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18 Tudor House Exterior, Bring A Classic Impression to Your Home – Classic style is never outdated. Its appearance is very attractive and full of characteristics that make it still ogled and in demand by many people. Classic style house is much more interesting. It enlivens a stunning design for the interior and exterior. But, do you know that classic design is also known as Mock Tudor, Tudor Revival, and Jacobean Style? The one of characteristics is a large floor and a stunning medieval appearance. So, for those of you who want to know more about classic house exteriors or Tudor house exteriors, here we have provided 18 Tudor House Exteriors that will Bring a Classic Impression to Your Home. Let’s check it out!

1. Chattanooga Home with Classic Tudor Style

Cc: Pinterest

A Tudor house has a classic impression. It has a warm impression like a cottage house design. This idea is one of the interesting Tudor exteriors. There are high and large rooftops that make the house look bigger from the outside. You can see the attractive glass windows on the home facade. The black window frame really matches the whitewashed wall. This makes the Tudor house exterior look natural and eye pleasant.

This house uses some large windows to improve sunlight inside. Also, they will expose the interior beautifully. Every window has large white curtains. Look at the beautiful garden landscape around this house. There are green plants on every side.

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2. Tudor Style Home with A Textural Finish

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The Tudor House is identical to the textured exterior. Some textures are stone, wood, and concrete. This Tudor house is a nice example of a textural wall. The brick walls are stunning build a big Tudor house. It offers a classic white color that imitates white stones.

Besides, this Tudor house has a modern accent at some point. There are glass windows with geometrical frames. Another accent is a black front door with glass material as well. This Tudor house bounds a modern and classic style to enliven the exterior. Moreover, this house has a catchy landscape. A large green front yard is the best part of the landscape for the Tudor house.

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3. Adorable Tudor Style with Red Brick

Cc: Pinterest

This idea shows the adorable Tudor house. You will see a striking brick wall. This classic house uses brick material to enliven a medieval design. Like other Tudor houses, there are rich oriels on every side. The red brick is interesting to match white stones and timber materials. This one idea emphasizes the natural side by playing with natural materials such as wood and brick. That way, it will be very fitting if you choose neutral colors for the exterior. For example, you can choose white for some walls. Then use black window frames.

This Tudor house offers complex roofs with many gables. There are traditional patterns on every gable. This house is an ideal design to emerge as a classic farmhouse. The cross woods on the roof is identical to the farmhouse design. Besides, this Tudor house has a nice landscape. The green plants make the best appearance for this house.

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4. Tudor House with Garden

Cc: Pinterest

A garden is an important element of the Tudor house. It transforms the exterior of a Tudor house. Therefore, you need to take a look at this idea. This Tudor house has a nice landscape. The green lawn grows happily in the front yard. The dweller makes the best landscape with bushes planted.

These plants make an attractive natural gate. Also, it looks stunning to use plants to decorate the pathway. Besides, this Tudor house looks like a stunning castle. The complex roof is a striking accent to enliven the classic exterior. It looks more interesting with old-style materials like brick, wood, or stone.

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5. White and Grey Theme

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A monochrome theme is one of the popular designs for Tudor houses. It brings a classic impression to this house. This is a white and grey Tudor house. It looks interesting to dominate this sunny house. There are glass windows on the front wall. This window uses a geometrical frame. Both are classic and match this house.

This Tudor house has an outdoor living room. The porch is useful to put a living room set and decorations. Besides, this Tudor house has some complex roofs. You will see an eccentric gable with a large glass window. Also, there is an interesting front yard with a green lawn and colorful flowers. This Tudor house is best for a big family.

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6. Classic Exterior

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A Tudor house offers a classic design with a natural and bright look. The exterior of the Tudor house will amaze you. Look at this Tudor house. It consists of some floors. The white bricks are important to emerge a classic exterior. Also, this house offers big roofs with some gables.

Look at the windows. There are windows on a different floor. Some windows have blue wings. Like some Tudor houses, it has rich oriel on every side. The big gable on the front is useful as a porch. It gets an elegant stairway to make a beautiful design.

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7. Modern Traditional Home

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A Tudor house exterior offers a traditional impression. Besides, this design is stunning to combine with modern accents for the interior. The modern design can be seen clearly from the large window that is left exposed without any decorations. This Tudor house makes a beautiful exterior with a classic and modern design. There are two big roofs with complex gables. It has a geometric pattern from timber materials.

Meanwhile, the other gable has more geometric windows. The rectangular frames are classic and invite more sunlight. You can see inside through the glass windows. Moreover, it has an eccentric chimney in the middle of this house. This house is more stunning with a large green front yard.

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8. French Country Tudor Home

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This is another Tudor home. It has a nice combination of French Country design. This classic design brings a different nuance to your old house. The white brick walls with the old appearance are best for the Tudor house exterior. It matches any accent. You can see the traditional touch from the use of brick and blue wood window wings. The old impression that is given makes this idea so interesting to choose from.

Besides, this Tudor house offers a large roof with a striking gable.

This gable has a big window as an attached balcony. Look at this house. There are three gables on the roofs. The first gable has a large window on the first floor. Every window has two wings, so it is versatile. You can shut the window or let it opens wide.

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9. Tudor Style x Elegant Stone Walls

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Tudor House is a challenging design. You can combine it with elegant stone walls. Look at this Tudor house. It enlivens a classic nuance with a dark roof and white stones. The stone walls make a perfect texture for the exterior. Another advantage you will get by applying a natural stone wall is that the house will look sturdier.

Besides, this house is more stunning with some wide windows. This geometric window gives a clear view of the outside. Like some Tudor houses, it has a small stairway. Concrete and stone are the best materials to make a sturdy porch. Meanwhile, this house has a nice front yard. The green lawn is a must-have ground cover for this Tudor house.

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10. Install More Windows

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A Tudor house is identical to sunny windows. You will find many windows in a Tudor house. Look at this idea. This Tudor house has a large glass window. The geometrical frame is beneficial to enliven a classic impression. Also, this house uses a catchy monochrome theme.

We can see the simple concept in this one idea from choosing two colors for the exterior, those are white and black. White is the main color to make the appearance of the house bright. There are black accents like black window frames. Also, this Tudor house has a stunning lantern on the wall. This classic house is quite attractive with a shady atmosphere. Growing more plants will make it look shadier.

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11. Luxurious Classic House

Cc: Pinterest

Some people like to design luxurious Tudor houses. This classic house is gorgeous to revive a popular design from the past. Here is a luxurious Tudor house. It is a big classic house with some floors. The white theme is perfect to enliven a traditional nuance.

Look at the brick accents on a long big chimney. This small accent is useful to make a cottage house detail. Also, the white stone accents on the base are interesting. Then, look at the windows in a different room. The size of the window is based on the type of room. For example, the living room and dining room are better to have a bigger window than a bathroom and bedroom.

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12. Modern Tudor x Ivory White Theme

Cc: Pinterest

It is another Tudor house. This building has multiple floors. You can see the windows on a different level. This house is interesting to represent a classic residence. The ivory-white theme will bring a strong farmhouse impression to the home facade. Also, the modern exterior is one of the attractive accents in this house.

This Tudor house is a stunning building. There are geometrical windows that bring out the classic exterior. Two decorative lanterns on the entrance will transform the exterior. This house is more stunning with warm lighting at night. Also, an attractive garden landscape will support a beautiful exterior. This house is a comfortable residence for a big family.

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13. Elegant Grey Tudor

attractive Tudor House Exterior
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The grey color is a popular theme for a classic house. It revives an old style from the past. Here is an elegant grey Tudor house. This building has a grey theme. It has some gables that create complex roofs. This house is quite attractive to get more traditional accents.

There is stunning architecture on a rooftop. Some designers put lanterns on the wall. Also, some timber accents will make a classic and natural exterior. This Tudor house is more interesting with a large front yard. There is a neat pathway on the green lawn. Also, there are beautiful flowers in this garden.

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14. River Forest Modern Tudor

Tudor House Exterior tips
Cc: Pinterest

This Tudor house is welcoming all guests. It is perfect to grow near a river or forest. This house has no porch or shelter. So, you can see a direct view of the home facade. It has a large white wall. This Tudor house makes a perfect residence for a sunny home.

Besides, this house is interesting to see from a different angle. The rectangular window is a must-have accent for this Tudor house. Look at the beautiful entrance. It only has a small pathway to the stairs. There are some bushes in the garden. The green plants are the most interesting accent to enliven the landscape.

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15. A Small Tudor House

best Tudor House Exterior ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Let’s see this small Tudor house. This building is made of stone. Stone is a strong element to build a perfect house. You will find it more interesting when the stone ages. Therefore, you can use stone materials to build a durable house. This Tudor house enlivens a warm atmosphere.

The warm lighting will brighten the wood and stone elements. Like some Tudor houses, it has a big chimney. The chimney makes a natural contrast to create a strong Tudor design. Moreover, this Tudor house has a scenic front yard. The green lawn grows healthy as a base plant. Meanwhile, the colorful plants decorate a mini garden around the house.

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16. Tudor House with Textured Walls

Tudor House Exterior decors
Cc: Pinterest

A Tudor house has some textures. It offers diverse textures from different materials. This Tudor house has an attractive textured wall. The concrete material is an easy element to make this design. There are geometrical lines on the walls. Therefore, this design offers many rich oriels.

Meanwhile, this home facade represents an old cottage house. The stone chimney is one of striking accent. It transforms the exterior and brings a traditional atmosphere. Besides the complex exterior, this Tudor house has a great landscape. The green lawn and a mini garden are important to enliven a cottage house’s nuance.

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17. Install Large Glass Windows

Tudor House Exterior ideas
Cc: Pinterest

Many Tudor houses make the best appearance with sunny windows. There are glass windows in Tudor house that invites sunlight. The large window will bring more sunlight. It is a traditional way to warm and fresh the house. This Tudor house makes a perfect residence with many glass windows.

There are rectangular glass windows on the first floor. Meanwhile, the second floor has smaller windows. These windows use geometrical frames which brings a traditional impression. Like other Tudor houses, it has complex roofs with many gables. The timber accents are the striking material on the roofs.

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18. Brick Tudor House with Gate

Tudor House Exterior
Cc: Pinterest

This Tudor house will inspire you to install a small gate. It is a two-story house. The first floor is a bit high, so it needs a small stairway to reach the front door. This Tudor house is the very classic one. The whole house is made of stone. The stones are stunning with yellow-white colors.

Moreover, this house has an eccentric chimney. The stone chimney is located in the mid of the house. This Tudor house is also multi-story. It has some levels with different windows. They can be a bedroom, reading room, dining room, bathroom, etc. Also, this Tudor house offers a beautiful complex roof with a carved gable.

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Final Words

These are ideas of Tudor houses. Every Tudor house has a stunning exterior. Most of them have eccentric roofs with large-pointed gables. Also, this traditional house uses many windows to brighten the interior. Most dwellers of Tudor houses like to design a beautiful landscape. The green lawn is a must-have plant in the Tudor front yard. Hopefully, this post will help you to design an attractive Tudor house. Good luck!

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