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Tips Make Your Coastal Living Room Feel More Alive – Want to decorate your beach house to make it look more attractive and comfortable? If so, this is the time for you to apply the coastal design to your home interior. And the living room is the first room you can start decorating. Because this room is the first room that will be visited when entering the house. So, if you have a coastal living room, believe me, the atmosphere of the house will make your bad mood disappear instantly.

In decorating the living room is certainly not carelessly or carelessly. You have to adjust to the layout and also the lighting of the room. Therefore, knowing tips and tricks for decorating a coastal living room is very important.

So, for those of you who are already interested and curious about how to decorate a living room properly, here we have provided the best Tips to Make Your Coastal Living Room Feel More Alive. So, let’s check it out!

Make It Bright Naturally

The advantage of owning a house near the beach is that it gets natural lighting perfectly. And of course, it would be a pity if you didn’t take advantage of it.

To make your living room feel more alive, you must create a room with a naturally bright appearance. And one way is to make natural lights as the main lighting of the room.

coastal living room decors
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Maximizing the natural lighting is certainly not enough to make the coastal living room look bright naturally. Here, you also have to determine well the basic colors that will be applied to this room. And white is the right choice.

White has the ability to reflect the natural light that hits it. So, in this way, the natural light that enters through the window and hits the wall will bounce back into the room. And this is what makes the room appear brighter.

Blue and Ivory Living Room Couch

In presenting the interior design into the room, you cannot apply colors carelessly. Because every interior design has its own color. Likewise with the coastal design.

In the coastal design, there are only beach hues, such as blue, white, beige, and green. The combination of these four colors makes the coastal look soft but feel fresh. If you want to add a touch of other colors to the coastal design room, be sure to choose pastel colors. And make sure you don’t make this color more dominant.

best couch
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As the main item in the living room, the couch plays an important role in the appearance of the room. And if you wanna emphasize the coastal look of this place, you can choose a blue-colored couch. To make it look softer, you can also choose another ivory-colored couch.

If you wanna have a living room that looks more adorable, also add some pillows with soft and fresh colors on the couch. Besides giving a more aesthetic impression to the room, the presence of pillows on the sofa also improves the coziness of this area.

Wooden Material

Not only color, the material in each design certainly have differences. Like the rustic design with natural stone that dominates, the industrial design which is famous for exposed brick walls, and also the coastal design with wood material that warms the atmosphere of the room.

coastal interior design
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In the coastal design, wood material is indeed more dominant. The texture and color of the wood are indeed a good conductor in imparting a sweet, soft, and warm impression to the interior.

So, if you wanna emphasize the coastal design in the living room, you can install a wooden floor or wooden vinyl. Or you can also make the roof of the house from strong wood and paint it white.

Decorate the Top Spot with A Rattan Pendant Light

Rattan items are indeed very popular and are often used to decorate rooms with coastal designs. Besides the natural brown color which makes the coastal interior design look soft, it also brings a more aesthetic look to the room.

coastal living room ideas
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To make your coastal living room look more attractive, you can choose rattan pendant lights. You can adjust the size of this item to the large space of your living room. If you have a large living room, you can choose the large-size rattan pendant lights. In this way, this item will look dominant even though it is located at the top of the room.

Plants Present Fresh Nuances Greatly

The room must be given a fresh touch that can make it feel comfortable and more alive. And plants become decorations that can present the fresh nuances greatly.

In greenery the coastal living room with plants, there is no need to use in large amounts. Because the presence of one or two plants in this room is enough to make it appear perfect.

fresh coastal living room decors
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If there is no more space that can accommodate large plants, you can choose small plants or medium-sized plants. And place it on spots that are visible to the eye, such as a table next to a sofa or a table cabinet.

You can also make the plants look aesthetic in this room by choosing a vase or pot with an attractive design. About the color, still choose white to keep this room looking naturally bright. With white vases, the green plant will look more dominant and make the room fresh perfectly.

Add Coastal Decoration to Your Room

Plants are not the only decorations that can make a coastal living room look adorable. A coastal design room will certainly feel lacking if there is no coastal decoration present there. Therefore, to emphasize the coastal look to this living room, you have to decorate it with some beautiful coastal decorations.

coastal decorations
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For the wall area, you can choose a painting or photo related to the sea. And don’t forget to frame it so that it looks beautiful when hung on the whitewashed wall.

To give a bolder sea atmosphere to this room, there are several shells with charming shapes and colors. And this is very suitable to be used as a table decoration or shelf in the living room.

Striped Blue and Beige Rug Make It Looks Dominant

To make the room look the most, you have to pay attention to every detail in the room. Starting from the wall, corner of the room, ceiling, and even the floor. Every detail is very important and can affect the appearance of the room and even the comfort of the room.

If the top and middle of the room are considered interesting enough, but you still feel that there is something missing in this room. This is a sign that the floor is in need of decoration.

coastal living room
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You can use the striped blue and beige rug. These two colors are the right combination to add a fresh nuance also make the coastal living room look soft and calm.

The rug can also be used as a room divider in an open-concept interior. By choosing a room as wide as the living room you want, a living room area can be created without having to build high walls or use other dividers that will take up space.

Perfect It with Bamboo or Rattan Window Blinds

As previously explained, houses near the beach will get more sunlight. Utilizing this lighting to make a room look naturally bright is indeed a good way. However, because the sunlight on the beach is too hot, so if it is not controlled, the living room will feel dazzled. Besides that, the heat from the sun will also be very disturbing if you want to relax in the living room during the day.

cozy coastal living room design
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So, the last tip that you can follow to make your coastal living room feel cozy and more alive is to add rattan or bamboo blinds to the windows. So, if you want to reduce the lighting in the living room, you can draw the window blinds. This is the easiest way to make a living room feel shady during the day.


In decorating and choosing items to use in a coastal living room, you will find many interesting items. Maybe you will think that these items can make the living room look attractive. However, too much in the room is not good either. It can make the living room look full and become unattractive. The best way to make the coastal living room feel more alive yet look adorable, you can apply minimalist design. Like only using the items that are needed. With this, there will be more free space available in the living room and the room will feel more comfortable.

minimalist coastal design
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Creating a coastal living room is a great idea to bring a fresh yet soft look to your beach house. The combination of sea blue, white, beige, and green makes the room feel more alive. Coupled with the wood and rattan material that creates warm and soothing nuances to the room perfectly. And if you can decorate the living room properly, you will have a cozy and attractive place in your house. And to help you, in this article, we have provided the best Tips to Make Your Coastal Living Room Feel More Alive. So, happy trying all!

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