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Ideas & Pictures: Comfortable Scandinavian Dining Room Design

Olidhomes.comĀ – Not only the living room, but the dining room is also often used as a gathering room. Eating delicious food while chatting with loved ones is really fun. Therefore, the appearance and comfort of this room must be considered. And applying the Scandinavian Design to the dining room is a great idea.

As we know that the appearance of Scandinavian Design is minimalist and attractive. The spacious impression you feel from this design will make the dining room becomes cozy.

So, for those of you who are interested in it, here we have provided the best Ideas & Pictures of Comfortable Scandinavian Dining Room Design. Let’s check it out!

Monochrome Scandinavian Dining Room

The calm atmosphere is evident in Scandinavian design. This is because the colors used in this design tend to be few. Only two to three colors. Even so, the appearance of the room still looks attractive.

monochrome scandinavian dining room
Cc: Pinterest

Here are the very popular Scandinavian Design colors:

  1. White
  2. Grey
  3. Beige
  4. Black

White and black are the perfect combination to apply to the room. The concept of a black and white dining room, or what we usually call monochrome, makes the room look bright but also bold.

The touch of pale wood on the furniture and also on the dining room floor makes this room look soft. You can also feel a warm atmosphere clearly.

Headlands Pendant for Soft and Warm Look

Although natural lighting is the main lighting in Scandinavian Design, bringing lights to the room is very important.

There are many types of lamps that can be chosen With this, you can also make the lights as a dining room decoration. Make sure you choose a lamp that matches the interior design of your room.

headlands pendant
Cc: Pinterest

For Scandinavian dining room design, the headlands pendant is the right type of lamp to use. With rattan as raw material, it makes the dining room look so soft and warm.

Besides that, the headlands pendant also has a variety of interesting shapes. You can choose headlands pendants with different shapes and hang them right above the dining table.

Mirror Wall Makes It Look Bright and Spacious

Usually, we only find mirrors in bedrooms and bathrooms, but now mirrors are used as room decorations so that the room looks attractive.

As in this one idea. The Scandinavian dining room looks more attractive with a wall mirror.

mirror wall scandinavian dining room
Cc: Pinterest

The mirror wall is very appropriate to use in small dining rooms. The shadow from the dining room will be seen on the mirror wall and make the dining room look and feel wider.

At Scandinavian Design, sunlight is the main lighting. Therefore, the application of wall mirrors in the Scandinavian dining room is the right idea to make the room look brighter. The sunlight enters the room and hits the mirror surface which is then reflected back into the room.

Minimalist Scandinavian Dining Room

The decoration is needed to make a room look attractive. However, in a minimalist concept room, the decoration is the most avoided thing.

In Scandinavian design, there are usually some very popular decorations, such as B&W photos with black frames, minimalist paintings, and also mirrors. However, these decorations are no longer needed for those of you who are more interested in Minimalist Scandinavian Design.

minimalist scandinavian dining room
Cc: Pinterest

The picture above shows that without wall decorations, the room still looks attractive. And most importantly, the room feels more spacious and more comfortable. The plain appearance makes it look so simple and sweet.

Furniture and wooden floors are enough to make a minimalist Scandinavian dining room look beautiful. Plus there is a clear vase containing beautiful plants that are placed on the table. Give a little fresh side to the dining room.

Modern Scandinavian Dining Room with Dark Concept

The appearance of Scandinavian Design is not only soft, warm, and bright. In this one idea, modern Scandinavian dining room with dark concept, you will have a different dining room.

Black is the main color used in this idea. However, applying all black to the room will certainly make the room seem cramped and weird. Therefore, white is the right color to use.

dark concept scandinavian dining room
Cc: Pinterest

The black walls and floors make the dark concept of the dining room clearly visible. And the white color on the furniture is the perfect blend. The use of dark wood and a touch of gold gives a modern look to the dining room.

Round Wall Mirror As A Decoration

Currently, mirrors are no longer used to help you in activities such as washing your face, brushing your teeth, applying makeup, and so on. The mirror also functions as a room decoration to make it appear more attractive.

round wall mirror
Cc: Pinterest

It is the right idea to use a mirror as a decoration for the Scandinavian dining room. The view of the dining room will not look crowded, but more minimalist. Besides that, mirrors can also make the room appear brighter. However, the use of round wall mirrors is different from wall mirrors which cannot make the room look more spacious.

Round wall mirrors will look more iconic when displayed on a black wall.

Scandinavian Dining Room with Cement Floor

Usually, the floor in the Scandinavian room design is wood. But you can also give a different touch to the room. As long as you still apply Scandinavian colors: white, beige, gray, and black.

cement floor
Cc: Pinterest

Cement flooring is an interesting idea to apply in this room. The view of the dining room with cement flooring is no less interesting than the dining room with wooden floors. Cement flooring gives the Scandinavian dining room a gray side.

The appearance of the cement floor looks a little dimmer so the atmosphere will be much calmer and more comfortable. However, when exposed to sunlight, the cement floor looks shiny which makes the dining room look so beautiful during the day.

Fresh Scandinavian Dining Room

A fresh room will feel much more comfortable. Therefore, it has become commonplace when plants are used as interior decorations.

It is the right idea to decorate a Scandinavian dining room with some green plants. With this, the natural impression of the dining room can be felt clearly.

fresh scandinavian dining room
Cc: Pinterest

Large plants are perfect decorations to fill a corner of a room. Coupled with the large window in the corner of the room. The sunlight hitting the plants will make the room feel more alive. Of course this also greatly affects the comfort of the dining room.

Using plants as decoration in your dining room is also a great idea to create fresh and clean air in this room. Some plants can absorb harmful substances in the room and make the air in the dining room healthy.

White Exposed Brick Walls

We usually find exposed brick walls in industrial designs. However, because the texture is so attractive that the exposed brick wall can also be applied to Scandinavian designs. Provided that the exposed brick wall is painted white. This is a very important point.

exposed brick wall
Cc: Pinterest

By painting the exposed brick wall in the Scandinavian dining room white, the walls will still look bright. There is no other color that can interfere with the Scandinavian design in the dining room.

When you have applied the exposed brick wall to the room, you no longer need to decorate the room to make it look attractive. The gradation of the exposed brick wall is enough to make the room appear enticing.

LED Lighting on The Ceiling Line

There are two types of lighting that must be presented in the room: natural lighting and artificial lighting. When at night, lights become items that replace the function of natural lighting. However, the function of the lights nowadays is no longer just to illuminate the room. There are many types of lamps that can be chosen to be used as room decorations.

LED lighting
Cc: Pinterest

LED lighting on the ceiling is a good idea that can make a Scandinavian dining room look more contemporary. LED lighting with warm lighting can bring a warm and intense atmosphere to the dining room.

Not only that but LED lighting is perfect for short walls. That way, the walls will look higher and the dining room feels wider.

Hanging Plants for Small Scandinavian Dining Room

Want to have a dining room that feels fresh? Plants are indeed the right decoration. However, using plants in the room will take up space, especially if the plants are large. Of course, this is not good for your small dining room. Adding the plants into the small dining room will make it feel more cramped.

hanging plants
Cc: Pinterest

However, if you want a fresh Scandinavian dining room, you no longer need to worry about using plants as interior decoration. Hanging plants is an interesting idea that can be applied to a small Scandinavian dining room.

Bu using the hanging plants, the small dining room will look attractive and will not feel cramped.


Scandinavian design is currently trending. The minimalist look and neutral colors make the Scandinavian design room feel so comfortable. And as a room to gather with friends and family, applying Scandinavian design to the dining room is the right idea. After you read the article “Comfortable Scandinavian Dining Room Design”, you are no longer confused about applying Scandinavian Design into your dining room.

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