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Top 10 Tips To Make Your Home Energy Efficient And Eco Friendly

Everyone knows the importance of an eco-friendly and energy efficient lifestyle these days. The first step of starting an environmentally friendly lifestyle should begin at home. The choices you make as a homeowner can help lower carbon emissions and environmental footprint.

Eco-friendly houses are low maintenance and energy efficient than conventional houses. So when you are switching to eco-friendly options in household items, you are saving money and saving the planet at the same time. We are here to help you convert your house to a environmentally friendly house with some small changes.

1. Insulated doors and windows

Bad insulation in doors and windows are a major cause of energy wastage. When your doors and windows are not insulated or poorly insulated, a lot of energy is being drained to maintain a comfortable temperature. Fixing it will stop energy wastage and save you some electric bills.

2. Energy efficient water heater

Water heaters are the biggest consumers of household electricity. Choosing the right heater will save a significant amount of energy. Tankless water heaters are more energy efficient than regular heaters. The regular ones are attached to water tanks and use a lot of energy to heat up water. But tankless heaters are simply attached to a wall and heat up water only when needed.

3. Upgrade to LED

LED light bulbs consume less energy than conventional live bulbs. Converting to LED bulbs is the cheapest and easiest way to save energy. Using customized features like dimmer or timers are also helpful to save your money and energy.

4. Natural lighting

Adding natural lighting is another way to reduce electricity usage. Avoiding electric lights when there is natural light is a practical and eco-friendly habit. Installing skylight windows, hanging mirrors, choosing the right colours palette are some practical ways to let in natural light. 

5. Use smart appliances

New and smart appliances are more eco friendly than old appliances. Most appliances these days are designed to be eco friendly. If you throw out your old appliance and install a new one, not only you are saving energy bills but also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

6. Roof color

This might seem a little unusual but your roof color does have an effect on the energy usage of your house.A light coloured roof is more energy efficient than a dark coloured roof. A light coloured roof will reflect the sunlight instead of retaining it and keeps the house cooler.

7. Use recycled goods

Try to use recycled goods. Recycling and refusing second hand clothes, furnitures are the best ways to reduce industrial energy usage.

8. Eco friendly construction material

Plan to be eco friendly when you are building a house. Use environmentally friendly alternatives of regular insulation and foundation.

9. Well planned yard

A well planned yard can increase the efficiency of your house. Big trees in your yard will help you have a cool temperature in your house during summer. But poorly planned landscaping often leads to water wastage in households. Avoiding grass and planting native plants or moss are a clever way to reduce water usage.

10. House shape and size

The shape and design of your house also have an impact on energy efficiency. Large windows, higher ceilings, glass doors make it hard to control the temperature of your house which is not energy saving at all. A home with confined space makes it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature.

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