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18 Zinnia Variety for A Vibrant Tropical Garden – Many flowery plants fit a tropical atmosphere. Zinnia is of flowery plant that grows well in the tropical environment. It is an annual plant that blooms flowers and seeds to create colonies. Most Zinnia plants are bright and striking. So, you will notice them easily in the garden. This plant resembles the Dahlia plant, but both are different. Zinnia grows from seeds, while Dahlia by the bulbs. This flowery plant also has a diverse variety. And, in this article, we have provided 18 Zinnia Variety for A Vibrant Tropical Garden. So, let’s check it out!

1. Queeny Lime Orange

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Queeny Lime Orange is a striking Zinnia plant. It has lime orange flowers as its name. Queeny Lime Orange grows well in temperatures of 21-26°C. Before planting this variety, you need to soak the seeds to germinate in 5-24 days. Then, plant the seeds by spacing them about 25-30cm.

This flowery plant needs a couple of months to generate the first flower. Queeny Lime Orange can flaunt distinct tricolors. They grow best in full sun. Also, they prefer moist and well-draining soil. You can grow this variety as a garden margin.

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2. California Giant Mix

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California Giant Mix is an elegant plant. It looks perfect to grow as colonies. California Giant Mix can bloom double flowers in a vibrant hue. Some interesting shades of flowers are red, orange, yellow, lavender, violet, and maroon. This variety will grow as a beautiful bushy plant in your garden.

Moreover, California Giant Mix is easy to care for. They grow well in a sunny place. It is also drought tolerant, so they survive in hot seasons. Even though it looks stunning, California Giant Mix needs more time to mature than other varieties. You can stimulate their growth by fertilizing them.

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3. Crystal White

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Crystal White is a beautiful whitish plant. It resembles Daisy flowers when blooming. This plant can grow in any season. Also, they offer a beautiful appearance as a ground cover or garden margin. This daisy-like plant requires less water during the rainy season. It prefers well-draining soil with moderate humidity.

Besides, it will generate seeds from their deadheads. Crystal White is too sensitive to water flows. So, ensure to water the base soil and do not water the leaves or stems, because it can attract mildew. Add organic fertilizer in the early season, so the compost has time to rich the soil.

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4. Color Crackle

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Color Crackle is a bicolor variety. It offers burgundy colors with double blooms. Their flurry flowers are stunning to add sensation to tropical gardens. Color Crackle is a striking variety among perennials. Also, they look interesting to grow in any garden.

This variety produces burgundy and white colors in the first blooming. Then, every flower will generate seeds. This low-growing plant is stunning to add an interesting accent to your garden. Besides, growing this variety is ideal for an anti-mildew garden, because Color Crackle is mildew and drought-tolerant.

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5. Swizzle Ivory and Cherry

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Swizzle Ivory and Cherry are stunning Zinnia varieties. It consists of giant flowers that grow up to 3-4 inches. This plant forms a shadowy color over its green leaves. It has at least two shades of color. This flowery plant is best to add a sweet accent to a garden.

Swizzle Ivory and Cherry will grow best in full sun. It grows up to 12 inches upright. Moreover, Swizzle Ivory and Cherry survive in a hot season. They generate flowers even in a drought environment. Swizzle Ivory and Cherry offer beautiful white petals with deep red in the center.

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6. Profusion Cherry

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Profusion Cherry is a hybrid between Zinnia elegans x Angustifolia. It has cherry red colors with yellow centers. Profusion Cherry grows in any climate, as long as they get enough sunlight. The ideal exposure to sunlight is 6-8 hours. Profusion Cherry needs sunlight to grow mature.

This Zinnia variety is drought-hardy. It requires regular dampness in its first growing. Also, fertilize this plant to stimulate its growth. Profusion Cherry loves rich and well-draining soil. They will generate more flowers after growing as colonies.

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7. Double Zahara Yellow

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Double Zahara Yellow is a part of the Aster plant family. So, they resemble tiny beautiful flowers when blooming. Double Zahara Yellow grows naturally in dry grassland and scrublands. It loves full sun and is well-draining. This plant needs regular watering to keep growing.

Double Zahara Yellow blooms in the spring to the summer season. There are double yellow flowers in a large and globe-type appearance. They can attract pollinators, like butterflies. Moreover, this plant will unappeal before growing back the flowers. This variety is one of the best plants to grow in a tropical garden.

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8. Peppermint Stick

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Peppermint Stick is a sun lover. They prefer loamy soil in sunny places. Thus, you need to water them regularly to keep the moist soil. When growing by seedlings, ensure that you mist the topsoil when it is dry. It spends about 7 days after sowing.

This plant grows well in a garden, so it is ideal as an outdoor plant. The mature plant Peppermint Stick needs good ventilation. So, aerating the soil and fertilizing it improve soil nutrients. This variety will produce red and white flowers in the blooming time. Also, there are other colors, like pink, crimson, orange, yellow, and scarlet.

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9. State Fair Mix

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State Fair Mix is an annual plant. It is drought-tolerant and survives in a hard environment. The key to growing them is moist soil. Water them thoroughly when the topsoil is dry. Thus, State Fair Mix thrives well on hot days during summer.

Moreover, State Fair Mix prefers full sun. The seeds will grow well, even in dry soil. In addition, misting the topsoil is beneficial to stimulate their growth. State Fair Mix generates beautiful flowers, like purple, gold, yellow, rose, orange, and rust. You will love them to grow in your garden area.

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10. Dahlia Flower Mix

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Dahlia Flower Mix is the most resemblance of Zinnia to the Dahlia plant. It needs full sun to partial shade in hot seasons. Also, Dahlia Flower Mix prefers loose, rich, and well-draining soil. Like other Zinnia, it grows from seeds. They will bloom the first flower 75 to 80 days after planting.

Dahlia Flower Mix is useful to decorate a flower, container, cut flower, and many more. Their flowers are beneficial to attract pollinators, like butterflies. Thus, they can generate seeds faster. The deadheads keep their seeds before dropping them on the ground.

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11. Big Red

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Big Red is an interesting plant. This Zinnia variety loves neutral to slightly acidic soil. Like its name, Big Red offers striking red flowers at blooming times. Big Red generates beautiful flowers in the summer to fall seasons. It grows easily in dry and well-draining soil.

Besides, Big Red is easy to care for. It requires moderate water when the topsoil is fully dry. You can add fertilizer if they look slow to grow. Big Red is ideal to add a striking accent to the garden. It blooms multicolor flowers, like purple, yellow, red, white, and pink shades.

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12. Pop Art

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Pop Art is another striking Zinnia plant. It thrives well in dry conditions during the summer season. Pop Art is stunning as a sunny border in your garden. They fit any type of soil, especially well-draining soil. Pop Art requires moderate water to keep their roots hydrated.

Moreover, Pop Art is a low-growing variety. They generate flowers, even in hard conditions. Pop Art offers golden flowers that attract bees and butterflies. Also, Pop Art grows tall when mature. This variety is catchy to grow in a row, like a garden border.

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13. Cactus Flower Mix

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Cactus Flower Mix grows best in full sun and hot climates. It tolerates partial shade. The best soil to grow them is rich, loose, and well-draining. You can add compost before sowing or transplanting this plant into a new environment. They grow best in both gardens and containers.

Cactus Flower Mix requires adequate water during their first planting. Besides, do not overwater to keep seeds steady during germination. You can encourage their growth with fertilizer. It looks attractive to grow as a group. Their bushy habit is beneficial to decorate your garden.

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14. Zowie Yellow Flame

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Zowie Yellow Flame has bold flowers at blooming time. It has a unique appearance. So, you can grow them as ornamental plants. Germinate the seeds in your garden or container before transplanting. You can make them grow in a row, as a garden border.

Zowie Yellow Flame can turn its petal colors from bright red to striking yellow. Meanwhile, the center is magenta. These flowers are stunning to grow taller in your garden. Zowie Yellow Flame looks great in any environment. Grow them as a bushy plant, if you want a big colony.

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15. Envy

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Envy is a unique Zinnia variety. It has green flowers with a large shape. Envy Zinnia loves the full sun and warm climate. It grows best in humus-rich, fertile, loose, and well-draining soil. You can add slow-release fertilizer to grow mature. They produce flowers in mid-summer to the early fall season.

Besides, Envy Zinnia is a fast-growing plant. It requires moderate water and humid condition. Ensure they have a good environment to bloom. Their green-yellow flowers will add a fresh accent to the garden. This variety shows off pretty flowers for you.

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16. Zinderella Lilac

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Zinderella Lilac is a sweet flowery plant. It has beautiful lilac-pink flowers. Their flower develops pink colors along their growth. Zinderella Lilac grows best in full sun. Also, they need adequate sunlight to generate seeds after flowering.

Zinderella Lilac will add a catchy accent around them. It matures at about 75 to 90 days after planting. This annual plant grows up to 30 inches. Look at their pretty flowers. The fluffy pompom is attractive with double petals.

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17. Purple Prince

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Purple Prince is a sun lover. They prefer hot climates to extreme frost. Purple Prince grows best in well-draining and moist soil. It grows taller like Dahlia flowers. Purple Prince is ideal as an attractive border in your garden.

Moreover, Purple Prince is easy to care for. They need regular watering during hot climates. Purple Prince produces magenta double petals with a lime green center. These flowers are beneficial to decorate a bouquet. This annual plant can be a companion in a flowery garden.

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18. Aztec Sunset

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Aztec Sunset will attract your attention. Their showy appearance is stunning to decorate a garden. It grows best in rich, loam, organic, and well-draining soil. You can support their growth with organic fertilizer and moderate water. Aztec Sunset loves to get moist soil in hot climates.

Aztec Sunset promotes a compact and bushy appearance. It is ideal to grow as a colony in a garden. Their flowers will generate seeds from deadheads. You can take them off after drying or let them fall on the ground. They will grow naturally as colonies around the first plant.

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Final Words

These are Zinnia plant varieties. All beautiful Zinnias are best grown as ornamental plants. Zinnia grows best under full sun and gets moderate water. This plant is ideal to grow in a tropical climate. You can support their growth by adding slow-release fertilizers. Zinnia shows off the pretty flowers after a few weeks of planting. And, the points above are 18 Zinnia Variety for A Vibrant Tropical Garden. You can choose the most attractive Zinnia that fits your garden. Keep your green thumb and happy gardening!

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