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Wanna Choose The Perfect Colors for Your Room? Here are The Rules You Can Follow – Choosing the perfect colors for the room is so important. This is an important stage that affects the atmosphere and also the appearance of your room. Mistakes in color selection can have a collision effect that makes the room look disharmonious.

Actually, choosing a color for a room is not as easy as you think. You can not arbitrarily choose the colors that you like or want. There are several things that must be considered so that the colors in the house look similar and unified. That way, the room will look attractive.

To make it easier for you in choosing the perfect colors for your room, in this article, we have provided the rules that you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

Take A Closer and Look Your Wardrobe, Then Get The Inspiration!

choosing the perfect colors for the room

Deciding what color to choose is difficult. Some will be confused to choose the desired color. If you’re one of them, maybe you can take a peek at a suggestion from Miles Redd (author of The Big Book of Chic and interior designer): Take a closer and look at your wardrobe, look for common themes and which ones inspire you.

In the wardrobe, there will be many clothes and others with varying colors. One of them will probably catch your attention and inspire you to make that color the basic color of the room. For other colors, you just have to match them with the main color you choose.

Answer These Two Questions

cozy dining area

There are several factors that can influence the choice of color, one of which is the atmosphere you want to create.

To make it easier for you in choosing the perfect colors for the room, it is better to answer these two questions:

  1. When will you use this room the most?
  2. What atmosphere do you want to create in this room?

Let’s take the dining room as an example.

The dining room may only be used as a place to enjoy food. However, there are some moments that make this room a place to welcome loved ones and gather together while enjoying delicious food.

For example, on Christmas Day, the dining room will be the most used room. And if you want to give a more comfortable and warm atmosphere, light and natural colors can be used as an option.

For those of you who often make the dining room a place to party, dark colors that are more masculine are the right choice.

Do Not Focus on One Colors

perfect interior colors

To create a harmonious room, it does not mean that you apply the same color in one room to others. This only makes your house interior look boring and unattractive.

Try to make the colors in your home look flowing. For example, you choose green for your entrance wall. It will gives a fresh and calm impression to anyone who enters the house. And for the next room, for example the living room, you can choose another color. Let’s take ivory as the next color for the living room. This color will create a softer and warmer look. And also present a little green in it. This is the most appropriate way to make the colors in your home look flowing.

Don’t just focus on color paint. You can present the colors that you want by using different textures, such as wallpaper, fabric-lined walls, or cork.

Do The Swatch

paint chips

Replacing paint on the walls of the room is not as easy as imagined. Many problems occur, such as the color chosen is almost the same as the previous color, or the color collides with the color of existing furniture in the room so that the room becomes unsightly.

In choosing the perfect colors for the room, it would be nice to do swatches. You can hang paint chips on the walls of the room you want to change paint. This will really help to avoid color matching after application.

When sticking paint chips on the wall, try to choose a spot that is close to the object of the room. This will make it easier for you to match the colors with the objects that are there. That way, the colors will look more united and the room looks harmonious. No more clashing colors.

Pay Attention to The Lighting in The Room

bright room ideas

Furniture is not the only object that is used as a focal point in cooshing the perfect colors for the room. There are still others that you should pay attention to, such as the lighting in the room.

For those of you who want to renovate or makeover the room, maybe you will replace the lights in the room. Try to change the room lights before you choose new paint for the walls. This is because light will greatly affect the appearance of the color you choose.

Not all lamps have the same lighting. It could be dimmer than before. This will make the color you choose cannot display its color to its full potential. And of course it will affect the harmony of your room.

Not only lighting from the lamp but natural lighting that illuminates the room also affects the color you will choose. It would be better to give a sample on the wall. Pay attention to the color of the sample in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Can these colors match and combine with other colors in the room or vice versa.

Take A Second Look to The Neutral Colors That Have Been In The Room

scandinavian colors

Neutral colors are indeed the most popular among other color groups. This color group is the best because it blends smoothly with other colors. So, it feels no need to eliminate these neutral colors in the room.

Instead, these neutral colors can make the room look harmonious. By only presenting wood elements in the room, the room will look more calm and alive.

These neutral colors have become increasingly popular since Scandinavian designs have been widely applied to homes with a minimalist and modern concept. Neutral colors make a minimalist room a place to live full of serenity. Equipped with stainless steel furniture painted black, it gives a firmer effect to the room.

For those of you who are looking for safety, gray is the color that is highly recommended. Slightly dark grays, pale grays, and warmer grays.

Final Words

Choosing the perfect colors for the room may seem simple. In fact, many problems arise from choosing the wrong color for the room, such as clashing colors, room look striking, and so on. Therefore, it would be nice to know tips on choosing colors for the room first. And in this article, we have provided The Rules That You Can Follow in Choosing The Perfect Colors for The Room. So, happy trying and good luck all!

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