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Scandinavian Studio Apartment: Feel Cozy and Soothing in One Place – Increasingly, the urban population is increasing. This is one of the factors why there is less and less empty land in urban areas. However, the architects were looking for ways how the city dwellers could live in one piece of land. And then, the apartment was created.

Many people prefer to live in an apartment. Besides being located in the middle of the city, the facilities in the apartment are also more complete, such as a gym and a swimming pool.

In order for the apartment to accommodate more city residents, apartments are made of various types, one of which is the studio type. Studio-type apartments are perfect for those of you who live alone. Besides that, the price is also more affordable.

However, studio apartments tend to be cramped and uncomfortable. And applying Scandinavian design to the apartment interior is the right idea.

For those of you who are interested in the Scandinavian Studio Apartment, here we have provided some ideas to make you Feel Cozy and Soothing in One Place. So, let’s check it out!

White Scandinavian Studio Apartment

This studio apartment looks so cozy and spacious. The white concept makes it appear naturally bright. The whitewashed wall gives a wide effect to the studio apartment. White color is also applied to some furniture to get rid of the annoying cramped feeling.

white scandinavian studio apartment

The walls that are made only half provide a boundary between the bedroom and living room. For a small room, it would be better not to use a barrier that is too close. That way the studio apartment will feel spacious.

The minimalist design sofa in gray color gives it a soft look. Some minimal details make the white Scandinavian studio apartment look more attractive and less rigid. A little wall decoration in the form of mirrors and framed paintings is enough to make the studio apartment look beautiful.

Scandinavian Studio Loft

No need to feel cramped even in a small apartment. The studio loft is an interesting idea to use. At the top is made as a comfortable bed. And the lower part is used as a cool place to relax. A sofa with a slightly larger size makes full use of the available space in a studio apartment. To give the apartment a more airy impression, the LED TV is hung on the wall.

scandinavian monochrome apartment

The black and white concept in Scandinavian studio apartments is also more attractive and masculine. Black gives a bold edge and white for a bright look.

Fresh Feel with Plants D├ęcor

The appearance of Scandinavian design is natural. In addition to the colors used are natural light colors, the Scandinavian design also prefers plants as interior decoration.

The little plants that decorate the studio apartment make the atmosphere of this little place feel fresh. Green blends with white for a more natural finish. Several vases with interesting shapes give a prettier appearance.

interior plant decors

The selection of small plants for several spots in the studio apartment is indeed more effective. The fresh nuance will feel all over. Compared to using a large plant only in one spot. Large plants will also take up a lot of space in a studio apartment. As a result, the apartment will feel even smaller.

Blue Pastel Sofa for Soft Studio Apartment Appearance

The Scandinavian design is more famous for its neutral colors, such as white, beige, gray, and black. However, it is fine to use a different color in Scandinavian designs. Provided, the colors used are still soft and seem natural.

soft scandinavian studio apartment

This studio apartment might look a little different. The pastel blue sofa looks so iconic in the apartment. Coupled with other pastel colors on the pillowcases used to decorate the sofa. The combination of pastel colors makes Scandinavian studio apartments look soft, bright, and fresh.

A Glass Partition

This one apartment looks spacious but there are still boundaries between one spot and another. A glass partition is placed between the bedroom and sofa. Provide boundaries for private spots and spots to hang out and relax with friends.

small room divider

A glass partition with a black frame looks clear and bold in a white Scandinavian studio apartment. The black color was deliberately chosen to create clear boundaries. The sofa that is placed against the partition becomes a barrier to the visible bed.

Bookshelf As A Partition

Studio apartments almost never have wall dividers. The existence of a wall divider is only considered to make the studio apartment feel cramped. Therefore, there are lots of partitions that can be used in apartments, such as a bookshelf.

Many books sometimes become a problem. Stacking books in one place will certainly make the apartment studio look messy. Therefore, using a bookshelf is the right idea.

small room partitions

In this Scandinavian studio apartment one, the bookshelf is used as a divider between the living room and bedroom. The bookshelf is placed to the direction where the light is coming, back to the bed. The bed which is almost covered by the bookshelf makes this place more private.

Scandinavian Studio Apartment with Pretty Wall Decorations

Neutral colors and minimalist detail are characteristics of Scandinavian design. However, sometimes it is these characteristics that make a room appear stiff and unattractive. Therefore, the Scandinavian design really needs decorations on the walls so that the room looks charming.

studio apartment decors

You can see a minimalist but attractive appearance from this Scandinavian studio apartment. Furniture with a minimalist design coupled with beautiful wall decorations.

The decoration used in this studio apartment is quite simple, only the paintings and pictures are framed in gold. Because the walls in this apartment are painted gray, so the gold color will not look quirky on the walls. On the contrary, the gold color enlivens the gray color on the apartment walls.

Modern Scandinavian Studio Apartment

The Scandinavian minimalist look makes this design very easy to combine with modern concepts. Like in this one studio apartment. Minimalist and modern Scandinavian looks so perfectly filling the studio apartment.

The coffee table looks minimalist with bright white color. The existence of a bench with a unique shape gives a modern impression to the studio apartment. Abstract pendant lamp was chosen to make the room look minimalist and modern.

modern scandinavian studio apartment

The neutral colors applied to Scandinavian apartments provide a calm and warm atmosphere. Wood elements are also another factor that makes Scandinavian studio apartments feel comfortable.

A little black touch on the pendant lamps and several dining chairs in the studio apartment gives a firm and calm impression to the apartment. The black color is deliberately placed in the middle of the room to get natural lighting, which makes black look beautiful.

The minimalist look can be seen clearly from the lack of wall decorations that are applied to the apartment. There is only one painting in a minimalist style hanging on a white wall.


Apartments are the most popular places to live. The location in the middle of the city and complete facilities are the plus points of the apartment. There are many types offered, one of which is a studio type apartment. This one residence is perfect for those of you who live alone. The size that is not too big will make you feel comfortable in the apartment. But unfortunately, because the place is narrow, many are still confused about how to decorate and design studio type apartments to be comfortable and aesthetic. And choosing a Scandinavian design is the right idea. In this article, we have provided some interesting ideas from Scandinavian studio apartments that are comfortable and soothing.

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