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Important Tips to Maintain The Cleanliness of The Bathroom – Cleanliness and tidiness of the bathroom are often something that is ignored. The mold growing on the walls, high humidity, untidy toiletries, and so on. In fact, even though the bathroom is a closed or unexposed room, the comfort in this room is very important.

Although small, in fact, the bathroom is the room that is used most often. So, comfort is the main thing that you should pay close attention to.

You can start by designing the interior of the bathroom as attractive as possible. Then, keep the bathroom clean and tidy. And in this article, we have provided Important Tips to Maintain The Cleanliness of The Bathroom to help you. So, let’s check it out!

1. Present The Squeegee in The Bathroom

clean bathroom tips
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Do not let water left in the glass shower door anymore. Dried water will make spots that make the bathroom look dirty. Not only that, but this will also affect the aesthetics of your bathroom.

So, it is important to clean the bathroom after using it. And the first of the Important Tips to Maintain The Cleanliness of The Bathroom is to present the squeegee.

You can hang the squeegee in the area adjacent to the glass shower door. That way, you will not forget to clean the glass shower door that was exposed to water. Besides that, hanging the squeegee in the shower area will also make it easier for you to clean the bathroom.

2. Wipe All The Bathroom Accessories with a Small Towel

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Washing your face and brushing your teeth in the sink can sometimes get the area around it wet. In fact, bathroom accessories also get wet due to exposure to water. And if you left it, of course, the water will leave traces that can make the bathroom look dirty. Therefore, you can wipe all the bathroom accessories with a small towel.

Place or hang a small towel in the area adjacent to the sink. For example, next to a mirror. That way, cleaning will be much easier and more practical.

Try to dry it immediately when you use the sink. Even though it seems trivial, these small things can have a big impact on the comfort and beauty of the bathroom in your home.

3. Wipe The Mirror Once A Week

bathroom mirror
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The mirror is an important item that must be in the bathroom. The existence of a mirror will really help your various activities there, such as brushing your teeth and washing your face.

Not only used, but you also have to clean the mirror. Try to wipe the mirror at least once a week. That way, the mirror will be clean from dust or water splashes that stick to its surface.

4. Change The Bath Mats Once A Month

bath mats
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Items that are used continuously will certainly get dirty. Likewise with bath mats. Bath mats will store so much dust and dirt. So replacing it with a new one is very important.

Try to replace it once a month. Use proper bath mats. Not only that, make sure the bath mats you choose can absorb water well. That way, the cleanliness of the bathroom will be maintained.

Replacing bath mats with new ones also affects the aesthetic value of the bathroom. New bath mats will look much cleaner and more beautiful. With this, the bathroom will look cooler.

5. Take Out The Bathroom Trash Everyday

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Garbage that accumulates will be very disturbing to the air and also the comfort of the bathroom. Not only that, but this garbage can also cause disease.

Therefore, every time you clean the bathroom, pay attention to the trash can there. Even if the trash is not full, it would be better to keep throwing it away.

Generally, taking out the trash is done in the morning or evening. Also, wash your trash can if it comes into contact with water or other dirty liquids.

6. Pay Attention to The Corners of The Bathroom

clean bathroom corner
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The corners of the bathroom are usually an area overgrown with moss. This one area is difficult to reach by a brush. So, often the moss that is left behind will merge with the new one.

If left alone, of course, the bathroom will look dirty and disgusting. In fact, it is very mandatory to clean the floor when the moss has started to appear.

To make it easier for you to clean the corners of the bathroom floor, you can use a small brush that can reach the area there. Also, use bathroom floor cleaner to make the moss easier to clean.

7. Keep The Floor Dry

clean bathroom floor
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The bathroom is a room that has high humidity. Therefore, to minimize bathroom humidity, try to keep bathroom areas dry.

When showering the floor will get wet. And this is the right time for you to clean it.

It would be much better to clean it after using the bathroom. That way, the floor will stay dry and the bathroom will look cleaner.

8. Clean Brushes After Used

toilet brush
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The toilet brush is a must-have tool in the bathroom. With this one tool, cleaning floors, bathroom walls, and toilets will be much easier. Unfortunately, if you do not clean it after use, the brush will become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Try to clean the toilet brush after use. You can clean it with water until there is no dirt stuck to it. After that, hang the toilet brush so that the water can drain properly.

9. Close Your Toilet when Flushing

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A toilet is a place where bacteria live. So, closing it when you flush it is so important. Maybe this is a very simple thing and is often overlooked. However, the impact given is quite large.

Leaving the toilet open when you flush can cause water to splash onto the bathroom floor or walls. Which of course will make the bacteria in the toilet grow in the bathroom area.

Not only that, but bacteria can also fly in the air and can stick to your toiletries, such as toothbrushes. Therefore, from now on make sure you close the toilet when flushing it.

10. Wipe The Bottles After Used

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When taking a shower, the items in the bathroom often get wet due to exposure to water. If left unchecked it will make the bathroom dirty. Not only that, certain spots will become areas where mushrooms will grow. In addition, water can also leave spots that make the bottle look dirty and unattractive.

With this, it is important to wipe the bottles in the bathroom when using them. Besides keeping the bottle dry, this tip can also clean the dust that sticks to the bottle. That way, the cleanliness of the bathroom will be maintained properly.

Final Words

Perhaps the bathroom is the most closed and unexposed room. However, that does not mean the comfort and beauty of this room are not noticed. Despite being a closed room, the bathroom is the room that is used most often. Therefore, the comfort and beauty of this one room are very important. And one way you can do to make the bathroom feel comfortable and also look beautiful is to keep the bathroom clean. And the points above are Important Tips to Maintain The Cleanliness of The Bathroom.

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