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Items You Should Never Store In A Storage Unit

Storage units are essential for people who want to store their belongings. Whether you store for a few days or several months, storage units are safe and secure to keep your household or office items.

Nevertheless, some items cannot be stored in the storage units while the storage unit owners reject others. However, some things can be rejected by one unit but accepted by another.

But the good news is that most items are acceptable in the storage units. It is also wise to know what you can store in the unit and what you cannot. Here is a list of items you should never store in a storage unit.

Items prohibited or rejected in a storage unit.

1. Firearms and guns

Most storage units do not store guns. Whether you have a rifle, revolver, pistol, or shotgun, it cannot be stored in a storage unit. Nevertheless, some units specialize in storing guns and firearms.

If you find a storage unit that stores guns, it is important to check its credentials. Ask for their certificate of operation and license, and read reviews about their services.

2. Aerosols and pressure vessels

Before storing any of your items in the storage unit, it is a good idea to check whether your belongings are allowed. Aerosols and pressure vessels are some of the things that are prohibited in the storage units.

These include gas cylinders that can explode due to an increase in temperature. This can cause fire and damage to other items in the unit. Hence, many storage units do not store aerosols and pressure vessels.

3. Plants and pets

Storage units do not store pets, no matter your pet’s size or species. In addition, they do not store plants since they can wither and die in the unit. Hence, pets and plants are some of the main items that are prohibited in the storage unit.

4. Explosive

If you have explosives, it might not be easy to hire NYC movers to transport them or store them in a storage unit. Explosive are things such as fireworks, kerosene, and gasoline. This is because they can cause a fire.

5. Medical Things

Medical items are other items you cannot store in the storage unit. Things such as prescriptions, x-ray machines, heart monitors, and other medical items are not permitted in the storage units.

Nevertheless, it is a good idea to ask the unit operators whether they store the items or not. This is because you may find some units that can store the items for you.

6. Items with a tough odor

Several storage units do not permit storing items with a strong odor. Such items include perfumes, colognes, and others. The items can cause a negative reaction to the unit and other items.

Even if the odor is considered a good one, the strong odor can cause some effects on other things in the unit. Hence, there are high chances that your request to store perfumes or colognes will be turned down.

7. Tires

Most storage units do not store tires. This is because they are difficult items to dispose of. Even though there are storage units where you can store a car, you might not be allowed to store more than four tires on the car.

So, if you disappear and leave your items, they will not have a hard time getting rid of them.

8. Hazardous materials

If you have hazardous materials, there are higher chances you may not be allowed to store them in the storage unit. Hazardous items include disinfectants, acids, toxic substances, fungicides, radioactive materials, and chemicals.

Whether you want to store them for a short time or a long time, chances are you will be turned down whenever you try to store the hazardous materials in a storage unit.

9. Illegal items

Storage units will not allow you to store illegal things in their storage unit. But if you store the items without their consent, they will not cover up for you when they discover you have stored an illegal thing in the storage unit.

10. Extremely valuable items

Even though several storage units specialize in the storage of extremely high-value items, some will turn down your offer. This is due to some security and safety reasons. Also, they may not manage to offer the necessary insurance to cover your valuable items.

Therefore, if you have extremely valuable items you need to store, make sure you consult the storage unit operators. Also, make sure they are well insured.


If you are planning to store your household or office items in a storage unit, it is important to know what items you can keep and those you cannot keep in the storage unit. With the information, you will not end up with many items without a place to keep them.

Many professional moving companies, such as NYC movers, offer storage services. However, ensure you only pack items allowed in the storage unit.

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