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19 Unusual Roses Varieties for Your Striking Flower Garden – Having a beautiful appearance is one of the reasons why rose is a type of flower that many people like. This one plant is often chosen to fill or decorate the garden at home. The many types of roses with various colors are the advantages that make this plant chosen. There are white, pink, red, green and deep red colors. So, for those of you who are interested in choosing a rose as a flower to color your garden at home, here we have provided 19 Unusual Roses Varieties for Your Striking Flower Garden that can be your references. Let’s check it out!

1. Pink Grootendorst

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Pink Grootendorst is a perennial that loves the full sun. This rose can grow up to 6 inches. Pink Grootendorst grows better in hardiness zones 4 to 9. As an ornamental plant, it offers a beautiful appearance. Pink Grootendorst has fringed petals with deep pink colors.

It blooms little flowers in every season, as long as it gets enough nutrients. This rose is drought tolerant, so it grows well in hard conditions. Pink Grootendorst is compact as a garden landscape. You can grow Pink Grootendorst as your garden border. It makes a beautiful accent in your lovely garden.

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2. Blue Moonstone

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Blue Moonstone or Rosa ‘Blue Moonstone’ is another perennial. It can grow up to 4 inches. This rose grows better in hardiness zones 8 to 10. Blue Moonstone loves to grow under full sun, so it takes a sunny garden as well. It needs enough water to keep growing.

This variety won’t look as blue rose as its name. Blue Moonstone has violet and lilac-blue flowers. Their petals are very ruffled which makes them attractive. Meanwhile, the outer petals are light green. Blue Moonstone grows best in warm temperatures and rainy regions.

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3. Koko Loco

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Koko Loco or Rosa ‘WEKbijou’ is a beautiful variety of roses. This perennial is a sun lover. Koko Loco can grow up to 5 inches in hardiness zones 5 to 9. Koko Loco has rich brown buds and caramel latte flowers. You will see a hint of lavender on the edges. This rose is unusual to see in a common garden.

Besides, Koko Loco is an ideal choice for full sun to partial shade garden. This flower has a different hint based on the condition. It will have a deep lavender hint during warm seasons. The soft coffee hint will be deeper to appear in cool seasons. Rose Koko Loco also has green bushy foliage that makes it more interesting.

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4. Black Baccara

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Black Baccara or Rosa ‘MEIdebenne’ is a unique variety. This perennial grows well in full sun to partial shade. It grows up to 6 inches in hardiness zones 5 to 9. Black Baccara is a hybrid rose. This flower offers velvety petals with dark red colors.

Black Baccara turns to nearly black in a sunny location. Meanwhile, the crimson hint will appear when it begins to unfurl. Black Baccara is striking to grow on slender long stems. This rose is drought-tolerant. It grows well in dry and hot climates. Also, it blooms beautiful dark roses throughout the season.

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5. In Your Eyes

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In Your Eyes is also known as Rosa ‘WEKefybomeba’. This is a sunny rose that grows in hardiness zones 5 to 9. The mature plant can reach 8 inches. Rose In Your Eyes are multicolors. It offers deep orange and pink-lavender flowers.

This variety is a hybrid rose. Rose In Your Eyes has a striking red blotch on the center flowers. It blooms throughout the summer season. Rose In Your Eyes will generate a sweet fruity fragrance. You will love to see them in your garden with such appearances.

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6. Red Moss

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Red Moss has a scientific name as Rosa ‘Henri Martin’. It is a perennial plant that grows well in zones 4 to 11. Red Moss Rose is a sun lover, so it grows best under full sun. This variety has petals at the base of the bud, stems, and buds that cover like moss.

Red Moss Rose will bloom in the spring season. It can bloom double flowers in Fuschia to crimson. If you grow it near the gate or trellis, it will climb up the gate and reach 6 feet tall. Most Red Moss Roses generate a pine scent. So, a group of Red Moss roses will have a strong pine scent.

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7. Pomponella

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Pomponella is a rose variety that grows up to 4 inches. It is also known as Rosa ‘KORpompan’. Pomponella rose has cupped flowers in deep pink colors. This variety will bloom from spring to winter seasons. Every stem can generate up to 7 flowers. The pompon shape is an attractive part that you will love to see.

Pomponella has a mild fragrance. This variety is a common choice for a flower bouquet. Moreover, it is not difficult to grow Pomponella in your garden. This plant loves full sun and rich soil. As pest-resistant, this rose does not need special maintenance.

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8. Madame Plantier

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Madame Plantier or Rosa ‘Madame Plantier’ is a whitish flower. It loves full sun to partial shade. This plant can grow up to 12 inches. Madame Plantier Rose will grow best in hardiness zones 3 to 9. It has clusters of pink buds and ivory blush flowers. Madame Plantier is one of the best rose varieties to make a striking accent.

This plant is an attractive variety to grow in your garden. Madame Plantier Rose is a long-lived plant. It survives well, even after cutting. This rose will grow healthy and green in any season. Madame Plantier requires moderate water to get moist soil.

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9. The Green Rose

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The Green Rose has a scientific name Rosa chinensis ‘viridiflora’. It is a perennial that loves full sun. This variety can grow up to 4 inches. The Green Rose grows well in hardiness zones 7 to 10. It is a textural rose. The layered sepals make an attractive impression on this rose.

The Green Rose is a peculiar variety. This plant looks classic and interesting. Besides, this rose tolerates partial shade. It stays green in warm seasons. Also, it will rebloom if you prune some stems.

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10. Disneyland

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Disneyland Rose is also known as Rosa ‘JACmouse’. This variety can grow up to 4 inches. The best zone to grow in zones 5 to 9. Disneyland Rose is a sun lover. It grows faster under full sun with enough water. This plant has an attractive appearance from stems to leaves.

Disneyland Rose offers wavy flowers in various shades, like pink, salmon, copper, and apricot. These cheerful colors will enliven your garden. Also, this variety is disease-resistant. So, you can grow more Disneyland Roses. Their glossy green foliages are stunning to make a perfect bushy look.

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11. Rosa Glauca

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Rosa Glauca or Rosa rubrifolia is the next rose variety. It is also perennial. Rosa Glauca loves full sun to partial shade. The best location to grow Rosa Glauca is zones 2 to 9. This variety requires moist soil to grow up to 12 inches. Rosa Glauca is interesting to grow as a garden landscape.

Besides, it has a beautiful appearance. Rosa Glauca has deep blue-green foliage with single-petal flowers. Every flower has a hint of burgundy. Rosa Glauca is a beautiful flower that grows throughout the year. The red hint will come in the fall to the winter season.

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12. Dreaming

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Dreaming Rose or Rosa ‘CLEdream’ is a perennial. It grows best in full sun. The best region to grow Dreaming Rose is zones 6 to 10. It can grow up to 15 inches. Dreaming Rose has golden stamens and pink flowers. You will see their beautiful flowers in the summer season.

Dreaming Rose can grow like a bush. It needs a wide place to spread its growth. During the blooms, Dreaming Rose will attract pollinators like honeybees and butterflies. Their small flowers have a sweet fragrance. It can be one of your rose collections in the garden.

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13. Miyabi

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Miyabi or Rosa ‘Miyabi’ is the next rose variety. This unusual rose will grow better in zones 5 to 9. It grows well under full sun. Miyabi Rose is a perennial that grows up to 6 inches. The mature Miyabi Rose looks like a waterlily flower. It also has pointed petals.

Miyabi Rose has double flowers. The center of the flower is beige to peach. Meanwhile, the outer petals are deep pink. Miyabi Rose will bloom in the summer season. Some people like to cut Miyabi Rose and put it in a water vase. This flower offers a fresh fragrance to fill the atmosphere.

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14. Kensington Gardens

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Rosa ‘Kensington Gardens’ is commonly known as Kensington Gardens Rose. This variety grows best in full sun to partial shade. It grows up to 5 inches. Kensington Gardens Rose lives well in hardiness zones 8 to 11. This rose has a beautiful appearance.

Kensington Gardens Rose has coral pink flowers with double petals. It generates new buds from the center of the flower. It looks like a green bundle. Kensington Gardens Rose will grow healthy in moist soil and full sun. You can add slow-release fertilizer to boost their growth.

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15. Green Snake

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Green Snake or Rosa ‘LENwich’ is a beautiful perennial. It tolerates partial shade but prefers full sun. Green Snake Rose can grow up to 6 inches. This variety grows best in zones 5 to 10. Green Snake Rose is a bit different from other roses. It grows by creeping on the ground.

So, Green Snake Rose will make a beautiful ground cover. This rose can climb up on a trellis, gate, or plant. Green Snake Rose has ivory flowers and small green leaves. This plant blooms in the early spring season. Green Snake Rose needs enough moist soil to spread wider and bloom delicate flowers.

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16. Green Romantica

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Green Romantica is another green rose variety. Green Romantica Rose has fresh lime flowers. The hints of green are stunning to decorate your garden. This rose can grow up to 5 inches. It grows better in hardiness zones 7 to 11. Green Romantica Rose will make an attractive accent in full sun to a partial shade garden.

Green Romantica Rose has a double blooms open. The inner petals are ivory white and the outer petals are green. Green Romantica Rose needs a shaded area to remain their color. It grows better as a shady bush, so it will create a natural shelter for moist soil.

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17. Seven Sisters

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Seven Sisters Rose is also known as Rosa ‘GREvillei’. This perennial grows best in full sun to partial shade. The mature plant can reach 20 inches. It grows best in hardiness zones 4 to 9. Like its name, Seven Sisters Rose consists of seven colors when blooming.

Seven Sisters Rose has diverse colors, like cream, purple, and pink flowers. It blooms at least for 8 weeks from spring to summer. Seven Sisters Rose requires adequate water to keep growing. It tolerates any soil condition but prefers rich and moist soil. Besides, you need to prune this rose, if it grows like rambles.

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18. Papageno

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Papageno Rose is a striking variety. It looks like two tones of roses. Papageno Rose offers a rare flower with two colors. It will make the best choice to decorate your garden. This variety will stand strong against other roses in the same garden.

Papageno Rose can grow up to 3 to 4 feet tall. This variety blooms in the spring to the summer season. The mature Papageno Rose can produce many flowers. It looks like a beautiful bush. Papageno Rose requires spring pruning to boost their growth. Also, you need to protect Papageno Rose from frost during the winter season.

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19. Rainbow Rose

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Rainbow Rose will make your garden more stunning. It has pointed petals with multicolor flowers. Rainbow Rose is very sensitive to water. The water on the stem will make a different color when blooming. Every flower can grow wide with a diameter of 6 cm.

Meanwhile, the stem can reach 40 to 100 cm tall. This variety is a sun lover, so it is better to grow Rainbow Rose in a sunny garden. Also, you need to water it regularly and more water during hot seasons. The moist soil will protect Rainbow Rose from underwatering.

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Final Words

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. It is a popular flower for decorations. Some gardeners like to grow roses in the garden. This plant offers beautiful flowers with a fresh fragrance. Also, this flower has unusual species with a striking appearance. You can grow roses to beautify your garden. We hope this post will help you to grow the best roses in your garden.

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