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Pros and Cons of Exposed Brick Walls You Have to Know – The exposed brick wall is already familiar. Especially for you fans of industrial style. In an industrial-style room, we can clearly find the exposed brick wall. Installing an exposed brick wall can dramatically change the appearance of a room. A boring room will look attractive.

The red color of the brick walls looks well with black and brown. Gives a cool and masculine feel that is perfect for the room. The texture of the exposed brick wall can cover the stiff impression due to the lack of decorations used in the room.

However, for those of you who are interested in the exposed brick wall. Before applying this to your favorite room, it would be better if you know very well what are the advantages and disadvantages of exposed brick walls. And here are the Pros and Cons of Exposed Brick Walls You Have to Know.

Pros of Exposed Brick Walls

Something that is applied is certainly not in vain. There must be something beneficial that you can feel. And here are the good things you will get by installing exposed brick walls to your room.

1. Make The Room Look Attractive

Have a room that looks ordinary? Or a room that seems boring? Applying an exposed brick wall on one side of the room wall can be an alternative. The existence of an exposed brick wall will have a dramatic effect on your room. The room will look more attractive. The brick red color will add a warm masculine tone.

Sometimes the exposed brick wall does not just appear red. Some people prefer to have a white wall. So, the exposed brick wall is often painted white. So that it only gives an interesting texture to the room. Besides that, plaster is also often chosen to give a more attractive and different appearance.

2. Add Value to Your House

Apart from being a place to live, the house is also a product that can be used as an investment. Therefore, it would be nice to add value to your house. To attract buyers, of course, you have to provide different and interesting things. And the exposed brick wall is the solution.

Having an exposed brick wall in the room will look much more attractive. In addition, the room also feels more lively.

3. Stronger than A Drywall

The use of drywall is more practical but easy to damage. Especially if there are children in your house. They often make the walls hollow and damaged. However, this certainly will not happen if you apply a brick wall to the room. They are much stronger and prone to damage. So, you no longer need to worry about damaged walls.

4. It is Fit for You Who Prefer Masculine Look

For men, of course, avoid a soft look. Some of them prefer a masculine and bold look. Compared to wood, exposed brick walls are much better to apply to rooms, especially bedrooms.

The brick red color in the bedroom will give you a dark but calm side. Coupled with black and brown colors, the bedroom will not only appear masculine but also look more mature.

Cons of Exposed Brick Walls

Besides its advantages, exposed brick walls also have some disadvantages. By knowing these shortcomings you can consider using exposed brick walls in your home.

1. Difficult to Give Decoration

As the main focal point in the room, the walls are in full control of the beauty of the room. To make the room look pretty, people will use some attractive wall decorations. Besides beautifying the room, decoration is also needed to avoid the stiff look in the room.

If you apply an exposed brick wall to the room, maybe you will find it difficult to decorate the walls. Because the exposed brick wall is strong, you need more effort to make a hole. So, exposed brick walls are not the best solution for those of you who like to change the wall displays. However, the exposed brick wall can be an attractive backdrop for wall decoration.

2. Easy to Get Dirty and Absorb Water

Brick is a material that has pores. So, if you do not do the right finishing, the bricks will easily absorb water. Moist bricks will cause mold on the walls. Besides disturbing the beauty of the room, mold on the bricks can also make the room smell. Therefore, you have to put a sealant or a coat of acrylic paint on your exposed brick wall. And of course, it takes more effort and cost. However, this is the only way that can be done.

3. Can Make The Small Room Feel Narrower

Applying an exposed brick wall is indeed the right option to make the room look attractive. Unfortunately, not the narrow room. The texture and color of the exposed brick wall can make a small room feel narrower.

However, if you still want to apply the exposed brick wall to your small room, try not to apply it to all walls in the room. You can choose one side of the wall that you want to apply.

Alternative to Exposed Brick Wall

It is quite difficult to apply the exposed brick wall. Besides that, this also requires a fairly expensive fee. Therefore, the exposed brick wall is sometimes only applied to one side of the wall. It does not stop here, you also have to paint it with waterproof paint so it does not absorb water from outside the house.

If you still want to apply an exposed brick wall to the room in your house, you can take advantage of 3D wallpaper. Nowadays, with advanced technology, you can get exposed brick walls in an easier and less costly way.

No need for the room to look strange. In some stores, there are exposed brick wall wallpapers that closely resemble the real thing. If not looked closely, this difference would not be obvious.

Here are The Pictures of Exposed Brick Walls in Rooms:

exposed brick walls advantages
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exposed brick walls living room ideas
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industrial kitchen
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masculine bedroom
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exposed brick walls bathroom
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luxury apartment with exposed brick walls
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The exposed brick wall is indeed a trend. Especially in industrial design. The natural red color of the exposed brick wall is perfect for combination with black and brown. Besides that, the texture of the exposed brick wall is very suitable for a room with a minimalist concept or minimal decoration.

Applying an exposed brick wall may be a good solution, but it is also not. Because everything that exists has advantages and disadvantages. By knowing the advantages and disadvantages of exposed brick walls, you can consider applying this to the rooms in your house. And here, we have provided some Pros and Cons of Exposed Brick Walls You Have to Know.

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