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Presenting Natural Feel in Small Spaces, Here are 9 Tiny Studio Apartment Makeover You Can Follow

Olidhomes.comThe increasing population is one of the factors for the existence of apartments. Its strategic location and equipped with complete facilities make apartments superior to housing. Besides that, the apartment also has several types so you can adjust it according to your needs. One of them is a studio-type apartment. The narrow space is not a barrier in making this place to live feel comfortable. You can do a tiny studio apartment makeover to make it cozy.

Presenting a natural feel in a tiny studio apartment is an interesting idea to make this small room feel cramped and stuffy. So, for those of you who are interested in this idea, we have provided 9 Tiny Studio Apartment Makeover you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

A Small Space for Shoe Storage

tiny studio apartment makeover


The scattered shoes are certainly very disturbing to the view of the apartment. Not only that, the shoes that look make the small apartment seem messy and dirty. Therefore, shoe storage in a small space in your apartment.

You can use the entrance room in the apartment as clever storage for your shoes. With this, you can more easily take the shoes you want when you want to go out and put them back after wearing them. With a makeover, the entry space in your tiny studio apartment becomes a storage place for one, being an alternative way to maintain the tidiness and beauty of the core room.

Layered Bedding with Nude Colors

tiny studio apartment bedroom makeover

In creating a natural feel to the tiny studio apartment, it is better to use neutral colors, such as nude colors. Layered bedding is applied to make the bed feel comfortable. The nude colors in the layered bedding make it look so soft and calm.

There are many types of beds to choose from. However, for a tiny studio apartment full mattress is the right choice to use. The full mattress is comfortable enough for one adult to use. Plus layered bedding will make the bed more comfortable.

Minimalist Wall Decors

minimalist small apartment decor

In the tiny studio apartment makeover is actually quite easy. No need for excessive decoration in this one residence. You only need to provide one photo or painting with a wooden frame as an apartment wall decoration. That way, the minimalist tiny studio apartment does not look stiff and boring.

Wooden Table Cabinet to Store Your Stuff

small apartment makeover

The next tiny studio apartment makeover is to replace the wardrobe with a table cabinet.

Across from the bed, you can see a wooden table cabinet that fills the free space in the tiny apartment. When decorating a tiny small apartment, make sure you take advantage of all the details.

Table cabinets can be used to store your stuff so that the apartment looks neat and clean. Besides that, at the top of the table cabinet can be used as a spot to support the beauty of the apartment. To give a tiny studio apartment a natural feel, put some small plants on top.

Wooden Elements and Natural Lighting

soothing small apartment ideas

In this tiny apartment makeover, natural elements are utilized in presenting a natural feel into the apartment. Wooden elements and natural lighting are the right choices. Besides giving a comfortable natural impression, the atmosphere of the studio apartment also feels more calm and calm.

  • Timber is installed vertically as a room divider

One thing to note about the studio apartment is that there is no room divider. So you will lose your privacy here. However, you do not need to worry because you can provide a much more attractive room divider.

Timber is installed vertically as a room divider. Here, we can separate the spots to relax and the spots to rest. The timber which is twisted vertically also gives an attractive natural impression to the studio apartment.

  • Wooden floor

Wooden flooring was chosen to make the tiny studio apartment look soft and natural. The color and texture of the wooden flooring work well in creating a warm and serene atmosphere.

  • Remove the use of curtain

Small rooms really need excessive lighting. Therefore, make sure there are no decorations on the windows that can block the light from entering the room. Here, the windows are just left alone. There are only a few decorations such as cactus plants that give the apartment a fresh and natural feel.

A Multifunctional Room

cozy small apartment ideas


Only consisting of one core room is one of the disadvantages of a studio apartment. However, you do not need to worry because by creating a multifunctional room, this problem can be resolved.

Instead of using a chair or sofa, a wooden bench is much more interesting to use. Having space at the bottom of the wooden bench will make the small apartment feel wider. A bench is made together to form a U which is then placed in the corner of the apartment.

comfortable studio apartment ideas

The right side of the wooden bench is used as a place to store your favorite books. The middle and right side of the bench is used as a seat. To make it comfortable, the cushion chairs are put on the bench. Not to forget some cushions with beautiful colors and motifs. To save space, a table is used where the right side of the table can be folded. So, when it’s not needed, the table will look small.

You can use this spot as a living room, reading nook, and even a dining room.

Beautify The Multifunctional Room with Minimalist Pendant Lamp

minimalist pendant lamp

Just relying on the main lighting of the room is certainly not enough. Today, there are many types of lamps that can be used to provide additional light as well as a room decoration.

The white minimalist pendant lamp was chosen to give a bright and natural impression to the multifunctional room. Because there is so much stuff here, the minimalist white pendant will make this spot look more sweet and beautiful.

Minimalist pendant lamp hung right on the table. Hanging from the ceiling to the center of the room.

Clean and Fresh Minimalist Kitchen

minimalist kitchen in studio apartment


The kitchen is an important part of the residence. The small kitchen in a tiny studio apartment should be kept to a minimum. The kitchen utensils are neatly stored in the kitchen cabinet. To give a wide impression to this small kitchen, the color of the kitchen cabinet is made to match the color of the apartment walls. For the refrigerator, choose a small size so that it is more practical and does not take up space.

The Sansevieria plant is placed on the kitchen window to provide a natural and fresh atmosphere. The Sansevieria plant itself has the ability to absorb harmful substances in the air. That way, the air in your tiny studio apartment will be healthy and fresh.

Bathroom Shelves For Neat Look

Just like the kitchen, there are also several items in the bathroom that can make the bathroom messy. Therefore, so that the tidiness of the bathroom is maintained, use bathroom shelves. Here, you can put your things neatly. Wooden bathroom shelves were chosen to make this small room look softer and more natural.

The towels were also neatly hung on the walls. No need to use wall decorations anymore, because towels have made the bathroom look attractive. Also, put dry plants in the bathroom as an additional decoration.


For those of you who live alone, a studio-type apartment is a right place to live. Apart from the more affordable price, its small size will not make you feel empty. Besides that, studio apartments are also easier to clean. It’s just that, you have to be careful in decorating your apartment. The decoration mistake you did will make the small apartment uncomfortable. So, for those of you who want to makeover your ordinary studio apartment, here we have provided 9 Tiny Studio Apartment Makeover You Can Follow.

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