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10 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Will Beautify Your Home – The kitchen is a room that has so many small items that if left unchecked it can make the kitchen a messy and dirty room. To keep the kitchen looking neat and clean is to put kitchen stuff in a hidden place. And this is the reason why a kitchen cabinet must used be in the kitchen.

Even though the kitchen is a room in the back of the house, the appearance of this room must be considered. Not only the tidiness but also the beauty of the kitchen is very important to the appearance of the house.

When we enter the kitchen, the cabinet kitchen becomes the first piece of furniture that catches our eye. So, to make the kitchen look attractive, kitchen cabinets can be utilized. There are lots of interesting kitchen cabinets that can add value to the beauty of the kitchen. And in this article, we have provided 10 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That will Beautify your Home. So, let’s check it out!

Sky-High Kitchen Cabinet

sky-high cabinet
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The application of a kitchen cabinet does not always have to be above the table. You can also apply it on the other side of the kitchen, such as above the refrigerator. Maybe it will be difficult to reach, but once again, it needs to be explained that the cabinet is smart storage for putting some equipment that can interfere with the appearance of the kitchen. So, especially for sky-high kitchen cabinets, put items that are rarely used.

Kitchen Cabinet with Sliding Timber Door

kitchen cabinet with sliding timber door
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Using a kitchen cabinet to make the kitchen look more beautiful is an interesting idea. The cabinet doors made of timber which are arranged vertically will make your kitchen look more attractive. Sliding door application to the cabinet is also a great way for saving space in the kitchen. A kitchen cabinet with a sliding door is perfect for small kitchens. Besides that, the natural color of timber gives a warm impression to the kitchen and also makes the kitchen look soft.

Glass Door Cabinet

glass door cabinet
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Most kitchen stuff in the kitchen may be cups, plates, and bowls. However, this kitchen stuff can be utilized as a kitchen decoration.

Currently, there are so many glasses, plates, and bowls presented in a set with beautiful and varied motifs and shapes. So that displaying it in the kitchen will certainly make the kitchen look beautiful.

With this, a kitchen cabinet with a glass door is the right choice for use in the kitchen. Place the glass, plates, and bowls neatly in the it. Putting it in the cabinet is also a great way to get this stuff exposed to dust or other dirt in the kitchen. So, you can use it in clean condition.

Kitchen Island Table with Extra Drawers

island table with drawers
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The kitchen cabinet does not only have to be applied to the wall. Try to elongate the high ceiling of your kitchen so that the kitchen looks more spacious. To change the function of the kitchen cabinet wall, you can customize the island table with extra drawers. Here you can put some items in the kitchen island table drawers. Besides that, putting kitchen stuff in the island table drawer will also make it easier for you to get the things you need (much more practical).

Kitchen Skirt Cabinet

skirt cabinet
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Not all kitchen cabinets have doors. There is also the exposed cabinet (cabinet without doors). If you do not like the appearance and find it very disturbing to the beauty of the kitchen, you can close it with a small curtain. Cut the fabric to size and then hang it from the bottom of the table using a rod. To be more practical you can buy cafe curtains at the nearest shops.

The use of curtains for cabinets can also be utilized to make the kitchen look more beautiful. Choose a curtains color that matches the kitchen design. Or you can also use curtains with floral motifs to sweeten this room.

Consistent Kitchen Cabinet

consistent black cabinet
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Sometimes, in some homes, especially minimalist homes, walls are rarely used. Open-plan rooms are a concept that is often applied in homes nowadays. In the absence of walls, the house will look more spacious. The appearance of the house also looks more modern.

However, the absence of a wall as a room divider makes it very difficult for us to determine a room.

The kitchen becomes the room that is always connected to the dining room or living room. To create a kitchen without barriers, use a consistent kitchen cabinet.

You can apply a kitchen cabinet with a similar color. Black is the right color to use. A black kitchen cabinet will give you a bold look that indicates where the kitchen is. A little touch of gold makes it appear more glamorous.

Floating Cubbies

floating cubbies for kitchen
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Kitchen cabinets are not appropriate to use for a tiny kitchen because they are considered to take up too much space, so the kitchen will feel narrower. To replace the function of a kitchen cabinet, floating shelves are the items most often chosen. However, compared to floating shelves, floating cubbies are much more appropriate for use in the kitchen.

The tops and insides of floating cubbies provide more storage space than floating shelves, so you can put more stuff here. You can also hang some kitchen stuff like small cutting boards, or some decorations like small plants.

Classy Kitchen Cabinet

classy kitchen look
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Minimalist kitchen is made to appear classy, why not? With a classy-style kitchen set, it will certainly give a classy look to the kitchen too. No need a gold touches on the cabinet. You just have to choose a navy blue kitchen cabinet with a dove surface. You will get an attractive appearance when the kitchen cabinet is exposed to sunlight or light.

An island table with a navy blue bottom and marble top is also the right idea to load a minimalist kitchen look more classy and beautiful. Marble material is indeed very fitting to give an expensive look to the room.

Glossy Kitchen Cabinet

glossy and beautiful kitchen
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Want to have a kitchen with a natural and shiny look? You can choose a glossy kitchen cabinet to fill your kitchen. Glossy cabinets look so beautiful when exposed to natural light that enters the kitchen. Not only that, but the lights will also shine on the surface of this cabinet.

The selection of nude colors is perfect for making the kitchen look natural. Glossy kitchen cabinets with quirky colors will only make the kitchen look so contrasting.

All Go White

bright white kitchen
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Matching the cabinet color to the wall color is fine. White kitchen cabinets can indeed be used as an option for those of you who want a bright room.

A kitchen that looks bright will certainly feel warmer and more comfortable. Not only that, applying white color to kitchen cabinets and walls is the right way to make small kitchens look more spacious.

No need to worry about the presence of a stiff appearance in the kitchen, because the wood elements in this room are very integrated with white and make the kitchen look so soft. Some small plants as kitchen decorations give a little fresh impression. In this way, the kitchen will be far from being stiff and boring.


As a room that has so many items, if it is not given storage space the kitchen will look messy and dirty. This is not very good for the look and also the comfort of this room. And to keep the kitchen tidy, make sure you use the kitchen cabinet to put the kitchen items. Currently, there are many interesting kitchen cabinets. And in this article, we have provided 10 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Will Beautify Your Home. Try to choose the right one that matches to your kitchen design.

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