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Pictures & Ideas: 15 Scandinavian Bedrooms That Are Cozy and Stylish – Scandinavian, is one of the most popular designs these days. Minimalist, simple, and functional concepts are the advantages of Scandinavian design. This is also the reason why Scandinavian designs are chosen by many.

As a private room, the bedroom must be made as comfortable and attractive as possible. In addition to resting, sleep is often used as a room to work, study, watch movies, and play.

Applying Scandinavian as a bedroom design is a right idea. And in this article, we have provided Pictures & Ideas of 15 Scandinavian Bedrooms That Are Cozy and Stylish. So, let’s check it out!

Monochrome Scandinavian Bedroom

monochrome scandinavian bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The simple appearance that is the characteristic of Scandinavian design requires not using too many colors in the room, one to three colors is enough to make a Scandinavian bedroom look attractive.

And, for creating a simple appearance, a monochrome Scandinavian bedroom is an interesting idea to apply.

  • White as a base color of the room

There are two monochrome colors that can be used: black and white.
The Scandinavian bedroom is better to make it bright by choosing white as the basic color of the room.

  • Separate black color decoration

For black color can be applied scattered. Such as wall decorations, table lamps, tables, pillows, and other bedroom decorations.

Soothing Appearance

soothing bedroom appearance
Cc: Pinterest

Who does not want the soothing bedroom? The soothing bedroom will feel much more comfortable. If we look at the picture above, rattan items are the main key to the soothing appearance in the bedroom. The rattan bed frame, rattan rug make the Scandinavian look soft. Coupled with some green plants placed in a place exposed to light.

Modern Scandinavian Bedroom

modern scandinavian bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Because of its minimalist appearance, the Scandinavian bedroom can be given a little touch to make it appear modern and contemporary.

As the main item in the bedroom, a minimalist bed is the main key in making the bedroom look modern. Coupled with a combination of black and gray.

Timber arranged horizontally coupled with warm lighting from LED lighting warmed the atmosphere of this room.

Warm Up The Bedroom with Fireplace

scandinavian bedroom with fireplace
Cc: Pinterest

Is it important to use a fireplace in the bedroom? So, for those of you who live in a country or city with a cold climate, it is very necessary to use a fireplace to keep the air in the house warm.

Maybe now there are various kinds of electric warmers that can be used. However, the fireplace has an attractive appearance that can be used as a Scandinavian bedroom decoration.

Scandinavian Bedroom with Soft Pink Touches

pink scandinavian bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The natural element inherent in this design can be seen from the colors used, such as gray, white, beige, and black. However, it is fine if you want to give a touch of another color so that the Scandinavian bedroom looks attractive, as long as the color is chosen is a soft color.

To add a soft and feminine side to the room, a Scandinavian bedroom can be given a touch of a beautiful soft pink color.

Soft pink bedding and some pillows are enough to make it stand out in a bedroom.

String Light As An Additional Lighting

string light scandinavian decor
Cc: Pinterest

To make the bedroom appear bright, the main lighting is needed. During the day, you can take advantage of natural lighting. And the lights at night.

Due to the many types of lights that are presented, the light function is not only to illuminate the room. Some lights such as string lights can be used as additional lighting to decorate the room.

String lights can be hung on the wall near the bed to provide a warm cozy atmosphere to this spot. The string light can also be a medium for hanging some memorable photos. In this way, the bedroom will look more attractive too.

Modern Minimalist Scandinavian Bedroom

minimalist scandinavian bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Modern and minimalist are the perfect combination that can make a Scandinavian bedroom look more stylish and cozy. The modern and minimalist concepts have the same goal, those are to make the room more functional, spacious, comfortable, and simple.

By only using makeshift furniture, the modern and minimalist Scandinavian bedroom can look attractive. A fabric bed frame with a minimalist design is the main key to the minimalist and modern concept. Gray curtains, black and white painting with gold frames, tree stump table polished to a smooth and shiny finish complement the modern minimalist Scandinavian bedroom look.

Warm Scandinavian Bedroom Look

warm scandinavian bedroom appearance
Cc: Pinterest

A warm, calm, and comfortable atmosphere is coveted by many people. Bringing these three atmospheres into the bedroom is an effective way to make the bedroom the most comfortable room at home.

In making the bedroom be the most comfortable room at home, the warm Scandinavian bedroom is an interesting and appropriate idea to apply.

The color combination of white and beige holds the full color look in the bedroom. And to make the bedroom look stylish, add some decorations made of wood.

Exposed White Brick Walls

exposed white brick walls
Cc: Pinterest

The exposed brick wall is a characteristic of industrial style. However, there is nothing wrong with applying an exposed brick wall in a Scandinavian bedroom with the aim of making the bedroom look more interesting.

A simple appearance and only relying on the same color sometimes makes the bedroom look boring. Therefore, giving a texture to the wall with the exposed brick wall is the right idea.

The difference with the industrial style, the exposed brick wall in Scandinavian will be painted white which makes the room look bright.

All Go White

white scandinavian bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Applying white to the entire bedroom, starting from the walls to the bed, can make a Scandinavian bedroom look naturally bright. Besides that, making white the main color of the room is an effective way to make a small room feel wider.

However, if not decorated properly, applying white to the entire bedroom can make this room look stiff.

So there are several decorations that can be applied to a white Scandinavian bedroom:

  • Increase the use of fabrics

One way to make the white bedroom look not stiff is by increasing the use of fabric. This is very useful for giving a soft look to the bedroom. Not only that but increasing the use of fabric can also give a warm atmosphere to this room so that the Scandinavian bedroom will feel cozy.

Fabric from animal fibers will be much better for a Scandinavian bedroom. You can use a sheepskin rug and wool blanket.

  • Wood material

To overcome the stiff appearance of the white bedroom, the present wood fibers in this room. Try to decorate the bedroom with wooden furniture that is left alone (without being given any paint). Let the wood show its natural look.

Fresh Scandinavian Bedroom

fresh scandinavian bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

As a place to rest, a fresh atmosphere also needs to be presented in the bedroom. One of the most effective ways of bringing a fresh atmosphere into the Scandinavian bedroom is to decorate the bedroom with plants.

Green plants on the table side on each side of the bed with beautiful pots also add to the aesthetic value of this room. The warm lighting nearby makes the bedroom feel livelier. Bedside wall lights make this room look more stylish.

Soft Rug Decoration for Warmth Scandinavian Bedroom

warm scandinavian bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The next idea to make the Scandinavian bedroom look stylish and cozy is to decorate the bedroom with a rug. The gray rug gives a slightly cool look to the bedroom. However, the soft rug brings a warm atmosphere to the Scandinavian bedroom.

Besides that, the use of a rug has other benefits, especially for the small bedroom. Decorating a small bedroom with a rug can give the illusion of a spacious look. So that the small Scandinavian bedroom will far from the stuffy and cramped look.

Soft Scandinavian Bedroom Appearance with Warm Earth Tones

soft scandinavian look
Cc: Pinterest

In decorating Scandinavian design, white is not the only color that can be chosen as the base color. As in the picture above, the Scandinavian bedroom looks soft with warm earth tones.

The Scandinavian bedroom looks so stylish with Rossy Brown as the basic color of the room. The walls painted in Rossy Brown give a serene look to the bedroom. And white is the color used to decorate this room. White bedding, white wall decors, white flooring, is enough to make this Scandinavian bedroom look bright naturally.

Make it Look Simpler

simple scandinavian bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

In making the bedroom look stylish and cozy, you do not have to use too many decorations.

As in the picture above, there is only a bed as the main item with layered bedding which makes it look so attractive. Gray rugs are very helpful for overcoming a clumsy look due to the lack of decoration in this room. Plus the black bed-side reinforces the appearance of the bedroom. Accompanied by the artificial plants on the other side of the bed which are so pretty. For wall decoration, a medium-size painting with black frames is enough to make a white wall look awesome.

Scandinavian Bedroom with Dark Concept

dark scandinavian bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

There are several Scandinavian colors that are very familiar:

  1. White. Often used as the main color of the room to make it look bright
  2. Grey. To make the room looks mature and cold.
  3. Beige. Neutralizing the stiff and cold appearance of white and gray colors so that the room still looks soft and warm.
  4. Black. To give a firm look to the room.

These four colors can be used as base colors. So, the Scandinavian design does not just look white. Scandinavian bedroom with the dark concept is an interesting idea to apply.

Black as the basic color of the bedroom makes the bedroom look masculine and bold. However, there is no need to worry about a dark appearance. By maximizing sunlight the room will still feel comfortable. The black color in the sun gives calm to the bedroom.

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