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Planning Your Garden Design? Here Are 8 Things You Should Consider – The remaining land behind the house is often used as a building for the sake of having a more spacious house. In fact, the function of the land in the back is to serve as a garden. Home garden is very important. The green color of the garden gives a fresh impression to the house. Also, the plants in the garden provide fresh and healthy air. Besides that, an attractive garden design will also increase the value of your own home.

Some of you may find it difficult to create a beautiful garden. Often we go to a gardening supply store and buy some plants that we think are interesting. However, when it came to the house it turned out that these plants were not suitable for our garden. Therefore, it is very important to plan your garden design.

For those of you who want to have an attractive garden in your house, you have to know first the 8 Things You Should Consider when Planning Your Garden Design.

Knowing Your Yard Well

The first thing you have to do is to know your yard well. Because, there are several factors that can influence you in buying the right plants, such as the climate in your area, soil type, yard area, and so on.

One of the most important things is how your yard is exposed to sunlight. The sunshine is what determines what plants will be used for your garden. You have to know whether your garden in full sun, partial shade, shade, or deep shade.

Think About Who Will Using Your Garden

The next thing you have to consider when planning your garden design is you have to think about who will use your garden. For you who have children perhaps you can make a garden as the playground. You can also make a garden as a place for your pets. Or, you can utilize the garden for your outdoor entertaining.

Knowing who will use the garden is so important. By knowing it, you can determine how to design the garden right.

Determining A Theme for Your Garden

Next is determining a theme for your garden. Determining a theme will help you determine the shape and appearance of the garden you want. Do you want to show more architecture in the garden? Or do you want a garden with a softer line and soothing natural nuances?

By choosing a theme, you will know what plants to use. Which spots will be planted with plants. And also the plant sizes that will be selected to fill the garden.

Often used as a place to relax and calm down, you can determine the coziest spot that you like. Like adding a comfortable bench and a fire pit that warms up when the weather is cold.

comfortable garden design

Create Openings to Encourage Exploration in Your Garden

For easily you when planning your garden design, you can imagine it like you are designing a house. There are several rooms that must be considered the layout and use.

Likewise with parks. You must know how to connect each spot in your garden. People will move from spot to spot. And you can create openings to encourage exploration in your garden. With this, the people in your garden can explore the garden easily and comfortably.

You can use natural stone as a material for a footing in the garden. Then on each side of the garden are given some beautiful plants or flowers. You can also place a small fountain to add value to your garden. Remember, a beautiful garden is a long-term investment.

Let’s Plants Work Well for The Garden

It feels complete if the garden does not have plants. In fact, the garden is very identical to beautiful plants. Instead of using plants as a garden symbol, it would be better if you could use plants to carry out several functions.

Certain plants have different functions, you can use plants to bring the fresh atmosphere and greenery home, make the garden fragrant, give beautiful colors to the garden, create beautiful scenery, provide delicious fruit or vegetables, and so on.

You can also use plants as a barrier in the garden. This will be much better than making a wall as a barrier. That way, the garden will look more open and broad. As a barrier, small plants such as flowers are the right choice.

Planting The Plants in The Garden in A Structured Manner

This is the important thing you have to consider. Planting the plants in the garden cannot be done carelessly. You have to pay attention to the shape and size of the garden in your house.

Try starting first with larger plants, such as trees. In order not to take up a lot of space, you can plant trees in the corner of the garden or the edge of the garden. Then block it with a few small plants on the edge.

The existence of a large tree can provide a shady spot in the garden. And here, you can take advantage of this spot as a place to relax during the day. Placing a bench or cozy chair just below it is the right option.

At times, the meeting between the walls and the ground makes the garden look narrow and unattractive. Here, you can block it by planting some plants on the edges of the garden.

gardening tips

Highlight The Important Spot in The Garden

Every place certainly has a special spot or important point, as well as the garden. Showing the important spot in the garden is important.

Did you know that creating a beautiful garden does not have to make all spots on the garden stand out? You can create an attractive spot and make it a spot that immediately catches the eye.

You can make a place to relax as an important spot in the garden. You can choose a sofa or bench with a beautiful design. Give a mattress to make it feel comfortable. Mattresses with quirky colors will beautify this spot. Do not forget to also give some pillows to make it more attractive. You can also add a fire pit right in the middle of the seat.

Pay Attention to The Details of Your Garden

This is the last thing you have to consider when planning your garden design: Pay attention to the details of your garden.

In designing your garden do not just focus on how it looks. You also have to pay attention to every detail in the garden. Like, when the flowers that are planted will bloom, the colors of the flowers in the garden, and also consider the fragrance of flowers in the garden.


Being one of the important parts of the house, of course, the existence of the garden also needs attention. In creating a comfortable and beautiful garden, there are several things that you must pay attention to. And this article helps you in guiding you to planning the garden design. And there are 8 Things You Have to Consider. So, happy trying!

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