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Choose These Kids Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Little One Happy – Making children feel happy is the desire of every parent. There are many ways to make your little ones feel happy, such as buying the toys they want, playing with them, reading fairy tales, even decorating their private room.

Children do tend to be active. However, their activity indicates that they are smart. They even often play all the time. So, the bedroom is not only a room for them to rest and sleep but also as a room for them to play.

Making a kids’ bedroom look attractive and fun is very important to build the kids’ creative power. Besides that, kids will also feel more comfortable when they are in their bedroom. To make it happen, you can Choose These Kids Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Little One Happy. So, let’s check it out!

Both Beds And Play House

Kids really like to play, especially on the playground. Usually, girls really like to play in the playhouse. They play at the same time imagine as if they have a house. This is not a problem. In fact, it trains kids’ creativity and intelligence. As parents, you should be supportive, right?

So, if your child really likes to play in the playhouse, how about bringing the playhouse to their bedroom? Of course, your little one will feel very happy. They no longer have to go to the playground to play.

  • The top as a comfortable bed to sleep

kid room
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Have you ever slept on the top of a bunk bed? Sleeping in the upper area makes sleeping very soundly. It was like having a private place in the bedroom.

So, if you want to make your kids’ bedroom feel not only pleasant but also comfortable, you can choose the upper part of the playhouse as a bed. Try to choose a soft mattress so that your kid can sleep soundly.

  • Safe stairs bed with wide handrails or stomping boards

When choosing the top as a bed, the worry of the child falling will definitely arise in your mind. No need to worry about choosing the top as a bed, because this can also make the child brave and not afraid of heights. You just need to find a way so that the child does not fall when getting up or getting out of their bed. Try to provide handrails for the child to hold on to or stomping on the board.

  • The bottom as a place to read or do their activity

house play bed
Cc: Pinterest

Every kid certainly has different preferences. It will be good when decorating their bedroom, you know what your kids like. Or you can also invite your kids to give their ideas in decorating their own bedrooms. It is also great for making the relationship between parent and child even closer.

Some kids really like reading, so at the bottom of the playhouse, you can use it as a comfortable place for them to read. Or, you can also make it a place to play by rolling out the carpet and also putting some of their toys there.

Sleeping Like in A Tent?

As the main item in this room, the bed really affects the comfort and appearance of the bedroom. So, it is very important to pay attention to the bed that will be used. Try to get the bed in accordance with the kids’ bedroom design.

If your kid really likes camping, maybe you can bring a camping atmosphere into the kid’s bedroom. So, using a bed tent can be the next idea that you can follow to make your kid feel happy.

tent bed
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To make a tent bed you can choose two materials, the first is wood, and the second is iron. A bed to fill a kid’s bedroom is highly recommended to use a bed made of wood. Wood material will be very safe for your kid.

Another point you need to pay attention to is that the wood surface has been polished as smooth as possible. This is very important to keep the kid-safe. Rough wood can injure your kid. kid’s skin tends to be thin so that when scratched by a rough wood surface it will be very easy to hurt.

tent bed for kid room
Cc: Pinterest

The presence of fabric on the bed frame provides a pleasant camping atmosphere to this room. The front of the bed can be rolled up so that the child can play comfortably during the day. However, when sleeping, the roll of cloth can be pulled down so that the child can sleep like in a tent. Very fun, right?

Multiple holes such as windows are great for letting air into the bed when the fabric is pulled down. That way, children can sleep soundly and not be stifling.

Kid Bunk Bed with A Slide is So Fun

Almost all kids really like slides. This is one of the reasons why kids love going to the playground.

However, in a time of COVID-19 like this, we cannot invite children to play in the playground. During a pandemic, it is indeed better to do activities at home. Therefore, to make your kids stay happy and comfortable in the house during the pandemic, how about bringing a slide into their bedroom?

sliding kid bed
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  • Wooden slide with a smooth surface to keep kids safe

It’s good to always keep the child safe. It is no problem to present sliding in their bedroom. However, the material used must also be considered. Avoid using iron material which can injure the child.

Wood is the safest material that children can use. However, the wooden surface must also be considered. Make sure the entire surface of the wooden slide is smooth and safe for children.

  • Stairs for them went up

Presenting a sliding into the bedroom is indeed an interesting idea to make children feel happy. They can climb down the bed by sliding down the slide. It will be a lot of fun. However, you also need to pay attention to how they rise. So that children can climb comfortably and safely, so keep using wooden stairs.

The use of wooden ladders can not only make children comfortable and safe but can also be used as smart storage for storing too many children’s toys. Remember, cleanliness and tidiness are still number one!

A Delightful Bedroom with A Swing in It

Not only slides, but swings are also the next ride that children love. Indeed, swings are usually placed in the backyard. However, why not bring a swing to a child’s bedroom?

If your child loves swinging, bringing a swing into their bedroom can make them feel very happy. Therefore, bringing a swing into the bedroom becomes the next idea you can choose.

swing in the kid bedroom
Cc: Pinterest
  • Strong beam to hang the swing

There is one thing you need to remember when you have decided to choose this idea: Do not immediately hang the swing rope on the ceiling. This will only cause the ceiling to collapse when the child sits on it.

So, make sure you use the beam as a media to hang the swing in the room. You can make a foundation from the beam. And make sure that the beam you use is very strong because this is very important for the safety of the child.

  • Put the rug right under the swing

fun kid bedroom with swing
Cc: Pinterest

If we look at the swing on the playground, around the swing is sprinkled with sand. The purpose of this is so that the child does not get hurt when he falls off the swing. However, how about the swing is in the bedroom? Of course, it is impossible to sow sand in the room.

So, in order to make the children stay safe when playing on the swing, you can put on a soft rug. Try to choose a soft rug that is a little thicker. Or you can also use a chair cushion. It will better.

Jungle Theme to Support Children’s Creativity

It is very important to introduce the names of animals to children. However, sometimes the animals in the book make them imagine living in a forest filled with animals. It does not matter if children imagine like this. This indicates that they are creative. And as a parent, it is appropriate to support the child by creating a jungle-themed bedroom.

  • Wood accents on the wall like a tree

kid bedroom with jungle theme
Cc: Pinterest

The forest is indeed filled with big trees. So, the wood accent on the wall that forms a tree trunk is perfect for evoking a jungle theme in a child’s bedroom. Not only that, the bunk bed foundation that resembles a tree trunk also plays an important role in this room.

  • Animal wall mural

jungle kid bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

There are various kinds of wall murals that can be chosen to make the bedroom walls look attractive. And for a children’s bedroom with a jungle theme, an animal wall mural is the only option. The existence of animal pictures on the walls is very good for children’s creativity.

Also, draw some large leaves or tree trunks with leaves for a more perfect jungle effect in the bedroom.

Kid Tent for A Cozy Bedroom Corner

The corner of the room is often neglected and just left empty. In fact, the corner of the room can be used as a cozy place in the bedroom.

Even though the bedroom is a room for rest and play, providing places to play in the bedroom is also good for children. So, children will know where to sleep and where to play. And the corner of the bedroom is the right location to be used as a place to play by making a small tent there.

  • Wall decorations around the tent

kid tent
Cc: Pinterest

The existence of wall decorations around the tent is very helpful to make this place a cozy place in the bedroom. As in the picture above, the flower decorations that are displayed on the walls make the corner of the room look cute, really building up the atmosphere around the tent.

  • Chair cushion or rug to make it comfortable

tent in a room
Cc: Pinterest

Wooden flooring or carpet flooring is often chosen for children’s bedrooms. However, carpet flooring is highly recommended for children’s bedrooms so that it is always warm and children do not get sick easily.

Although carpet flooring or wooden flooring makes a child’s bedroom feel warm, a rug or chair cushion is also needed so that children can play in their tent comfortably.

Sheepskin rug is the right type of rug to choose from.

  • Some pillows and dools for perfect look

Cc: Pinterest

As a finishing, pillows and dolls are the right items to put in a child’s tent. Not only can it make the tent a cozy place in the bedroom but also make the bedroom look more attractive.


It is the duty of parents to always make children feel happy. There are many ways to choose from, and one of them is to make their personal space very pleasant. And in this article we have summarized some of the best ideas that you can follow. So you Choose These Kids Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Little One Happy.

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