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Mountain Home Decorating Ideas: Getting Warmth and Comfort in The Modern Concept – Mountain home decorating ideas can be used as inspiration for those of you who live in the highlands. Cold air can indeed make us feel uncomfortable. Just want to stay and roll up in a thick blanket. Therefore, you have to decorate your house to be as comfortable as possible.

As a place to live, home comfort is not the only thing that must be considered. The house must also be made attractive so that it is not boring. Therefore, besides comfort, the beauty of the house is also very important.

When you hear mountain home, maybe you will think of a rustic or farmhouse design house. In fact, a mountain home is more than that. You can also get a modern and contemporary look. And in this article, we have provided Mountain Home Decorating Ideas for those of you who want to Getting Warmth and Comfort in The Modern Concept. So, let’s check it out!

Upgrade The Comfort with Beautiful View

Enjoying the beautiful scenery is indeed the most effective way to release fatigue in our heads. Besides that, it also really helps us to feel more relaxed. Therefore, the beautiful mountains outside the house should not be wasted.

The beautiful scenery outside the house would be better to take advantage of. Large windows are great for frames the beautiful view. Besides, the natural lighting will enter and shine throughout the house.

beautiful mountain home
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In order to make the natural lighting enter the house freely, try not to provide any decorations to the windows. However, if you feel your privacy in the house is disturbed, try to use a net curtain. Hanging the curtain close hits the ceiling is the pro tip you can follow to give the illusion of height to the wall. That way, the mountain home not only feels comfortable, bright, and beautiful but also feels more spacious.

Keep it Warm and Homey

The most important thing about mountain home decorating is to keep it warm and homey. The cold air is really not good and disturbs the comfort of the house.

modern rustic decors
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Sometimes, even though the windows and doors are tightly closed, cold air from outside can still enter through the window or door gap. So as your mountain home feels comfortable, here are some decorations that you can apply:

Layering Textures

Where else could warmth come from if not from the fabric? Think about how to make the rooms feel warm and beautiful. You can put the wool blankets, pillows, soft rug or sheepskin rug on the spots that you often use to relax. Likely living room, reading nook, and bedroom. It would be better if you choose neutral colors to bring a perfect nature nuance to these rooms.

Window Treatment

Windows in the house must also be considered. Make sure that there are no gaps in the window. Cold air can enter the house through the slightest gaps. Make sure that you treat the windows properly. That way, the warmth in the rooms will be maintained.

Harder Natural Materials

In the mountain home, the materials used are certainly not careless. You must choose a material that can bring homey feels to the home. To provide maximum natural serenity and make it feel warm, wood and natural stone can be an option.

Wooden furniture and flooring work well for creating warmth. A little touch of the natural stone wall is the perfect addition. Besides warmth and feels homey, it also can make the room look attractive.

Make It Modern and Contemporary with Sleek Wood

It has been explained previously that wood is an important material for the mountain home. Besides making the house feel warm, wood is also very good for creating a calm and a sense of comfort.

sleek mountain home ideas
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If we look at the rustic design, the wood used tends to be rough. So that the house looks more outdated. Therefore, in order to make the house look modern and contemporary, try to choose sleek wood for floors, some furniture, ceiling, or walls.

You do not need to install this to the whole of the room. Choose several spots to apply the sleek wood. In this way, the room will not look too much.

Earth-tone Colors

soothing interior
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The colors that are applied to the room will determine the appearance of the room itself. So, for the mountain home, it will be better if it is applied with earth-tone colors. These colors will create a look and a thick natural atmosphere into the room. You can also mix and match with wool, faux fur, and rough linens for the perfect natural feel.

Ensure The Modern Fireplace Becomes The Main Point

An item that must be on a mountain home is a fireplace. The discomfort from the cold air will be replaced with the warmth from the roaring fire from this item.

mountain homes decorating
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Instead of just using it to provide warmth to the room, it would be better if the fireplace was also used to make the room look modern and attractive. The modern fireplace can give a dramatic change to a room that looks so rustic. A black fireplace on the wall will give a firm and calm impression.

So that the fireplace looks dominant, you can make it the main point in the room. You can direct the sofa facing the fireplace. That way, the eye will immediately see an attractive modern fireplace.

Comfy Feels in Oversized Sofa

There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting on the comfy sofa and enjoying the beautiful view from inside. This method can help to provide relaxation and calm.

homey mountain homes
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To feel maximum comfort, the oversized sofa is one of the pieces of furniture that can be used to fill the room. Chesterfield sofa in gray, white, or brown can give a more modern and classy impression to the room. Do not forget to add some pillows and blankets to make it cozier.

The existence of this sofa will also invite people in the house to sit together and have a great conversation. This will be complete with a glass of hot chocolate.

Make The Bedroom As The Coziest Place at Home

As a room to rest and unwind, the bedroom is the most important place in the house. So, make sure that you decorate your bedroom properly and correctly.

You can install a fireplace in the bedroom to provide comfortable warmth to this room. Add a small chair near the fireplace to make it the coziest spot at home.

cozy and warmth bedroom
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For the bed, a wood bed frame is the right choice. There are many types of beds that you can choose from. However, for a mountain home with a modern concept, choose a bed frame with a minimalist design. Try to avoid bed frames or headboards with intricate carvings.

Rely on Warm Lighting to Liven Up The Mountain Home

In a modern mountain home, natural lighting becomes the main lighting. However, it does not mean you do not use lamps to provide assist light at night.

warm mountain homes
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There is some type of lamps that you can choose to decorate your house:

  • Chandeliers. For a modern and more luxurious look, the chandeliers can be relied on. Just hang this lamp right in the middle of the room and let it do a good job of lighting up the house.
  • Minimalist Pendant Lamp. The modern concept tends to be minimalist in nature. If the chandelier is too much for your room, then this type of lamp can be used as an option.
  • Table Lamps. This type of lamp can not only illuminate the room but can also be used as decoration and display which can enhance the beauty of the room.
  • Floor Lamps. Currently, there are various shapes and designs of floor lamps, making this lamp not only used to illuminate the room but also to provide beauty.
  • Recessed lighting. If a chandelier doesn’t fit the room’s design too well, then recessed lighting fixtures can replace it. Installing this lamp can give a modern, elegant, and luxurious appearance.

In the mountain home, wood material is more dominant. So that the right light to use is warm lighting. The combination of wood and warm lighting is perfect for living up the mountain home.


When you hear the word mountain home, maybe home rustic design immediately comes to your mind. In fact, the mountain home is not only rustic. You can also make it appear more modern and contemporary. By relying on minimalist design furniture, sleek appearance, and a touch of black, a modern concept room will look perfect. The presence of natural elements is the most important part of what makes a mountain home feel so calm, warm and comfortable. And the points above are the Mountain Home Decoration Ideas to Getting Warmth and Comfort in The Modern Concept.

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