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10 Tips That Will Help you to Prepare Your Cozy Bedroom for Winter – The cold air in winter will make people prefer to stay at home. So, it’s natural if you feel bored during this season. Therefore, knowing winter bedroom tips is very important. With this, you will prepare a super comfortable room to welcome winter.

The bedroom is indeed the room that will be used most often in winter. Many people will prefer to hibernate. Getting a long vacation and choose to rest during the winter.

So, to help you in having your dream bedroom, in this article, we provide 10 Tips That Will Help you to Prepare Your Cozy Bedroom for Winter. So, let’s check it out!

1. Place The Bed Next to The Window

winter bedroom tips
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Placing the bed next to the window becomes the first of the winter bedroom tips you can follow. This is the easiest way in making your bedroom feel cozy in winter.

As the main item in the bedroom, the placement of the bed really affects the comfort of the room. Usually, winter is the season for rest. And the bed will be the most used item.

However, being in the bedroom all day would be very boring. It’s also not good for your mental health. You need the outside world to stay comfortable. So, placing the bed next to the window is the right choice. From inside the bedroom, you can still see and enjoy the view outside the house. This will make you feel more comfortable in the bedroom for a longer time.

2. Do Layered Bedding

warm bedroom tips
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We never know how cold the air will be. Sometimes, extremely cold air often occurs. To overcome this, make sure you make your bedroom as warm as possible.

Layered bedding is the right one of the tips for preparing a winter bedroom. Layered blankets will provide more warmth when cold air sneaks into the room. In addition, layered bedding also makes the bed feel softer. So you will feel more comfortable there.

To make the bedroom a place to relax and cool off, the color of the bedding must also be considered. We recommend that you choose white and gray bedding. The combination of these two colors is perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere in the bedroom.

3. Using Wool Blanket

wool blanket
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There’s nothing warmer than a wool blanket. So, a wool blanket is an item that you must have in welcoming winter. This will really help to keep you warm throughout the winter.

You can also use a wool blanket as a room decoration. Wool blankets with colors that match the bedding will look attractive when on the bed.

4. Add Heater to The Bedroom

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The heater is one of the items that you must have in preparing the bedroom for winter. Relying on layered bedding and wool blankets is certainly not enough. Heater becomes an item that works better to make the bedroom temperature warmer.

If you have an electronic heater, you can place them near the bed. This will really help to make your rest time more quality. You can also sleep soundly without worrying about the cold.

However, in some bedrooms sometimes there is already a fireplace. In this case, the heater is no longer needed. You only need to rely on the fireplace in your bedroom. Whether it’s a traditional fireplace or an electric fireplace, make sure it works well for winter.

5. Create Cozy Reading Nook

cozy reading nook
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A bed pressed against the window will be a very comfortable area to spend the winter. Besides being able to enjoy the outside view from the bedroom, you can also make this a comfortable reading area.

As in the picture above, the bed is used as a cozy reading nook. By adding some small comfortable pillows and also some aromatherapy candles that make this spot even more comfortable.

On the window, there may often be several small indoor plants to make this spot look fresh. However, in winter, make sure there are no plants near the window. This is because the plants will release moisture into the air and cause condensation on the windows.

If you want to decorate windows with plants, choose wilted plants that look aesthetically pleasing or decorative plants.

6. Add Warm Lighting to The Bedroom

warm winter bedroom tips
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Warm lighting will be very helpful in making the bedroom feel warmer. In addition, warm lighting also makes the bedroom atmosphere feel calmer. So, the bedroom can be the right room to spend wintertime. Resting in the bedroom will be the most anticipated activity.

There are many ways you can choose to bring warm lighting to the bedroom:

  • Install String Light

You may already be familiar with string light. The string light is an additional light that is usually used as a tool to decorate a room.

Installing string lights with warm lighting in the bedroom not only makes the room look attractive. However, this will provide more warmth to your bedroom.

You can install a string light on the headboard or the area near the bed. Because the bed will be the spot you use most often in winter.

  • Candles

Lighting candles to light up a room may look old or traditional. However, believe me, warm lighting from candles has a big impact on the comfort of your bedroom. It will make the bedroom atmosphere feel warmer and calmer.

Instead of just getting warm lighting, it would be great if candles could make the bedroom smell nice and relaxing. Aromatherapy candles are the right choice to make the winter bedroom feel so cozy. So, make sure you buy some aromatherapy candles in preparing the winter bedroom.

7. Make The Most of Your Window Seat

winter window bay seat
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Placing the bed next to the window is a great idea for having a cozy spot in winter. Unfortunately, if there is a window seat in your bedroom, you do not need to place the bed next to the window. Because you can make the most of your window seat

You can add a soft cushion to the window seat. And do not forget to place some pillows to make the window seat feel more comfortable. To keep you warm, also bring a thick blanket or wool blanket there.

Placing a small table beside the window seat is a great idea. Here, you can put some aromatherapy candles or a glass of hot chocolate. It will be comfier to enjoy the beautiful winter scenery with a glass of warm chocolate.

8. Spreading The Carpet on The Floor

comfy winter bedroom
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The main thing that must be considered in welcoming winter is to make the bedroom as warm as possible. One way is to add texture to the floor.

In the summer, carpets probably do well in the closet. However, when winter will come, the carpet is used again. You can spread the carpet near to the bed. It would be better to use a carpet of a larger size. However, still adjusting to the size of your bedroom.

9. Choose Thick Curtains to Block Cold Air

thick curtain
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Old windows sometimes have voids that allow air to enter the bedroom. Some of you might clog the window cavities with cloth or plastic. However, sometimes it is not enough.

To help insulate the window, you choose the thick curtains. This will be very helpful to block the cold air that enters through the window cavity.

Indeed, the window is a means for you to still enjoy the view from the bedroom. You can open the curtains during the day. And at night, cover the windows with curtains. This will help you to sleep better without worrying about the cold. In addition, closing the windows with thick curtains at night will also protect your privacy.

10. Feel Relax with Essential Oils

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You may already be familiar with the diffuser. Items that are fairly simple but can provide comfort for the room.

Buying a diffuser in preparing a bedroom for winter is the right choice. You can choose as many fragrances as you like. The scent of lavender will make you sleep more soundly. The bedroom will also be a quieter room. It is suitable for those of you who want to have room to relax and rest.

Currently, there are diffusers equipped with lights. Usually, the lights in the diffuser are not too bright. So, you can use it as a night light.


Cold and sometimes extreme cold weather sometimes makes us feel uncomfortable. Even though you are in the house, the cold air seems to enter freely and makes the body shiver. However, this will not happen if you know the winter bedroom tips. In this article, there are 10 points where these are tips for you who want to prepare the bedroom for winter. We believe, the tips we provide are very easy to follow. So, let’s prepare a comfortable bedroom for hibernation in winter. Good luck guys!

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