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Inspirations & Tips Turning A Boring Small Bathroom into An Eye-Catching Place – The bathroom is indeed the smallest room in the house. Even so, this is becoming the room we use the most. So, making the small bathroom into a comfortable place is something that must be done by us.

Because it is the smallest room, sometimes the appearance and comfort of a bathroom are often overlooked. In fact, this room can be a place that can boost our mood. Of course, you can get this if you can decorate this small room properly.

So, to help you makeover your bathroom, here, we have provided the best of the best Inspirations and Tips for Turning A Boring Small Bathroom into An Eye-Catching Place. So, let’s check it out!

beautiful small bathroom
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Initially, at the end of this bathroom, there is a bathtub. However, the use of a bathtub is not good for a small bathroom. So, for making this 5×8-foot bath look enticing yet comfortable, the bathtub is dismantled and used as a shower area. This is the first tip that you can steal in giving more space into your narrow bathroom.

To ensure that not all areas in the room become wet areas, a fixed glass panel is installed in between. With black panels, this will give a bold effect to this room.

Still, discussing the wet area, the wall in this area is heated by ceramic tiles. This is a surefire way to create a waterproof area. In addition, walls will also last longer and are prone to mold.

White ceramic is the right choice to make this 5×8 foot room look more spacious and beautiful.

bathroom flooring
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In eliminating the monotonous impression in the bathroom, you can install different ceramic tiles in the bath area. Choose ceramic tiles with the same color but different motifs.

Here, all that is needed is a more attractive appearance but does not give a too full impression to the bathroom. Besides that, make sure the motif you choose still looks simple yet pretty.

bathroom tips
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To make this room look adorable, you do not need to replace the cabinet in this room. You can do a little makeover. Try painting the cabinet black. Black and white are a great color match for a bathroom. The room will look bright but still look firm. With this, the room will be far from a boring stiff impression.

You can also install the new knobs in the cabinet. Gold knobs fit perfectly with a black cabinet. The concept that is present in this room will look simple but modern. The touch of gold color will also give a little impression of elegance and luxury for the bathroom.

Do not forget the part of the wall where the mirror with a black frame is given a black rope to make it look more aesthetic. Ivorywashed wall will indeed look softer. So, when given a black mirror decoration, the bathroom wall will look so fabulous.

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It’s time for us to turn to wall decoration. In making the room look attractive, decoration is needed. Maybe it feels weird. A bathroom with limited space is given decoration. And you might think this room will feel and look even narrower.

Hold on to negative arguments that might arise in your mind. Because, to make the wall of the room look beautiful, there are so many decorations or wall displays that can be chosen.

As in the picture above. The bathroom is decorated with floating wall shelf features with brackets. The black floating wall shelf is the right choice to make the soft-looked wall look firm and attractive. And the brackets are sprayed in gold to match the color of the cabinets in this room. With this, the room will appear together in giving a beautiful appearance.

Above the floating wall shelf are several displays of plants that are framed with wooden frames. It gives a little soothing natural atmosphere to this room.

Small plants are also used for greenery in this room. So that, even though it looks narrow, this bathroom will feel comfortable and fresh.

In choosing plants for the bathroom, make sure you choose the plants that can withstand humid air, or plants with high humidity, such as cactus plants. In addition, make sure the plants used are not too large. With this, the bathroom will look fresh without feeling cramped.

modern single-handle lever
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In redecorating or makeover your bathroom, it is okay to add the modern concept. With a little modern look, this one room will look more up-to-date and attractive.

Try to give a minimalist impression on the bathroom. Maybe you can replace the old faucet with a single-handle lever. Apart from its minimalistic shape which makes this room look beautiful, the single-handle lever is also better than the two-handle lever. This will make it easier for you to open and close the faucet. In addition, this will also be better in keeping the bath sink clean.

To make the room look more harmonious, you can match the color of the single-handle lever with the color of the knobs.

Peel-and-stick vinyl tiles
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In remodeling the entire look of the bathroom, maybe you will think about changing the floor in this room.

Changing the floor is actually not the only way to make a bathroom look completely different. Because, in addition to requiring a larger budget, this will also be more troublesome. Here, you need a jackhammer in tearing up the floor.

So, instead of destroying the bathroom floor, it’s better to use peel-and-stick vinyl tiles. This is the easiest way you can follow to make your small bathroom look different.

There are many motives that you can find. However, when choosing peel-and-stick vinyl tiles, make sure you choose a motif that matches the bathroom design. As in the picture above, where the vinyl tiles are chosen are black and white. This will make the bathroom more in tune and look harmonious.


Having a small bathroom is not something that is particularly annoying. Maybe some of you feel that this small room looks monotonous and boring. Moreover, the bathroom is the room that is least noticed. In fact, if the bathroom looks beautiful and comfortable, it is certain that this room will be a place that really influences your mood. Therefore, it’s time to make the bathroom an important room in your life. And in this article, we have provided the best Inspirations & Tips on Turning A Boring Small Bathroom into An Eye-Catching Place that will help you. So, happy trying and good luck guys!

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