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Benefits of Installing White Roof Coatings to a Newly Constructed Roof

We have learnt in school that white reflects the sunlight and black absorbs it. Hence, we avoid black clothes in summer; black cars are also known to get heated almost two times than a white car. The same is applicable to our roofs. Therefore, White Roof Coating is applied on the roofs to reflect the sunlight and keep the house significantly cooler.

Benefits of White Roof Coating on new roofs:

1) Reduces roof maintenance cost: The sun erodes and damages the roof slowly, making it weaker with time. The roofs develop cracks and warps which are caused by expansion because of excessive heat during the day and contraction due to colder temperatures at night. White roof coating is done so that the roof doesn’t heat much and the effect of thermal energy is less on the house. This helps in avoiding any extra maintenance or roof replacement cost. Applying a white roof coating after constructing a new roof is the best solution for a longer roof life.

2) Low air-conditioning usage and cost: During summers, we depend on our air-conditioning system to cool our home. It has to work harder just to reduce the heat and humidity caused due to excessive heat absorbed by the roof. Without this extra source of heat, the home will be naturally cooler with a white roof coating. The air-conditioners would also not have to use extra energy. White roof coating effectively reduces the usage of air-conditioners by 40-50 percent which saves money on your electricity bill.

3) Protection from harmful UV rays: The white roof coatings have UV blocking pigments that protect the roof and reduce the destructive effects of the sun’s heat that damage the roof over a period of time. It doesn’t allow the harmful UV rays to penetrate the roofs and keeps the people in the building protected from those harmful rays.

4) Easy application: Process of installing a white roof coating is as easy and straightforward like coating any other surface. Make sure to apply the coating once the roof is fully constructed and the day is sunny so that the paint dries immediately. It is better to let the professional do the job as they will know, depending upon the roof how many layers they need to apply or how much area they need to cover. They will do the job quickly and efficiently. Also, there is no need for aftercare once the coating is done, it’s good to go for many years.

5) Rebates: Depending on where you live, few parts of the country offer special rebates and incentive benefits of white roof coating as it is eco-friendly and helps in reducing the carbon footprint of your building. The incentives can range from tax benefits to utility compensations. Make sure you look up to apply for them before white roof coating.

6) Environmental benefits: By applying a white roof coating, it contributes to a more eco-friendly house, industrial area, or any other infrastructure. The benefit of white roof coating is that it keeps the surroundings cooler as well, more the houses and buildings coated white, lesser the carbon footprint will be of the air-conditioners. White roof coating doesn’t allow the building to capture the heat therefore there is less need and consumption of the air-conditioner.

With all such benefits, ease of application, and zero maintenance for so many years why would one not want to go for a white roof coating.

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