezer or dishwasher disrupt the seamless look. To resolve the problem, customizing the appliances is the only valid option.

Built in freezer and dishwasher are now pretty standard in modern kitchens. Customized built in spaces for food processors or mixers can enhance the sleek look of your kitchen.

Built in utensil drawers are another space saving and trendy idea to modernize your kitchen. Drawers that has holders or chambers for forks and knifes will make your kitchen more organized and clutter free.

Eco friendly

Your one small and smart eco-friendly choice can make a big difference. Little choices like reducing the use of paper towels and using sustainable alternatives will help the environment.

Another eco-friendly kitchen good that is actually popular now is wax wrap. Wax wraps reduces the use of plastic or plastic wraps. They also lessen the use of tupperware and helps solving the storage problems in your cabinet.

Another healthy and eco-friendly trend is stream ovens. It can cook better than traditional ovens and it is better at heating up food than regular microwave ovens. It provides both eco-friendly cooking method and healthier food.

The Time Saver

Having appliances that help you save time and be more efficient are real game changer. Programmable coffee maker or smart instant pots are not only time saving but also labour saving.

Instant boiling water taps like Hanstrom are also an appliance worth buying. Filtered and hot water is always ready in case you want a beverage. For example, if you have a boiling water tap, you won’t need any kettle or other utensils. You’ll pull a tab and safe near boiling water is ready for you.

You can also do a dumbwaiter lift installation. This will greatly save food delivery time for each floor in the house. Not only that, food can be picked up and delivered easily and more practically without having to spend the effort to go up and down the stairs.

Compact Appliances

Compact, space-saving ideas for kitchen appliances are in trend right now. Appliances like speed oven- a combination of microwave and convection oven is a perfect example of compact appliance. These types of appliances are a great choice for small kitchen. Having one piece of appliance that has a lot of features, is easy to maintain and use. So when you are shopping for kitchen appliances, try to go for options that are compact and space saving.

Another idea to make your kitchen look more compact and linear is handled less appliances. When you are customizing or designing the built in appliances, try to make them handle less. Press to open or other handle less designs function just as well as handles but gives your kitchen more finished look.

Appliance Garage

Every modern kitchen should have appliance garage for the small appliances. Instead of displayed in the counter, they should have a specific place. Small appliances like kettles, toaster, and coffee maker even a microwave can go in the appliance garage. It will make your countertop clutter free and your kitchen will have a fresh, organized, and seamless vibe.

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